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June 2014 Newsletter
 Second Saturday
            The Wonders of Silent Flight           
Jerry Wenger gets ready for the 1st flight in his newly restored Grunau Baby IIB from the Hood River Airport. Glider now on display at WAAAM

The Plan:
Coffee, Breakfast, Newspaper now off to the Museum to experience history!  


9                 Museum opens 

10-2           "Silent Flight" 
                   Learn about the world of Gliding and Soaring. 
                   Museum Action:
                   Many treasures will  be flying & driving!
                                             Join us.

11:30         " Restoration Shop Tour"-- see the good stuff
                 *Steam Tractor countdown to the 4th of July Parade
                 *1932 WACO Primary Glider restoration
                 *And maybe the Stearman M2 will be here! More                        on this next month.
11-1:00      Lunch is Served - Hot off the Grill
Meet,listen and talk with our very own Museum Director
about her love of flying gliders! Judy Newman has made a living in aviation. She has logged over 18,000 hours in single engine airplanes and gliders. Did you know that a 14 year old can solo a glider! (After a few lessons of course). Just how does an airplane stay up with out an engine? humm... How long have people been gliding? What is the world record for time and distance? Join us to LEARN and fall in love with SILENT FLIGHT.

3               Traffic Jam Car Show/Swap Meet Planning Meeting

5               Museum closes - See you again soon!


As each "Second Saturday" comes around we are excited to share our transportation history with you. Come out and see what takes flight and what takes a spin around the yard!
Remember and join us for our 3rd annual
  Second Saturday
WAAAM Traffic Jam & Swap Meet
a Car Show for vehicles 30 years old and older.
**July 12th **

Bring the Young Ones!

By Doug Davee


Join Doug and Leslie Davee in our learning zone between
 noon and 2pm during the Second Saturday of June
"We, the kids, and the young at heart, will be making 
What is an Artbot? Come and join in the fun and find out! 
 We will be assisted by our son, Steve Davee, who is the Director of Education and Communications for Maker Education Initiative." says Doug Davee. 
The Maker Education Initiative's mission is to create more opportunities for all young people to  develope confidence, creativity, and interest in  science,  technology, engineering, math, art, and learning as a whole 
through making. 
Steve will be happy to answer any 
questions about the 
Maker Movement.

Click here to learn more 


   Another Paisley Tie or

Model T Driving School?


Dads Deserve the Best!!!!


Limited class space

Call 541-308-1600 for info or

click here Model T School

 Yep, you will learn about fix'n and history too!




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Treat your kids or grandkids to a few days of learning and fun! 
Sign them up for  
WAAAM Camp - Intro to Aviation  
June 23, 24, 25, 26
Limited Space
WAAAM Traffic Jam & Swap Meet Countdown


Get your car ready to shine! 


Register your 30 year old (or older) car, 

Cruise with us on Friday Eve

then the "Drive In Movie" at dark.

Show your ride Saturday to a thousand appreciative visitors.

                  Want to see a bunch of beautiful old cars?  
Watch for our Cruise Friday Eve
Experience Hundreds of Cars on the back lawn on Saturday
Special Day Admission price Adults just $10! 
Save (a bit of money),   
Support (the museum) 
                                         Savor (the sight of spectacular restorations) 
Car Show /Swat Meet Info and Registration Click Here  

Download this flyer from the website and pass it around to others who would enjoy the show.
Call or e-mail Larry or Stephanie 541-308-1600  
Sign up to volunteer for the 
WAAAM Traffic Jam
Get on the list to help out now!
for more info and schedule. 
Recaping the Month and
Keeping You Up to Date

The 2014 Wine and Pear Fest hosted at WAAAM by the Hood River Rotary Club had a couple of thousand attendees. Admission to the event included admission to the museum and our display hangars were busy with visitors, many who might not have come otherwise. Our volunteer corps came out in strength so the visitors were well edified during their visits.


On May 29, Addison Pemberton came to WAAAM to retrieve the Boeing 40C for the summer touring season. Since last fall the plane has been basking under the attentions of WAAAM visitors and volunteers so now it's time to go out for a bit of exercise, flying around the country for the summer. His timing was excellent because we had a visit by passengers from the American Empress riverboat who got the treat of a talk by Addison followed by a few flyovers as he departed for home in Spokane. Have fun flying, Addison and we'll see you in the fall! 


Hangar Drill: On the day the Boeing 40C departed, Chief Pilot Ben Davidson drafted Founder Terry Brandt, Board of Directors member Jerry Wenger and a crew of determined volunteers to play 52-card pickup with airplanes and cars. The pushing and pulling was prodigious and, no question about it, everybody slept well Wednesday night! (We'll solicit donations of IcyHot and Bengay in advance of the next time.) There's still more to do but we're pretty sure that it'll take a month to figure out where things have gone. 


Our latest aircraft restoration project is a Waco Primary Glider of the early 1930s. Jakonah Matson-Bell is heading up that effort. A primary glider is about as basic as flight can be without growing wings yourself. The "fuselage" is a truss and the pilot's seat is a platform and a pair of small (probably futile) cushions on the pipe behind his back. Don't be surprised to see photos in flight soon.

The WAAAM Board of Directors held a meeting to trim the sails and plan the future of the museum. They reported that the meeting went well and all went home happy.


The Parker Pusher did another taxi test on Friday (5/30). It's going straight as an arrow now but they didn't fly it because the engine was gunked up. Harold Nelson and a few others have spent the past few days ironing out the kinks so that we can be ready for the next time.

Everyone loved our Memorial Day fly-overs.

The tracks for the caboose have been made with a big assist from Union Pacific. Randy Acree has been heading up the project with help from Don Ferency. He's doing it old school but he's doing it correctly. The caboose should be here by the end of June at the latest probably. Don said he "learned a lot about laying rail road tracks and he also learned that he's glad he never had to do that for a living".


In restoration land we've added a few new projects: 


The Detroit Electric has moved to the "memory lane" corner shop and Andy and co have been working on it.




We've managed to fix the steering column of the Velie Touring Car and are plugging away little by little on the project.

The Steam Tractor is also progressing fast enough that we are fairly certain that we'll make the Fourth of July parade deadline we set for ourselves.

The old movie theater sign has been primed and is ready for paint. It will either be black or the green that it was when we first got it (when striping the paint off we found out that it has been just about every color under the sun). We've also gotten permission to start on the foundation for the sign out front - we haven't poured the concrete yet but now the county says we can.

We've also gotten several awards/milestones in the past few weeks too.

The people voted and WAAAM won the best cultural display of the Columbia River Gorge for the Oregonian. 

We hit 2007 followers on Facebook.

Last but certainly not least we won Tripadvisor's 2014 Certificate of Excellence. Only the top 10% of people on trip advisor get this award. It is all thanks to visitors rating the museum well and loving our outstanding volunteers and collection.

Next on the list:

June Model T Driving School  is full! (thankyou!) There is space to schedule your "Driving School" for July or August Class.


WAAAM Camp is June 23-26


The TrafficJam Car Show and Swap Meet just a month away!  on the Second Saturday of July 


We are gearing up for the Annual Hood River Fly-in on September 6 and 7

Issue 6, 2014
 "A very delightful trip full of beauty and memories."

June 14
Second Saturday
Gliders - 
The World of Silent Flight 
June 21
Model T Driving School 

June 23 - 26

Intro to Aviation for Kids
July 11 
Friday Night Cruise
-a part of the  
WAAAM Traffic Jam

July 12
Second Saturday
The WAAAM Traffic Jam -
a Car Show  
July 12  
Swap Meet
Auto and Airplane Stuff

July 12
Twin Tunnels Tour
Old cars and the Historic Hwy 30
July 19
Model T Driving School
August 9
Second Saturday 
Motorcycles -
Life on Two Wheels
August 16
Model T Driving School


September  5
Pilot Night -
 part of the Hood River Fly-in


September  6 & 7
Annual Hood River Fly-in
Hundreds of planes 
come & go


September 13
Second Saturday 
Steam Cars, Tractors along with Hit & Miss Engines
September 13 
 International Model A Day
October 11
Second Saturday The Teens: Cars & Planes.  
( Dress the part! Wear your Clothes & Costumes that represent the 19Teens)


November  8
Second Saturday
Honoring the Uniform-
Military, Fire, Police, Volunteer etc.
Join us and wear yours


December 13
Second Saturday 
Vintage Bicycles 


Second Saturday


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Traffic Jam & Swap Meet Planning Meeting 


Heads up folks... we are coming into the home stretch for the 3rd Annual Traffic Jam. 

We only have a few meetings left to pull it all together (and it IS coming together thanks to all your help!)

All meetings will be held at 3pm in the upstairs conference room.
The remaining dates are as follows:
June 14th (Second Saturday) and June 28th

That's it! Then it is the EVENT...
July 11th and 12th

I will be working with Stephanie this weekend to get the overall volunteer signup sheets pulled together so all members that want to help out on the days of the event will have an opportunity to sign up for specific volunteer slots. 

If you have any info that you think would be helpful before the next meeting please reply to this email and post the info to me as soon as you can. 

Keep up the good work and we will hope to see you at the last two meetings to put the bow on this package.





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