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Photo courtesy of Dick Loehr

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March 2015 


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For spring it's so cold that I read that a small dog in California asked for his sweater.  No matter, it's warm by the shop stove where some of the winter shipyard projects are rushing to completion before the crew show up to make the American Eagle presentable for another season.  March actually is rather enjoyable around here:  country auctions of stuff you don't need and can't afford, boatbuilders' show, fishermen's forum, and a hardware show complete with hors d'oeuvres and a seminar on cedar shingles.  On board the schooner I've done some wiring and plumbing projects; always getting ready.


American Eagle in the News         


       Classic Boat 


An elegant British magazine featured a complimentary article about the Maine Coast in their April issue with a picture of the schooner cutting along on port tack, the seineboat desperately towing behind. 





And also a chance to correct the fourth estate when they print without fact checking...  


 We finally made it into WoodenBoat.



Cruise News


        Some of our trips are more excellent than others, but they're all wonderful.  Pick one.





Puzzle of the month


       February's lighthouse was on White Island, Isles of Shoals.  As for the one below, we'll announce the answer and winner on facebook and in the April newsletter as well.   So identify this lighthouse.





Hint #1: It's near this one...



Hint #2:  It was constructed in 1875


Hint #3:  The ten-inch Rodman cannons mounted on this rock were airlifted to Bar Harbor in 1991.  


photo by John Stanton


The harbormaster there set them up trained on a fishing boat  (on its mooring) whose captain had given him trouble over the years.


Hint #4:  Ambrose Wasgatt was the first lightkeeper.


Please submit your answers to and for extra credit ~  Who complained about the fog signal at this light and had it changed?


   Crews & Wildlife News


     Andy will be back this season once again converting firewood into great meals.

Wonder if the bread has risen yet?

Christa, the mate,  is due back any day now, here modeling our genuine navy blue wool watchcap as she peeks into the galley to see what's cooking.

Sorry the loon that has been in our cove all winter refused to have his picture taken.

   Postcards and Snapshots

If there aren't enough postcards to fill the bill, we can always add the photos sent in by loyal sailors.

courtesy of Charlene Morton and Louise Miller

courtesy of Charlene Morton and Louise Miller

They may go to the ends of the earth but come back to Maine to come sailing.

John at the wheel Oct 2010
Spring Sailing

  There's that watch cap again! 
John and the crew

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