Windjammer Days off Boothbay Harbor
Photo courtesy of Dick Loehr



Schooner American Eagle Newsletter

July 2015 


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Cruise News
Captain's pictures from a cruise
Crew's News

Vanishing Point by Shawn Payment
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Ode to American Eagle

American Eagle, fair mare of the sea
Prancing through waves so majestically
Voyaging to islands and snug harbors awaiting discovery
Forming a crew of personalities, all happy to be away at sea.
American Eagle with rich history,
First as a fisher,
Now an adventurer where work is joy 
and laughter and song ring out all day long.
American Eagle, long may you live, 
long may you thrive.
Long may you enrich all of our lives
American Eagle, great sea steed indeed,
sailing on, into infinity.


Cruise News

What a busy month, the annual Great Schooner Race in Penobscot Bay
Photo courtesy of John Williams

Our photography and lighthouse cruise, not to be outdone by the pictures taken by Mark Henauer back in June and Bridget on our long trip.

photo courtesy of Bridget

photo courtesy of Bridget

Greeting the French frigate L'Hermione arriving in Castine on Bastille Day 

The original L'Hermione visited Castine on May 17, 1780.

and an eleven night adventure over the Canadian Border to Eastport and Lubec.

Captain's  pictures from a cruise




Head Harbor light
Campobello, New Brunswick 

Col. Owen's house at Welshpool, Campobello.
Col. Owen was the original owner of the entire island.


along the coast below Jonesport




The three wise men ...
or wise guys?



Sunset at Gilkey Harbor


 and in harbor when we returned to Rockland



Lynx - privateer built in Rockport about ten years ago.




Naval ship Tortuga in town for the Lobster Festival

New schooner Columbia, built in Florida.  We'll see her racing in Gloucester Labor Day weekend.



 Crew's News

Dressed up (in checked shirts and suspenders like the boss) for the crew races the night before the big one; Christa, Eric, Angela, and Louis beat the pants off the other sailing side boats while Hannah rowed Roscoe to a clear victory in the rowing class. In contrast, the captain brought the schooner into third place in the windward class the next day.  To paraphrase an observation on the schooner yacht America's win in 1851, "there was no fourth."

tintype by Mikael Carstanjen
(printed on aluminum)


More news, pictures, and some ideas for 2016 next month,
John and the crew

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