Learn How To Practice and Play with Improv For Your Voice Acting Skills
with 'Love That Rebecca' Michaels Haugh
Recorded November 20, 2014
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Meet Rebecca  

Rebecca Michaels Haugh, aka LoveThatRebecca, is a full-time voice actor and the founder of LoveThatImprovVO,

which offers online, audio-only improv workout and training for voice actors worldwide.  


Rebecca's solid acting experience and training - both of which include improv - combine with her business training to be a leader in teaching improv for voice over.  


She is also producer of the popular Internet radio podcast, LoveThatVoiceOver,

which features interviews with voice over professionals and has just surpassed 70,000 downloads.  


She works from her home voice over studio, serving clients in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe.    


She has voiced hundreds of projects as a mom, girl next door, expert coach, friendly host, newscaster and more for commercials, local television, documentaries, audio books, web videos, animation, e-learning, podcasts and phone systems.   


Welcome to the VoiceOverXtra Improv Zone ... where you will learn and explore the value of improv in voice over ... how you can use it to be more competitive in your VO auditions to book more jobs ... and boost your confidence while having fun!

In this 2-hour webinar, Rebecca Michaels Haugh - popular voice talent and founder of LoveThatImprovVO
online workouts - trains you and then leads volunteers in a practice of improv skills. Listen and advance your skills. 

In this session, you will learn that improv IS an essential skill for your voice over toolbox. Developing your ability to improvise will make you a stronger competitor in any VO genre - from commercials to audiobook narrations and characters in animation, video games and more.

You will also learn ...
  • How to use improv in VO auditions and projects
  • How you don't have to be a comedian to use it!
  • That even if you don't do 'character' voices, you can still use improvisation as a tool
  • How improv helps you at the mic, as well as between takes!
  • Tips to use improv on your own
This webinar will truly make a difference  
in your voice acting. 
Just $39



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