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February 2016 


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    Greetings from the torrid north, where thundershowers have replaced blizzards this winter. Best to get them out of the way before summer. We're well on our way to sailing May 28th and Shary has a lot of the trips filled earlier than usual.

Cruise News
photo courtesy of Dinnie Aldridge
                                     Tuning up the dinghy for the crew's race the evening before the Great Schooner Race

The American Eagle may not be the oldest working schooner in the Maine fleet, but we have the oldest sailing dinghy. The first one of the class was built in 1887. Cappy, named for the man who rebuilt her forty years ago, will be defending an undefeated record in the warmup competition as the fleet gather for the Great Schooner Race the week of July 3rd. The one in Penobscot Bay takes all day, engages more schooners than you'll see anywhere else, and wraps up with a party ashore complete with awards and insults.


For adventure and excitement, the Mayor's Race for the Esperanto Cup during the cruise 
boarding August 31st is pretty hard to beat.
                                 One cook and three captains, Gloucester July, 1986. left to right: Gus, John, John,  and Joe


The Gloucester Race takes only a few intense hours,
                                                                  "Virginia chasing the real deal"

                                                                       and just about catching us at the next buoy
                                    bookended by exciting sails along the Gulf of Maine coming down and going home. 

    Whalewatching on the way to Cape Ann, 1998.
The American Eagle has been in both races for thirty years and we wouldn't miss either of them for anything.

 SailBoston 2017 scheduled for June, part of celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary of confederation. We'll probably offer a ten day cruise round trip from Rockland with approximate dates  June 14-23. Details to follow in fall, 2016!

Crews News
This season there will be two masters degrees on board, two master's tickets, and at least one musical instrument. Hope you like bagpipes!
                                                Upside down and glistening with white coat # 4

 After a full month in the shop our seineboat is ready for another season, right down to the oarlocks and drain plug. The three of us are glad to have that project done.
 Meanwhile Justin applies coat # 3 on Cappy, North Haven dinghy # 27. He's polished the outside of this boat down to 220 grit sandpaper. He doesn't like slow sailboats!
        Coco is always ready to share a birthday cake
Our old crew really get around. From 2015: Eric is running in a charity footrace, Christa is teaching skiing and snowboarding, Angela has been from Maine to Key West on a schooner delivery and expects to crew on the Lynx this summer,  Andy is cooking on a schooner visiting Cuba, and I'm fixing stuff here at the shipyard.

Going back a bit further, Shary has found some history from the American Eagle's fishing days. Isaac Boudreau from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, was a fisherman aboard the vessel in 1937 and 1938. There's a two foot swordfish sword in my bunk..could it be?
 Further study showed that he also was crew aboard the Gertrude L. Thebaud in 1934
 and 1942, and the Adventure in  1938.   
Galley News
photo courtesy of 
Julia Anderson Colwell

We usually have a dozen different kinds of tea on bard, but this is a bit different.   
If you haven't seen a "Mr. Tea" before, you can find one available online and the mugs from us.

Pictures from Away


                                     Made it in less than three weeks for the Galapagos to Rockland!






Despite the note on the back this is a young Indian elephant, likely to knock the bus over. They really know how to packederm them in on a double decker 97 hp omnibus, captured in the Flanders and Swann song " A Transport of Delight".




Enough from far away; back to summer in Maine and sailing 



Be the first to identify three of the people in this picture and I'll send you a hat.
John and the crew

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