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January 2015 


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Looks as though we'll squeak this letter in just after the New Year, in the hopes of not having distracted you during holiday time.  The scraggly but large balsam fir is up on the schooner's mainmast for another few days complete with mostly unbroken clear lights, the decklights glowing on the little tug alongside.  I'll let you imagine that annual scene while we look at sailing pictures from last season.  

The entries for the Maine Windjammer Association photo contest included some excellent images of the American Eagle including Blake Voss' one above and a number by Mike Carstanjen below.

which brings us to:      


Cruise News


Lighthouse Parade and Adventure Photography

July 5-11


Yes, it's a six-night trip but it will take that long to cover a tour of the lighthouse museum here in Rockland, visit several lighthouses we support along the coast, spend some island time with a shore picnic, get in some sailing, hopefully a day offshore, and still come back rested but exhilarated.  And if you enter and happen to win the photo contest in 2015, you'll have a free trip for the next season. 


As one of the people who has sailed with us on other Adventure Photography trips, Mikael Carstanjen made this observation:  "The winning photographs in the MWA contest for the last 3 years were taken during the Lighthouse Trip."


Greg explains his part better:

photo courtesy of Greg Gettens 

One picture or many, adventure photography is about telling a story with photos.  Sailing on the Schooner American Eagle with its photo-rich environment presents an opportunity to explore your photography skills and tell a story of your adventure. Sunrises, sunsets, and life on a historic schooner combined with shore excursions will provide an abundant amount of photography choices.  Sharing the camaraderie and photo techniques with other like-minded photographers on board can inspire your photography experience and improve your skills. Challenge yourself with adventure photography on the Schooner American Eagle.       


Crews' News
The crew from 2014 are as close as the nearest ski slope (Christa) and as far as an ocean away in Oregon and Washington State (Brad, Olivia, Gerard, Mike, Johnny, and Logan).  Never to go directly (think tacking to weather), three of them meandered west on a true road trip adventure.

Importers Coffee Co. trademark registered Jan. 19, 1915

Name that Flag 


Here's another opportunity to win an American Eagle hat by being the first to identify this flag, and don't ask me;  I don't know the answer, well, not yet.  Help me out here.





One boat is overhauled for next year; it happens to be the one I use the most: Roscoe.

Here's a new name for you to connect with sailing with us: Coco, Shary's new assistant here at the office.


 Happy New Year!,  
          John and the crew

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