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How To WIN And Voice Them  

bettye at mic
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
with Bettye Zoller  

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Meet Bettye ...

Acclaimed as one of the legends in our business, Bettye Zoller is a multi-award-winning (Clio, Addy, Golden Radio) voice talent and actress, audiobook author-narrator-publisher, teacher, audio engineer, producer, director and vocalist.


And she's a political voice over pro with decades of political campaign experience. 


Based in Dallas, she operates the VoicesVoices audio production and voice over training company, coaching individuals and conducting workshops worldwide ... plus webinars for VoiceOverXtra.
"Bettye, you have a unique insight into human communication and you help your students to open new doors of opportunity!" - Edward Asner, actor, voice actor
"Your webinars have helped me so much, and the articles you've written for VoiceOverXtra have also helped me profoundly." - Amy Marshall, voice actor

"The great thing about these webinars is you can download the recordings. Don't miss Bettye Zoller - ever!" - Mitch Conklin, voice actor

"Her webinar was great. Relaxed and informal, yet very informative. She doesn't sugarcoat anything - tells it like it is, and answers questions." - Pearl Hewitt, voice actor

Learn NOW how to WIN political voice over jobs - and how to voice them - on radio, TV, videos, telephones ... anywhere your recorded voice will be heard.

Seasoned political ad performers - attend to sharpen your game!

The political voice over marketplace is unlike any other, requiring ultra fast versatility - and savvy marketing know-how.

Acclaimed voice talent and coach Bettye Zoller draws upon her decades of political voicing experience and research to get you into the game - or move you up a notch or two or three - in this VoiceOverXtra webinar.

  • How to get noticed and get the gigs
  • How to be paid more than rock bottom fees
  • Versatility required - from soft, fuzzy spots to hard sell
  • Differences between TV and radio reads
  • What to put on a killer Political Voice Over Demo
  • Hard choices you might confront over messages
  • How to respond to requests for a 'package price' for a variety of message types (promos, spots, video narrations, telephone)
  • Who to contact for work - not the candidate!!
  • How to price re-do's ... or should you charge?
  • Should you gently suggest copy improvements?
  • What helps you sell your services - in addition to your unique political VO demo
  • Does cold calling work?
  • How to obtain personal endorsements for your work
  • The need to have VO colleagues on call, for when your client wants a performer of the opposite sex or contrast to your voice
  • ... and more!

There's much to learn - and brush up on!  


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