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March 2016 


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Vanishing Point by Shawn Payment
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   Spring is here with it's attendant rain and a bit of snow just to cool things down. We're pretty excited about sailing after a winter of puttering on all the little things that make the the American Eagle ready for your arrival of a summer's evening.  The first two trips are booked with charters; we'd love to have you and your friends and family join us for an early season trip.. no crowds, no yachts under foot, long days, late sunsets, and hard shell lobsters!

Cruise News

With an online presence, TravelDew is a place where experiential travel professionals are invited to share their stories, insights, and unique perspectives.  Read John's comments during a recent interview for the website.

photo courtesy of Garrett Lovell

                                                          This was taken during a June trip.

Crews News

North Haven dinghy ready to go

March 31 team on board:
left to right; Sarah, John, Justin and Thom
taken by Shary Fellows


Galley News

Andy, our cook last season among others, had the opportunity to ship out to Cuba. Here's his report.

Sometimes a cigar is just an overpriced cigar.  I couldn't taste much difference between a $5 Romeo y Julieta and a five peso nameless cigar.  There's lots of Club Havana rum, but it doesn't taste much different from any other, and it's not as good as Gosling's, but maybe that's what I'm used to.  The beers are just what you'd expect from the names (Claro, Cristal). I couldn't find any cerveza oscuro. The little bananas were nice and sweet and the papayas, like anywhere, were widely variable.  The pork was fatty and delicious, especially smoked pork loin.

The baseball games I saw on TV were terrific, fast moving and professional.  Did I mention nobody locks their bikes?  Everybody's poor but they seem content with their lot, unlike us yumas.  (They call gringos yumas.  Something to do with the Russell Crowe movie 3:10 to Yuma.)

photo courtesy of Ralph Smith

Postcards from Away and Long Ago







Yes, Tom and Elfi's postcard finally arrived from Cuba after several months!




We haven't any azaleas but the first woodchuck appeared on the shipyard lawn yesterday. One thing we have learned on the schooner: woodchucks can swim if they have to.




                          Shary finally actually took a vacation. You should,too. Here in Maine preferably. And on a National Historic Landmark that moves!






Side launching the American Eagle June 2, 1930

Mmmm....good blueberry pie!
photo courtesy of Colleen Gleason

Next month will feature the annual railway haul out 
and making the American Eagle shine.
John and the crew

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