Niche Voice Over Demos Are Vital!
How To Make Them Work For You 

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Meet Bettye ...

Acclaimed as one of the legends in our business, Bettye Zoller is a multi-award-winning (Clio, Addy, Golden Radio) voice talent and actress, audiobook author-narrator-publisher, teacher, audio engineer, producer, director and vocalist.


As she voices in many VO genres, Bettye uses niche demos to market her skills - and they work!  


Based in Dallas, she operates the VoicesVoices audio production and voice over training company, coaching individuals and conducting workshops ... plus webinars for VoiceOverXtra.
"Bettye, you have a unique insight into human communication and you help your students to open new doors of opportunity!" - Edward Asner, actor, voice actor
"Your webinars have helped me so much, and the articles you've written for VoiceOverXtra have also helped me profoundly." - Amy Marshall, voice actor

"The great thing about these webinars is you can download the recordings. Don't miss Bettye Zoller - ever!" - Mitch Conklin, voice actor

"Her webinar was great. Relaxed and informal, yet very informative. She doesn't sugarcoat anything - tells it like it is, and answers questions." - Pearl Hewitt, voice actor

If you order pizza and the server brings you ice cream - no sale, right? It's the same with voice over. You'd better deliver the pizza!
  • For instance, if an eLearning projects producer wants to hear how you'd sound in that niche, imagine the turn-off when you send a demo chocked with commercials, promos, animation or whatever.
  • If you're vying for a political voice over gig, do you really think the producer wants to hear your video game or telephony voice?
  • If you want to narrate audiobooks, how would your commercial or narration demo convince the publisher to hire you?
You get the idea. One-size-fits-all demos don't cut it today.

And as producers typically decide on a voice from just a few seconds of listening, your demo better be on the mark from the get-go.

What you need is a niche demo for any specialty you specialize in ... medical, promo, video game, animation, political, audiobook, eLearning, documentary narration, telephony, commercial, live announcing, sports ... you name it.

"We live in a savvy international social media world," says international voice talent/coach Bettye Zoller. "And while it's true that agents and many producers still want to hear a general 'commercial' and 'narration' demo, the niche demo is what will really work for you. Ideally, you'll have more than two."

In this informative webinar recording, Bettye shows you how to determine which niche demos you need, and how to create and market them to win more auditions and voice over jobs. 

In this recording, you will learn how to:
  • Determine your niche fields - according to the sound of your voice, skills and interests
  • Showcase your skills in specific niche demos
  • Identify the best producers to receive your niche demos
  • Market your niche demos to get hired more quickly
  • And even how to break free from career-limiting typecasting!
There's Much to Learn - Tuition Just $43
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