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2015 February Newsletter 
This Saturday @ WAAAM:
Love Stories

The Museum is open 9-5

Action 10-2 

11:30 Paper Airplane Contest

 Lunch is served 11-1

Shop tour 12:30

Listen, Learn and Love a Day in History!


For the Love of all old things!

It's on Valentines Day so we're featuring the "Love Stories of the WAAAM Collection." Many of our vehicles perfectly coincided with the era where folks would take a cruise through town for a date at the drive in movie or for a shared milkshake at the malt shop. 

Between first dates, oddly timed marriage proposals, or over the top gifts to sweethearts - many items in the WAAAM Collection have a place in the story. (And I'm sure there's got to be one or two autos that at one time engaged in "parking" ... although no one is going to fess up to that.) We'll feature Russ and Lois Smith's Ford (a date car), Sandra Fritz' donated car (also a date car), Lois' donated Studebaker Golden Hawk (a sweetheart gift), and Mike and Linda Strong's matching wedding WACO coveralls. 

Every item has a story to tell but many things at the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum have romantic stories behind them. I

Bring Your Sweetheart, Your Kids and your Friends

The first 30 kids ages 12 and under to visit during our Second Saturday event will receive a complimentary valentines airplane and can compete in the distance contest at 11:30 AM. 


As always several of WAAAM's cars and airplanes will be out and about flying and driving for visitors to enjoy.


Thank you for your support . Up Next? On the March Second Saturday --- Nose Art: Author and Speaker

 A look into just how things happen around here....

Our Velie Touring Car is making the biggest news in the auto department. Even though we lost Rudy, Ray and Jack are continuing the restoration project. They've been joined by Calvin - a fantastic woodworker who we originally brought in to help with the Detroit Electric. 

Cal is super talented and really knows his way around wood auto bodies! The whole undercarriage has been re-done and the seats are nearly done too. The engine has also received a little spit and polish recently (it was one of the first things we got done and running but with no breaks or seats there wasn't much of a rush to make it look nice). 

The funny thing about this whole restoration is that Ray and Jack don't work on the same days as Cal. I only get Ray and Jack's side of things because Cal mostly shows up on Thursdays but usually my Tuesdays have some form of Ray or Jack being really impressed with the woodwork done on the car. The whole team helps itself along but Cal doesn't know the car as well as Ray and Jack so occasionally something will be a little bit off or not in the right spot or the pegs and notches are backwards or something equally odd and everyone will have a good laugh and get it right as rain. 

Of course all of them are really bad at leaving notes for each other or telling someone to tell the other person about what they are in the middle of so it's always a bit of a puzzle to decide where to jump in and work. It's a bit like a team relay race but the runners keep shooting past each other and the next person has to catch up and then they overshoot the next target too. In other words...a lot of progress (even if it is confusing at times for everyone)! 

Stephanie Hatch

Keep track of what is happening when you can't stop by  see us at Facebook/WAAAMuseum

 Speedster Speeding Along with help of Poly Fiber Donation!

The WAAAM aeroplane restoration team, lead by restoration director Jakonah (Jay) Matson-Bell, is at it again! The current restoration is a 1938 Rearwin Speedster 6000M with tail number NC19415.

The first prototype was built in 1934, and then rebuilt into the second prototype in 1936 to meet certification requirements, both prototypes were powered by the same 90 hp Cirrus hi drive 4 cylinder engine, and the second prototype received its type certificate in the summer of 1937, and is still flying in France.

Our speedster is one of 3 remaining production 6000-M's, out of about 12 built, powered by the 125 hp Menasco C-4, 4 cylinder hi drive engine. When completed WAAAMs speedster will be the only speedster flying in the USA, and the only production 6000M flying in the world.

WAAAM pilot and volunteer restoration coordinator, Mark Stanfield, was able to secure a donation of all the fabric and dope (paint) for the Speedster from Poly Fiber Aircraft Coatings which is based at historical Flabob Airport in Riverside, CA. "I'm amazed at Jon's dedication to the restoration of rare aircraft from aviation's early years." stated Stanfield in reference to Jon Goldenbaum, the President of Consolidated Aircraft Coatings, the parent company of Poly Fiber Aircraft Coatings.

WAAAM would like to state a BIG THANK YOU to Jon and everyone at Poly Fiber.

From the Airplane Side of Restorations

On Tuesday January 27th, the restoration of our 1938 Rearwin Speedster reached a major milestone with the installation of the wings that have been under construction since November of last year.

After this coming second Saturday, the air frame will be disassembled again to enable us to cover and paint the wings, fuselage, and tail section with the Poly Fiber covering supplies recently donated by Consolidated Aircraft Coatings. Stop by on February 14th and see what an aircraft looks like before the covering is applied, and get a chance to talk to some of our dedicated restoration volunteers, hope to see you all at the museum soon.


If anyone would like to become involved in the restoration shop, please contact me at Jay@WAAAMuseum.org .   




Our kids room is getting a train set table ( is of the blue marked off area). We're also putting in a mini airport set. So much fun for the kids..... of all sizes and ages.
It's like no other place on earth!

The Steam Team has resurrected itself and are giving the 1910 Aultman & Taylor Steam Traction Tractor some much needed TLC. As you may recall, there was a bit of a mad rush to get it done for last year's 4th of July and we made our deadline but there was still a fair bit of minor kinks and surface touch up to do. Now that the pressure is off we can take a step back and restore it up with the attention to detail it deserves. Jack has even managed to rope Jane ( his wife) into helping paint this massive machine! 

The Detroit Electric is coming along much more slowly than the Velie but there is still lots of head-way going on (if you know where to look...like under the hood). The biggest visible difference is the batteries - they no longer are caked in cruddy stuff.  
 Barn Wood & Vintage Material Needed

Help Andy Finish This One.
Andy Anderson is unstoppable! Hi has sent out another call for weathered "barn" wood so he can keep building our awesome facades...It's half way finished but waiting for material. I wonder what this will portray 
Issue 2, 2015
Visitors Quote:
"We heard about WAAAM from family . They said  to be sure to visit when we go out west. This was the best museum we have EVER  been to! Many Thanks-
"KM from Detroit


February 14
Second Saturday
Love Stories - of the 
WAAAM Collection

February 21 & 22
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March 14
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Airplane Nose Art

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June 13
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Local History Spotlight-
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July 11
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August 8
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International Model A Day

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The 20's- Cars, Planes and More.

November 14
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Local History Spotlight-
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December 12
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Paper Airplane Contest.
Start practicing now

See You In Puyallup, WA
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21 & 22. 


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