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Meet Ron ... 

Ron Minatrea is a leadership speaker and certified professional coach who - for over 30 years - was a Fortune 500 business leader.

Today he works to teach, lead and encourage others to define and achieve their goals.

Also a working voice over talent and Associcate Producer of VO Atlanta 2016, he specializes in industrial process and e-learning narration, while also helping other voice actors apply sound business practices to create successful, sustainable careers.

About Ron's Webinars,
They Say ...

"Your presentation really broke it down for me. Thanks for this inspiration! I found your presentation and delivery style excellent."
- Rosi Amador, voice actor

"Thank you for an excellent presentation. I thoroughly appreciated your breakdown of the plan design and actions to take." - Adrianne Baughns- Wallace, voice actor

"I was really impressed with your approach and helpful, easy way in which you put the process together!" - Peter Felix, voice actor

"...It really hit a home run with me. It was as if you were talking personally to me." - Jerry Fleishman, voice actor

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and putting together such a detailed webinar. You have given us so much relevant information ... not only for business, but also other areas of our lives." - Heidi Hotz, voice actor

"Just what I needed as a new VO. I can't wait to start implementing what I learned from you!" - Matthew Eagen, voice actor

"I always enjoy the clarity of your materials. Thanks for the roadmap." - Don Reece, voice actor

"I find that I can use this training in my other business and personal life, as well. Your plan is simple enough for people like myself to utilize, yet filled with proven business techniques." - Steve Latham, voice actor and business owner
In today's voice over business model, you're not only the talent - you are the studio engineer, the accountant, and marketing executive!

As a solo entrepreneur, you're also the CEO, the janitor and everything in between.

Operating a successful and growing business means wearing a lot of different hats - and let's face it, not all of those hats fit real well ... or look good on you.

During his 35 years in business, Ron Minatrea has worn a lot of hats - from leading global operations for a Fortune 100 company to running his own voice over business.

In this webinar, he shares simple step-by-step strategies for building a VO business that's growing, consistent and sustainable for the long term.

  • How to manage your VO career like a business - not just a hobby
  • Seven essential roles for operating a successful VO business
    • With specific responsibilities and deliverables for each role
  • How to tackle the tough jobs - even ones you don't like
  • How to play to your strengths
    • Spending more time doing the things you do like
  • Organizational tips to help you focus on things to increase bookings
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