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John Melley
Voice Actor, Audio Producer, Author,
Trainer ....  and Host of the Popular 
Voice Over Marketing Podcast
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John Melley
is a voice over industry veteran who sees a direct link between better overall health and voice over performance. 
A voice actor, business audio production specialist, author and marketing expert, he is host of the popular
Voice Over Marketing Podcast, downloaded by many thousands of listeners.

Based in Boston, John is also production director for Boston's award-winnng Mix 104.1 (WBMX) and has worked at Greater Boston radio stations since 1994.

As a voice actor, he is known throughout the Boston area and nationally for great character voices in commercials, promotions and announcements - including TV commercials for the Jerry Seinfeld production,
Long Story Short.

He also performs characters for Atari video games, narrates audiobooks, and voices corporate training and website audio projects.

For more than 5 years, he has been studying movement and fitness using the Z-Health movement system developed by Dr. Eric Cobb, focusing on the nervous system.

The motto of his
Voice Over Athlete blog is: "A Healthy Body Means A Healthy Voice."

So: you spend lots and lots ... and lots! ... of time in front of a computer typing, reading and recording and editing voice overs.

What's that (lack of physical) activity doing to your overall health? It's damaging your body. 

Right now, you can learn how your body can break free from the mold of all that computer sitting. And a healthy body means a healthy voice.

In this video recording, John Melley, a voice over pro, audio production specialist, author, and host of the popular Voice Over Marketing Podcast, shares what he's learned in years of physical fitness training.


You will learn techniques to undo the damage done from sitting in front of that computer for long periods of time - and how to improve vocal performance, improve tone quality and increase your vocal stamina.

Specifically, John will show you:
  • Why everyone is an 'Athlete' - even if you don't regularly exercise
  • How a simple mouse click can equal a push-up
  • Why focusing on your nervous system is the key to reducing aches, pains and stiffness - and to regaining strength
  • Your body's "Threat Posture" and how computer work can stress you out - and how to combat this
  • Simple techniques to reduce neck, shoulder and wrist pain from hours working at the computer
  • How better movement can lead to better vocal performance
  • And much more!
Just $39 - including PDF of slides

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