You're Not Making
The Money You
Think You Are ... And What To Do About It
John Melley

- Business Marketing Expert

- Host of 'The Voice Over Marketing Podcast' 

- Voice Actor, Audio Producer, Author  


Wednesday, July 9, 2014
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John Melley
is uniquely qualified to guide you to greater profitability in voice over.
A voice actor, business audio production specialist, author and marketing expert, he is host of the popular Voice Over Marketing Podcast, downloaded by thousands of listeners.

Based in Boston, John is also production director for Boston's award-winnng Mix 104.1 (WBMX) and has worked at Greater Boston radio stations since 1994.

As a voice actor, he is known throughout the Boston area and nationally for great character voices in commercials, promotions and announcements - including TV commercials for the Jerry Seinfeld production, Long Story Short.

He also performs characters for Atari video games, narrates audiobooks, and voices corporate training and website audio projects.

He is author of 7 Insider Secrets to Profiting as a Voice Over Artist, and creator of the AudioMERCIAL  - a custom interview program that is a marketing tool for business owners.

If you calculate your voice over income like most people do, you'll figure you're earning a certain amount per hour - but you'd be wrong.

And the reason it's wrong explains why a lot of people are frustrated with their earnings and wondering why there's always more "month left at the end of the money."

You can change that.

Learn the true time value of your money and start setting your rates in a way that brings them into alignment with your expectations!

At this webinar, voice over business marketing expert
John Melley will show you:
  • Why most people frequently calculate income the wrong way.
  • Why you're earning far less per hour than you think you are  
  • How to set your rates to be in alignment with your expectations
  • How your mindset and attitudes about money may be affecting your rates, and 
  • How to get paid in full - or at least get a hefty deposit - before you do the work.
Plus ... Get answers to your marketing questions  
in a lively Q&A.

Tuition: $49, including full recording 
CLICK HERE to Attend & Learn

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Starting at: 9 pm ET ... 8 pm CT ... 6 pm PT
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