Whether starting out in voicing e-Learning projects ... or enroute to your next thousand ... why waste time on trial-and-error mistakes and delays?

Top e-Learning Voice Talent Liz de Nesnera teaches you the in's and out's  
of this lucrative field, based on her decades of experience voicing thousands of e-Learnin modules. Wouldn't you like to learn RIGHT NOW?  
Learn To Voice E-Learning:
Types, Skills, Rates, Marketing & More    
Liz de Nesnera

with Liz de Nesnera
E-Learning Expert / Top Voice Talent

Learn the nuts and bolts of how to succeed in this lucrative niche

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Liz ... 


Liz de Nesnera is a busy bilingual (English & French) voice talent who has recorded thousands of e-Learning modules for clients around the world.  

Both from behind the glass as a producer and in front of the mic as a voice talent, Liz has spent hundreds of hours recording medical and technical narrations, e-Learning modules, website audio, as well as commercials for radio and TV - all in both English and French.


Her many voice over clients include Garmin, Chevrolet, Wendy's, SwissAir, Dell, US Bank, the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, H.E.C. Pris, and hundreds of additional large and small companies worldwide. 


Her VoiceOverXtra webinars draw acclaim for both her knowledge and a thorough step-by-step teaching style. 


In this webinar, she shares years of valuable e-Learning experience and answers many questions.



E-Learning is THE BUZZ  ... an undeniable growth area for voice actors - and lucrative if you know how to provide what your content providers need.


So - are you voicing e-Learning modules yet?

If yes, congratulations ... but are you maximizing the potential of this field? And if you're a newcomer to e-Learning, why let these jobs slip away from you?

E-Learning voice over expert Liz de Nesnera details what you need to know, in the two-hour VoiceOverXtra webinar recording, Learn to Voice E-Learning - Types, Skills, Rates, Marketing & More

Liz's vast and pioneering experience in e-Learning voice overs - and her acclaimed step-by-step teaching style - makes her uniquely qualified to teach us. 


"This is one of the best webinars I ever attended! Liz did a great job. She has lots of info and communicates it excellently." - Celia 


"This e-Learning webinar is fabulous. I learned so much. Liz is so generous with the specifics, and I'm sure I speak for most of us when I say we all send a big Thank You!"  

- Pamela 




"Do you REALLY know what e-Learning is?" Liz asks? "It's a term we've heard often these past several years, but what IS it? And how do you get in on it - or improve your skills and knowledge - to expand your voice over career?"


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The many types of e-Learning voice over opportunities
  • What e-Learning producers / content providers look for
  • Who hires voice talent for e-Learning
  • How to market yourself to e-Learning clients
  • Various ways to charge for your services
  • Questions to ask to make sure you provide the right tone
  • Software that can save you hours of editing time
  • And more!
Two Hours: Just $39





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