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September 16, 2015
animation powerhouse 
Elley-Ray Hennessy                                                        presented by
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Meet Elley-Ray

With over 30 years of experience in voice overs, television, film and theatre, Elley-Ray  is one of Toronto's top VO professionals and coaches, specializing in Animation, Commercial Announcer and Multi-Voice.

Elley's exposure and influence reaches far beyond the Toronto market, to students across North America, Europe and Asia.

She has voiced thousands of TV and radio commercials and has appeared on countless animation series and animation feature films.

Her voice over animation  credits include: Sidekick, My Big, Big Friend, Spider Ryder, Franklin, Babar, Busy Town, Yam Roll, Bernstein Bears, Robo Roach, Get Ed, Bakugan, The Cat In The Hat, Carl Squared and Rocket Monkeys - to name just a few from her resume. 

Currently, Elley-Ray is voicing a new series, Little Charmers, and appears in this year's new family animation movie - Animal Crackerz.

She's also currently working with universities in Canada and North America to institute voice over in studies to prepare students for one of the fastest growing performing arts today.
Learning from Elley-Ray
is Fun, Fun, Fun!

And WHAT YOU LEARN from her is crucially important to your voice over career, since most voice over jobs require you to be in character - especially, of course, in your
animation and video projects.

On Wednesday night, September 16, this animation powerhouse will instruct you in a live webinar on how to create characters on the fly and unlock your character vault to bring something unique to every audition.

You will experience exercises, and learn the techniques and games to help you decode characters you didn't even know you had in you! Plus, you'll learn tips on how to properly catalog your characters so you can remember them for later use - or in your next demo.

URGENT: The first SIX registered volunteers are guaranteed personal coaching from Elley-Ray during the webinar!

Elley-Ray promises to:

"Awaken the dormant creative and inspired cast of characters within you. Breathe air into that vast array of heroes, heroines, villains, sidekicks, monsters, ethereals and others!

"Discover your unlimited potential and abandon your fears and inner critics."

Note: Your registration includes two recordings: video and audio! So even if you can't attend the live session, you'll learn and have fun.


Register for this webinar and recordings to learn:
  • Authentic voice application and how to keep you audience top-of-mind
  • Slating for character work, and how to get the job from your slate
  • How to use love, joy and risk when playing a character
  • Vocal exercises to remind how to PLAY the instrument
  • How to find the character 'ism' and character laugh
  • Response-driven dialogue - there are no monologues!
  • 'Discovery' and how to apply 'switch ups' between the statement and the qualifying statement
  • What vocal assisting requires, and how to truly use your breath when discovering the mental, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual vocal ACTION of each character
  • Tagging in and tagging out of your auditions
  • How to catalog characters
  • And more!
PLUS, you will enjoy a fun Q&A with Elley-Ray.

Get to Know and Share The Characters  

You Didn't Know You Had!

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