Learn Audiobook Mastering Techniques
George Whittam 2011
George Whittam VOStudio Tech 
Charles Clerke
Charles Clerke ACX Engineer
Take your audiobook production work
and income to the
next level by learning audiobook mastering techniques.
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Based in Los Angeles and owner of VOSTudio Tech, a full-service studio consulting company ... known as the home studio consultant to the stars ... co-founder and designer of the SAG Foundation's Don LaFontaine VO Lab ... co-host of the popular Voice Over Body Shop (VO-BS) webcast. 

And he is the popular teacher of many VoiceOverXtra home studio webinars ...


"George's webinars were really great. Very helpful and informative, and well worth the investment."  

- Patrick Bonin


"The webinar was superb! George answered questions I had been trying to find the answers to for years." - Peter Thomas


Experienced audiobook engineer, director, editor and production coordinator ... on the ACX team helping audiobook producers, narrators, studio professionals and rights holders produce great audio.

If you are recording audiobooks and want to boost your production work ... and income ... you will learn here how to apply processing effects to finished audiobook narrations ... and meet the specs of the fast-growing Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX).

audiobooks art Perhaps you are already mastering to some degree and want to learn more. This is THE place.

In this webinar recording led by home studio audio guru George Whittam with guest ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) engineer Charles Clerke, you

will see actual demonstrations live, onscreen, using a variety of DAWs (recording applications). 


 "Prepare your precious project for release to the world with the right methods so your publisher will love the results and want you back again and again," George advises.


 "Mastering an audiobook project doesn't have to be scary," he adds. "With the right tricks of the trade in your technical tool box, you will be able to make your audiobook recording 'just loud enough' ... but not too loud ... 'just bright enough' ... but not too bright."


Plus, you will learn how to do this right for projects you narrate for Audible's Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), with first-hand advice from ACX engineer Charles Clerke.


Tuition for this two-hour recording is $79

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Audiobook mastering takes raw audio recorded in a studio and applies a range of audio processing effects to create a finished-sounding product.


These effects can include normalization, compression, limiting, EQ, de-essing, downward expansion, and even manual level adjustment.


Each audio must be used in the proper proportion and sequence in order to achieve the best results.


Effects programs are based on the skill and experience of the person mastering the audio, or via presets that are created by a professional audio engineer purposely for the narrator's voice and room acoustics.




In this advanced webinar, you will learn ...

  • What can and can't be fixed in mastering
  • Compression, Limiting and other Effects guidelines
  • Quick methods to process a lot of chapters
  • Proper mp3 encoding procedure
  • Tricks on the popular DAWs (YOU will determine which we will cover - attendees will receive a brief questionnaire for recording preferences)  
  • ACX's audiobook mastering specs
  • and more ...

 Tuition for this advanced webinar recording: $79 

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