the Best Mic
for Voice Over?
Stop Worrying ... Learn All About Microphones to Choose The Best For YOU! ... And Maybe
Save A Ton Of Money
Webinar Recorded
Feb. 26, 2015
with Home Studio Master 

See & Hear Mic Shootout (demos)  ... Learn How to Buy Mics
Learn How Best to Use Mics ... Learn How Mics Work ...
Much More!
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Home Studio
Teacher & Consultant ...

Dan Lenard is the Home Studio Master, one of the world's leading consultants on voice over home studio audio.

Also a veteran voice talent and educator, he helps clients with home studio set-up and problem-solving via Skype, phone and email.

He presents highly acclaimed home studio webinars for VoiceOverXtra and in-person workshops on a variety of home studio topics.

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And Dan is co-host of the popular Monday night East-West Audio Body Shop Ustream TV show. 

What They Say About Dan Lenard's Webinars ... 


"They say the definition of an expert is someone who can make complicated things seem simple. I have a new definition: Dan Lenard. Thanks so much for your insight and patience."

- Doug de Nance


"A most informative set of webinars.  

I learned A LOT."

- Dan Deslaurier


"Great webinar! I had been looking for some instructions on how to better use this software for my VO recordings."

- Mal Cameron


"Damn! This is good stuff! I got my money's worth."

- Britt Helms Sr.


"The webinar with Dan Lenard was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was extremely helpful to me." 

- Joe Bartholomew

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The Home Studio Master leads us
through the maze of microphones ...

"What's the best mic for voice over? That's the most-asked question in voice over!" says Dan Lenard. "With so many models and types to choose from, the real question is: What's the best mic for you?" 


In this eye- and ear-opening live webinar from VoiceOverXtra, Dan leads you to your BEST CHOICE - and he says the answer will surprise and delight you.


Learn all the different types of mics ... how they work ... what each is best used for ... and most importantly, how to pick and use the one best for you. 


If you often wonder about microphones, this will be one of the most important webinars you'll view.


"This is the information you need to finally stop worrying," says Dan. "Then you can work on the most important aspect of voice over - YOU!"


You Will Learn ...


In this information-packed webinar with Q&A, Dan addresses:: 

  • The different types of microphones
  • How they work
  • The many manufacturers and the models they make
  • What to look for that works best for your voice
  • How to "Audition" mics
  • How to use different types
  • How NOT to buy a voice over mic

And ... You'll enjoy Dan's refreshing take  

on the entire mic question.  

You don't want to miss that!  

It could save you a ton of money! 


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