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2015 January Newsletter 
Lighting the WAY
on Second Saturday! 

"This advance in air navigation was so important it was commemorated on a US Stamp!"


The Museum is open 9-5

Action 10-2 

Speaker 11

 Lunch is served 11-1

Shop tour 12:30

Speaker 1:30

Listen, Learn and Live a Bit in History!





Join us at The Museum as we  host two talks about the history of the air beacons - an integral part of early aviation. Learn

all about what it took to get a letter through the Columbia River

Gorge in the early 20th Century.


The talks will take place at 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM.


WAAAM has one of the original Gorge beacons on site for visitors to see and understand firsthand just what our talks are all about. Part of these talks will include the very interesting history that this particular beacon has had during its service lighting the way for the early pilots in the Gorge. WAAAM's beacon was donated in 2009 by the Hood River County History Museum.


Between the air beacon talks, our restoration shop will be open for tour at 12:30 PM for anyone wanting to come see what it takes to keep our collection flying and driving.

WAAAM will have several of its automobiles and airplanes out and about.


Thank you for your support . Up Next? February Second Saturday --- Love Stories of the WAAAM Collection. Bring your Sweetheart to WAAAM for Valentines Day! 
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"2014 Another record year at WAAAM"
Thank you all for your support in keeping this museum in the lime light!  We can not continue to be world class with out you!
Let's make 2015 Fun, Safe and Unbelievable!  
From the Airplane Side of Restorations

Since my last report, work on our 1938 Rearwin Speedster is progressing nicely, the wings are almost complete, with all metal brackets and brace wires installed.
The only setback was having to build a new set of ailerons. For those of you who have worked on this project, you will know that the original wood ailerons with steel fitting were intact but the wood was rotten,  but an almost pristine set of late model aluminum Cloudster/Speedster ailerons were included with the   
project.  Upon test fitting the aluminum ailerons, (yes they actually fit) it was found that the hinge configuration was reversed from the older model wood ailerons, and the aileron travel was reduced to about on inch up and down, instead of the 5 inches that is needed. with the dedicated help of our restoration shop volunteers, We were still able to build a new set of wood ailerons using the original steel fittings in less than two weeks.  In the attached pictures you will see Geoff installing the tip bows on the wings, Larry McCollum installing the new aluminum leading edge on the left aileron, a comparison of the freshly built wood aileron to the Aluminum aileron that did not work, and the new aileron installed in the left wing. 
In addition to all the wing and aileron work, the sand blasting of the fuselage is complete and it has been primed and painted. 

If anyone would like to become involved in the restoration shop, please contact me at Jay@WAAAMuseum.org .  

Hope you all have a happy and prosperous new year.


"Ask Any Pilot"
 2015 Hood River Fly-in Theme has been announced! 

We will pay tribute as the "Year of the WACO" .

Eleven aircraft built by the Weaver Aircraft Company make their home at at WAAAM. From the recently restored Primary Glider to the powerful bi-planes donated from the Mike and Linda Strong collection to the beautiful and rare biplanes donated from the Jerry Wenger Collection WAAAM has something to be proud about!

We look forward to sharing these with you the weekend after Labor Day and hope that you will bring your WACO or another Pretty Bird to display on the green lawn.

          1935 WACO YPF-6        Purple Blue and Chrome! 
Volunteer Notice:
We need to make sure
your volunteer hours have been logged  for the final accounting for the end of the year 2014clock-tower.jpg

Please email Ken Olsson Ken@WAAAMuseum.org
or stop by the museum  to put your name, hours, and projects in the books.

Time is of the essence- 
All 2014 hours will be tallied and the books closed for this year on January, 10th.

The info we need
 (even if you are an occasional volunteer) is as follows:

Full Name
E mail 
Phone Number
Dates Volunteered
Hour total Volunteered that day
Total Volunteer Hours
Project or Event that you volunteered on
Thanks and YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

Raising a Historic Auto Shop...and Service Station. 

Director Judy Newman says our next big project is a 30'x30' working Historic Auto Shop complete with a lift, two work bays, fuel pumps and the feel and heart of the past. This building will be on display at the exterior NE corner of the new M3 addition. 
Wanted: Something like this..... 
The $25K needed for the auto shop will be raised by donations, sponsorships and hard work. We want it to look like the old days where service was the name. We would love to have bit of a combination of the early 20's and the 50's. Something that tells the story of the automobile coming into everyday life. Something that everyone relates to.... and that is history.

This is a worthy project to get involved with. We will need a historic service station to begin with. Prefab from the 50's or wooden from much earlier. Do you have one? Do you know where one is? With the way the volunteers and supporters get things done around here we can expect to have this space up and operating with in a year! Come along and help with this dream!

Contact Judy Newman for more info. Judy@WAAAMuseum.org
Donate time, money, transporting, construction, plans, or the building! You or someone you know can make a difference. 


The National Parks Service has great info and pictures of these icons of our years on the move. Check it out here NPS Gas Stations 
Andy Anderson is still working his way down Main Street! 

The museum's glider and soaring collection has just been added on to. Another hangar has been erected with "Wenger Aero Service" on the reclaimed metal siding. This additon to the vintage glider display helps to tell the story of the thrill of silent flight.  
Volunteer Andy Anderson and his helpers have used materials  reclaimed from nearby... and not so nearby dilapidated old buildings and left over unwanteds to tell this story.

You can feel the pulse of the community on Main Street as you stroll through this museum building. Come along now, visit and enjoy!

When you see Andy give his a thumbs up! Who knows what he will add next? 
Issue 1, 2015
Visitors Quote:
"Thanks to all of the kind and informative volunteers for their time! It was my pleasure for sure!"



January 10
Second Saturday
Lighting the Way- History of the Airways Beacon

February 14
Second Saturday
Love Stories - of the 
WAAAM Collection

March 14
Second Saturday
Airplane Nose Art

April 11
Second Saturday
Dodge Brothers Day - 
Bring your!

May 9
Second Saturday
Military Vehicles and
Flag Retirement Ceremony

June 13
Second Saturday
Local History Spotlight-
Fishing with Phil & Dave Jensen
"Luhr Jensen"

July 11
Second Saturday
WAAAM Traffic Jam a 
Car Show & Swap Meet

August 8
Second Saturday
Old and New

September 12th
Second Saturday
Fly in- 100's of planes

September 12 &13 
Annual Hood River Fly-in

October 10
Second Saturday
The 20's- Cars, Planes and More.

November 14
Second Saturday
Local History Spotlight-
General Airways

December 12
Second Saturday
Paper Airplane Contest.
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