For Starting Out ... Starting Over ... Or Upgrading What You've Got
Kate McClanaghan 
What Will Get You Work  
For Starting Your Career ...
Starting Over ... Or Upgrading Existing Demos

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
with Kate McClanaghan
and Jeff Finney of ACTORS' SOUND ADVICE 
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Meet Kate ...

Kate McClanaghan
is a casting director, producer and founder of both BIG HOUSE CASTING & AUDIO (Chicago and Los Angeles), and ACTORS' SOUND ADVICE.

She is a seasoned industry veteran and actress who has trained and produced demos for more than 5,000 talent over the years.

She has cast and produced thousands of national commercial spots for clients including McDonald's, JC Penny, State Farm, Sprint, Chase and IBM - in addition to scores of corporate projects.

Her film and television casting spans network, independent and studio productions.

Her unique, custom-tailored approach to establishing, expanding and maintaining a professional career as a working actor and voice talent are detailed in her book, The SOUND ADVICE Encyclopedia of Voice-Over & the Business of Being a Working Talent.

Meet Jeff ... 

Jeff Finney is a voice over coach, producer, audio engineer, and head of production for SOUND ADVICE. He has coached and produced more than 1,000 voice talent.

His unique and refreshing approach stems from his experience as both a performer - musician and opera singer - and as an audio engineer.

Prior to SOUND ADVICE, he worked many years in audio post-production for both film and broadcast, producing tons of voice over.

He's also a working voice talent, and has voiced for both commercial and narration projects.

The best voice over demos:

1) define who you are ...
2) demonstrate what you do best ... and
3) show the type of work you want more of.

Do your demos do all this for you?

If not, they aren't properly demonstrating you as a professional voice talent - regardless of whether you're starting a VO career or fine-tuning your existing demos to promote yourself.

In this 2-hour+ VoiceOverXtra webinar recording, long-time voice over professionals Kate McClanaghan and Jeff Finney, of ACTORS' SOUND ADVICE, tackle the toughest issues regarding demo production - and explain why you will won't excel in this business without proper demos to propel your career forward.

"In order for your demos to get you work, they must be able to successfully meet industry standards - standards that are not necessarily known by many demo producers," Kate says.

  • Common misconceptions regarding demo copy, production and promotion
  • Who truly is your target audience, and whether you're meeting their needs and expectations
  • What makes an exceptional demo, and why
  • Who set the industry standards for your demos
  • Why you should create the best possible demos, to reduce and avoid backtracking and frustration
  • What it takes to set your demo apart from all the others - and GET HEARD!
  • Excellent and effective demo samples
  • And much more ...

There's much to learn - and brush up on! Tuition: $44.95 


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