Capt _John at the wheel

Almost time to relax and plan next season.

-photo courtesy of Carol-Ann Warner


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September 2013  


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As this hits the ether there are two foliage cruises still to go.  Fall breezes and clear, chilly nights have arrived.  The t-shirts in their boxes are folded with care in the hopes that some sailing shoppers soon will be there.  Where?  Here on the dock. 


Two pots, ten herbs, wax begonias


The herbs in their pots on the dock are still producing for Andy in the galley.



Cruise News


Lowering Sails --Benjamin Rader photo

Furling the mainsail

photo by Benjamin Rader



Janna Graber and Ben Rader joined us for a four-night trip in August.  Janna's account of their time aboard along with Ben's pictures and video have been posted to the Go World Travel website.  A nice read, it covers everything someone sailing for the first time needs to know and for those who have sailed with us before, it's sure to bring back memories.




 Some souvenirs of summer island visits



 trophies from island clean-ups



           Besides the bags of trash brought back aboard from our summer island visits ad picnics, we ended up with some special relics:  trophies of twenty beach cleanups since May.  The white plastic Adirondack chair is from Russ Island (the Stonington side), the dirt shovel from Pond Island off Cape Rosier, and barely visible in the chair, a horse fly swatter from Marshall Island.


          Well, maybe it's a hot dog grill.  Our grilled items to keep lobsters company ranged from teriyaki chicken to bratwurst, big dogs, and varieties of jazzed-up hamburgers.

Main course at the lobster picnic

our old standby

-photo courtesy of Carol-Ann Warner



Crews News


Shipboard Skills:  Logan made this excellent bell rope this summer.



Johnnie practicing deck cushion art.




Carob Arnold

photo courtesy of MB Rolfe

You can tell it's getting near the end of the season, in this picture, 2011.


Race News 



Gloucester 2012

photo courtesy of Mark Krasnow



          Well, we came in last in the Great Schooner Race in Penobscot Bay in July, but did better in Gloucester in the Mayor's Race for the Esperanto Cup.  The fact that the American Eagle was managed by the biggest booster of the fishermen's races in the 1920's and 1930's may have had something to do with making 2013 our tenth win in the race.  On the other hand it was also our 23rd participation in the event.


Towards the finish, being pursued by the Virginia and the Adventure

photo by Mark Krasnow






          Who knows what the new year will bring but we all have to start with a plan, so here it is!  Everything from a six-night cruise beginning the season, a classic down-east adventure, and a number of shorter trips to fit schedules and budgets.  You can't do any better than take some time off here on the Maine Coast.







Postcards from shipmates 


      No postcards have arrived for a while, but we expect one from Russia any day now.

    In the meantime, have a good fall and think about next season with us.  

John and the crew


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