courtesy of Brad Lamoureux

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August 2014 


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          It would be pretty dull around here if the American Eagle were the only Maine windjammer.  The fleet provides company, context, camaraderie, and even competition once in a while -- all in as handsome a cruising area as one could find anywhere.


Rowing ashore
courtesy of Brad Lamoureux


You can even brush up on your rowing while on vacation.




Cruise News 

The 2015 schedule is nearly ready; here are some trips inked in so far:


Castlebay members Julia Lane & Fred Gosbee
photo courtesy of Brad Lamoureux

~ a 4-night trip with Castlebay and the Schooner Gam, June 7-11

Feeding whale
Whale feeding on Stellwagen Bank
courtesy of Becky Hermanson

~ an 8-night cruise to Stellwagen Bank, June 12-20





Rockland Breakwater Light from on board
courtesy of Peter Atkinson

~ a 6-night photography and lighthouse trip, July 5-11


~ an 11-night adventure around Campobello to Eastport,  July 19-August 1   No passport required.





~ a 4-night cruise including a ticket to the Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show, August 4-8


None of these trips are offered on any other vessel.



The smallest guest we've had on board this summer




Crew's News


Here's to the American Eagle crew

Always traditional, but always new

Thanks to the hulking hand Girard

Who makes it look easy even when it's hard.

And here's to Christa Miller-Shelley

Who makes sure the heads are never smelly.

And thanks to Mike Foshay, the chef,

If you can't eat wheat, he'll give you quinoa or teff.

And who could forget galley hand Olivia?

If you use 2 mugs, she'll probably forgivia.

Mate Logan's fiddling is so sublime

Play Ashoken Farewell, just one more time!


Never forgetting Captain John  Foss

Who for maritime lore is never at a loss

From Passamaquoddy to Long Island Sound

He hardly ever runs aground.

Whether your captain, cooking or crewing

It's very clear you love what you're doing!


Other boats may be bigger or newer but not faster

We know who'll raise the broom down in Gloucester.

                                                         --Andy Jackson, past cook 


Andy's anticipating our next cruise to Gloucester, for a 26th try in the Mayor's Race.




Only one more gallon of varnish to go this season.




From the galley and the foc'sle




It's great to get thank you notes from guests, but this one will be aboard for a long time and not just on the cork board amidships but in use in the foc'sle. 



This cribbage board of walnut and curly maple even has belaying pin markers as well as a new deck of cards.  It's been aboard a week and has been played by guests and crew alike.  Thank you, Lance!












America's surviving whaleship on her 38th voyage this summer under the command of Capt. Kip Files of the Victory Chimes she sailed more miles but caught no whales.



Dinner is served on deck and Mike the cook goes for a sail.

Until next month and a more complete 2015 schedule,
          John and the crew

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