Me with my local hosts_ Santiago_ the Master Franchisee for The Growth Coach in Ecuador and his daughter_ Gabriela
Me with my local hosts, Santiago, the Master Franchisee for The Growth Coach in Ecuador and his daughter, Gabriela
My Trip to Quito, Ecuador

I am now an international speaker! Just last week I was down in Quito, Ecuador to do a presentation for 120 local business people. Maybe I should say up in Quito since it's 9,350 square feet above sea level making it the highest capital city in the world. 

The impetus for the trip was the 5th anniversary celebration for The Growth Coach in Ecuador. They invited me to give a special presentation for their customers and prospects, and a workshop for the local coaches. It was a great experience. Interestingly, Ecuador is a socialist country, but they have a thriving entrepreneurial culture - one of the strongest in Latin America according to my hosts. 

My presentation was entitled, "The Habits of Highly Effective Business Owners" and I'll be delivering it in Burlingame sometime in January. Hit Reply if you want to be notified when it's scheduled. Last point about Ecuador: You might know that it's famous for its cacao and bananas, but did you know that the Panama Hat actually originates from Ecuador? 
Zero Inbox
Is it Time for Inbox Zero for You?

It has been 2 years since I moved forward with Inbox Zero in my business - usually less than 25 actionable emails on any given day. The impact has been profound. My mind is clearer, I miss 0 emails that come to me (I ignore some, but that's different), I have improved my follow-up, and I am more in control of my business. The reason this is so important? Email is money. I actually call my Inbox my Money Box because there's $ in there! When you get overwhelmed by email you are 'leaving money in the box' instead of extracting it. If you want to give yourself the gift that keeps on giving this year, go to zero in your Inbox and stay that way by dealing with all email daily and clean up any leftovers weekly. Decide that every email will be acted upon, filed, forwarded, or deleted. Chunking blocks of time in your calendar to deal with email helps you to mow through many in one sitting, too. I wrote about my original system to deal with email overwhelm a few years ago. It might help you if you are the type who has one email address for every part of your life. Wondering how to start? Step 1: Take all existing email and file it in to a folder called "2015 Email". That will put you at zero instantly. You can always search the folder for old email. Then, be militant about zero from that day on. 
IRS Audits at an 11 Year Low

From the good news/bad news department comes this story about the record low number of audits being conducted by the IRS. It's good news because no one likes being audited. I went through the experience a few years ago and it was expensive, time consuming and stressful (came out clean by the way). The bad news is that it is costing our government precious revenue. The article points out that for every $1 invested in audits there's a return of $4. Would you greatly reduce an activity in your business that was creating a 400% ROI? I'm shaking my head over this one. 
Making Time for Darren Daily

I've been inspired by Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine, for several years now. I attended a live event with Darren back in 2013 and have followed him ever since. He is committed to sending out a daily email called Darren Daily that never fails to inspire, teach and guide. Could you take 5 minutes out of each day to learn from today's version of Napoleon Hill? Sure you can. Here's a link to an inspiring post from this week
A Banana A Day
A Banana A Day

Watching this video makes me feel good about my daily banana habit. We as a society have moved on from an apple a day to a banana a day and that's not bad at all. 
Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

As the year winds down you may be thinking about resolutions. One that often lands near the top of most lists is to tidy up, i.e., clean up the office, garage, living room, kitchen, etc. This best-selling book from Marie Kondo (sold 3 million copies already!) proposes a pretty radical, but sensible system for tidying up once and for all. Yes, Marie says that if you follow her KonMari system you'll never revert to being in a cluttered environment again. I read the book on my way to Ecuador and I'm a believer. I will start by tidying up my office before year's end. This book could also make a good gift for those year-end parties where everyone needs to bring a new gift under $20 to exchange.
And That's a Wrap...
I wish you peace, joy and fellowship on this Thanksgiving 2015. There are many around our small world who are terrified at this time. Please say a prayer for them as you gather together to be thankful and enjoy a great meal. 

Thank you for being a faithful reader of this newsletter and for the support you provide me in this joyful endeavor called a business. Your next issue will land in your Inbox on December 10th

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