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Fall Sunrise

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November 2014 


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November's the time when sailing seems far away and there's an illogical rush to beat the oncoming winter weather with a long list of projects that would better wait until spring.


Crews and Snooze News
The summer crew has headed south and west and, not to be outdone, the galley hot water tank is off to New Jersey by UPS to model for a new one.

Hot water tank off the AMERICAN EAGLE  


Meanwhile Christa and I converted the old pilothouse at the shipyard into ten pallets of shop firewood, 860 pounds of quarryable materials, and a surviving coat hook to award to the present captain of the French.  The pilothouse came off the French 41 years ago this month.  It was time.  

The old wheelhouse off the LEWIS R FRENCH  


The tug Cadet, the American Eagle's sidekick, hauled out for her annual paint job.  There were enough good weather days to do the topsides, the bottom, and roll her back into the water.


Tugboat CADET ready to launch  


Her galley stove is going for the winter, in time for the alternate boating season here in Maine.


Tug CADET rafted up to the AMERICAN EAGLE  


November saw the last on board varnish for the year.  Cabin soles and companionways are done below; fife rail last coat last Friday.


Brightwork on the fife rail  


Cruise News


It's a bit of a risk to schedule two long trips in a season these days when shorter windjammer cruises appeal for reasons of timing and budgeting.  All of our adventures afloat include shipboard amenities unheard of in the sixties when I first wondered how these old vessels survived at all.  The Maine coast from Penobscot Bay to Mt. Desert is our prime cruising ground, but with a versatile vessel and an eager complement of guests and crew we explore the antipodes of the Bay of Fundy to Stellwagen Bank with whales and abundant sea life at both ends.  May 31 to October 10, 2015; 26 trips from two to eleven nights.        


What's come in the mail? 


Postcard of old Brugge

Imagine!  Buildings older than boats, and on the water, too.

Better than the movie



Postcard from Hawaii

"Water is very warm.  It's beautiful, but still love Maine."



Book by Marcia Leonard

An engaging murder mystery written by an outstanding September guest, who turned "39" on her cruise.  Thank you, Marcia.




First person to correctly identify this flag wins an American Eagle hat.  Not you, Carla, you sent me the flag!



And it's crabapple time here at the shipyard.  Any good recipes before they freeze?



Stay warm or cool depending upon your zip code,

          John and the crew

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