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2014 December Newsletter 
Vintage Bicycles
on Second Saturday! 

The Museum is open 9-5

Enjoy some action 10-2 

Lunch is served 11-1

See our vintage bikes. Take a shop tour. See us in 



Boneshaker, Penny-Farthing, Ordinary, Rover... are the names that wheel us along the historical timeline of the bicycle from the beginning of these inventions through the early 1900's. 

In the 1880's and 90's, cycling became the most popular sport in the nation, with more than 10 million people learning to ride in this first wave of "bicyclemania".

Until the first Safety Bicycle (known as the Rover) was invented in 1885 there was the direct drive of the pedals to the larger front wheel.

The High-bicycle "Ordinary" had an even bigger front wheel. The bigger the wheel the faster it could go. But you were far above the ground and needed a mounting stand to get started. Stopping was an entirely different story! The Ordinary was later nicknamed "Penny-Farthing" in England (a penny representing the front wheel, and a coin smaller in size and value, the farthing, representing the rear).

The Rover safety bicycle (much like we ride today) completely replaced the high-wheeler in North America and Western Europe by 1890. It shifted the use and public perception from being a dangerous toy for sporting young men to being an everyday transport tool for men-and crucially, women-of all ages. Susan B. Anthony said, "Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel...the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood." The bicycle revolution also changed the way women dressed! 
They now had unskirted garments! 

Bicycling remained the province of the urban well-to-do, and mainly men, until the 1890's, and was an example of conspicuous consumption. Conspicuous consumption is the spending of money on and the acquiring of luxury goods to display to others the buyer's income or the buyer's accumulated wealth.

This year in 2014, the most expensive bike is the Trek "Butterfly" Madone at a $500,000!

Bike riding dropped off dramatically in the United States between 1900 and 1910. Automobiles became the preferred means of transportation! (With planes soon to follow!) Remember the Wright Brothers! They were in the business of bicycles and from there got their start that helped lead us to powered flight today. 

Today, we remember when we got our first bike most likely as a gift from our parents. As adults we use it for mostly for exercise and entertainment. 


Stop in at WAAAM this Second Saturday and take note of the vintage bikes. One of many on display is an 1887 "Ordinary". Check it out. Look at the details. Notice from where we have come, and then dig into history a bit more. It is quite fascinating. If you have a bike or two to share please bring it along. We would love to learn about your bike too.


Thank you for your support . Up Next? January Second Saturday --- Lighting the Way - Beacon History

Remember it is a great holiday family adventure to bring the gang to WAAAM. See you again soon. Tell your friends...  
Director's Note 
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Judy Newman
We want to thank our volunteers.  To keep the museum open and to complete projects , restorations and events happening our WAAAM Volunteers  logged 15,793 hours in 2014! That is amazing and each and every hour is appreciated. 

I would like to especially thank the volunteers who step up and take on a project. Not only do they head it up, they also keep a crew of volunteers headed in the right direction. This year is a big one:

Please join me in giving these folks a round of applause (along with those who are the unnamed crew- we know who you are.)

Steam Tractor: 
Jack Sheppard & Crew  Rest in the 4th of July parade

The Sign:
Don Durr & Crew restored, retrofitted and installed the Vintage Trail Theaters Marquee as our own WAAAM permanent marquee

Main Street/Memory Lane: 
Andy Anderson & Crew continue to build on the memories of our lives

300 New Stanchions:
Bob Woolridge & Crew made up the new stanchions from donated harrow blades retrieved by Alan Bell & Crew from a wintery trip to Montana

Randy Acree & Crew got the Blue Cow Caboose

Cushman Sidecar: 
PK Kollas restored the donated Cushman w/sidecar.

Gazebo Build: 
Bryan Reid & crew built a beautiful picnic gazebo.

Fly the Pusher: 
Bill Aviolo & crew made history happen.

Best Fly In Ever : 
Ken Olsson & crew did it again.

Traffic Jam Car Show & Swap Meet: 
Larry McCullum & crew are growing something to honk about.

Kitchen Crew: 
Connie & Herm Peters, Jean Anderson (Here every time) & Crew

Model T Driving Crew:  
Gene Wright, Andy Anderson, Dave Schneeberg & Steve Roberts & Crew

"Maker & NOVA": Doug Davee & Crew:  kids area grant and projects.


These guys all took the lead to head up the crew to pull off these amazing projects!    



Our Portland Crew that drives every week to help out....they are fantastic.

Brian Brandt:  Who fixes anything when I call....my emergency crew.

Ben Davidson & Crew: Retrieval of some huge planes both flying & not.

Donna Davidson:  Newsletter each month... for about six years.

You make my life richer and more interesting every day and your efforts and friendship to the museum and to my self are priceless.

I wish all our Supporters a healthy and happy New Year and look forward to 2015.


Judy Newman
Your Museum Director


2014 WAAAM 
Volunteer of the Year

Dick Clarke was honored as the WAAAM Museum's Volunteer of the Year at the museum's annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner in early December. 

Director Judy Newman has this to say " Dick has been here since before the beginning:  Always around, always cleaning up oil, always willing to clean up whatever someone shoves in the door, and then he always arrives to be a docent for a group. The museum staff receives numerous comments appreciating and complementing Dick by museum visitors. You do a dynamite job, please keep it up!"

Keep track of what is happening when you can't stop by  see us at Facebook/WAAAMuseum

From the Airplane Side of Restorations 

It is official, the WAAAM aircraft restoration shop has finished another Restoration of a unique and rare aircraft, this time it is a 1935 Franklin PS-2 glider. On November 21 this peace of history received an inspection from the FAA, and was issued a new certificate of airworthiness. Look for this bright yellow plane to be flying some time in the spring/summer of 2015.

Our dedicated group of restoration volunteers is now working full time on the restoration of WAAAM's 1938 Rearwin Speedster, as of now the wings are starting to take shape in the wood shop, and the fuselage is undergoing the laborious task of sandblasting. if you would like to get involved, please contact Jay at jay@waaamuseum.org

Joe Breniser is sandblasting away on the fuselage. What a great way to spend the day. Lucky Joe!
The wings are getting ready for the wires then the fabric cover.

 This along with hundreds of additional hours... 
and we will have another rare bird in the flock.
This 1938 Rearwin Speedster 6000M with a Menasco Super Pirate 125hp inverted inline engine will be the only flying one in the United States. Currently there are just 4 Speedsters on the US Registry.
Juptner's publication say "It was fast! but was ruined by "spin" qualifications". The super skinny, squat  looking prewar plane could attain 166 mph. One pilot and one passenger in tandem with ample leg room. The next Rearwin model in line is the Cloudster of which was added to the museums' line up in 2014.

....will someday soon look as stunning as this one recently restored (by Tim Tallon along with our very own Jay Bell) 
Student Volunteers

This fall these three outstanding and motivated students asked to be involved as volunteers at WAAAM. We are thrilled with their 'Can Do" attitude and appreciate all the help. 

Our youth volunteers are really something, they are making a difference here each week. 

Michael Guzman
"My name is Michael Guzman and I am a junior at Hood River Valley High School. I've been interested in planes ever since I was younger. I would like to go into Aerospace Engineering one day, so being able to be around these planes every week makes me appreciate them just a bit more. Seeing the museum change almost every time I stop by makes it even better too."

Mason Bloomster
"I am 18 years old and have lived in the Columbia River Gorge my entire life. I am currently a senior at Horizon Christian School where I have been attending since 7th grade. I play Soccer, Basketball, and run track for Horizon. Some things I like to do outside of school are hiking, biking, sailing, swimming, and fishing. I plan to attend college somewhere in Oregon hopefully being able to play College basketball and track."
                                        Jared Davis
"I am 17 years old I have been going to Horizon Christian School since the 8th grade. I have enjoyed every year I have been at Horizon. I play soccer, basketball, and baseball since I was 5. I am a senior this year. I have lived in Hood River my whole life I enjoy hanging out with friends and family. I just started working at WAAAM and learn something new every day and can't wait to see what else I can learn."
It's a Wonderful Life here at 

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Issue 12, 2014
Visitors Quote:
"Today I brought my sister in-law and brother in-law to the WAAAM Air and Auto Museum. 
They live in California and when I visit them or travel through Europe I have the opportunity to visit many museums & castles & interesting historical places. My visit her today has been my most enjoyable visit to any museum I have ever toured- including the  castles, the Smithsonian, The Louvre, or the tombs in Egypt. This was the best + right here in my own back yard."


December 13
Second Saturday 
Vintage Bicycles 
Second Saturday

Christmas Day 
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New Years Day 
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January 10
Second Saturday
Lighting the Way- History of the Airways Beacon

February 14
Second Saturday
Love Stories - of the 
WAAAM Collection

March 14
Second Saturday
Airplane Nose Art

April 11
Second Saturday
Dodge Brothers Day - 
Bring your!

May 9
Second Saturday
Military Vehicles and
Flag Retirement Ceremony

June 13
Second Saturday
Local History Spotlight-
Fishing with Phil & Dave Jensen
"Luhr Jensen"

July 11
Second Saturday
WAAAM Traffic Jam a 
Car Show & Swap Meet

August 8
Second Saturday
Old and New

September 12th
Second Saturday
Fly in- 100's of planes

September 12 &13 
Annual Hood River Fly-in

October 10
Second Saturday
The 20's- Cars, Planes and More.

November 14
Second Saturday
Local History Spotlight-
General Airways

December 12
Second Saturday
Paper Airplane Contest.
Start practicing now

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End of the year Tax Planning? WAAAM is a 501(c) 3 non profit. Gifts to the museum are tax deductible

WAAAM qualifies for the Oregon Cultural Trust!
"Donate, match, get the whole match back!"

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Main Street gets
New Hangar Addition

As you walk down memory lane, take note of what Andy Anderson and Crew (volunteers) have unveiled! 
How awesome is this!

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