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April 2014 Newsletter
 Second Saturday - Show Your Chevy
Photography by Nicholas, Hood River, OR Copyright
  "See the USA in your Chevrolet"


1918    Chevrolet    Model 490 Touring Car    

1921    Chevrolet    Model 490 Touring Car        

1927    Chevrolet    "Outlaw" Dirt Track Racer       
1928    Chevrolet    Roadster       
1931    Chevrolet    2-door Sedan       
1937    Chevrolet    Master Deluxe      
1941    Chevrolet    Coupe   
1942    Chevrolet    Town Sedan
1953    Chevrolet    Tank Truck  Model 6400
1956    Chevrolet    Bel Air 2-door Hardtop     
1957    Chevrolet    Bel Air 2-door Hardtop   
1957    Chevrolet    Cameo Pickup Truck   
1957    Chevrolet    Corvette
1957    Chevrolet    Nomad Station Wagon    Red 
1964    Chevrolet    Bel Air 

Yours?: Bring them over!  Old, Restored, Original or Brand New

(During last years April - Second Saturday we had a "Studebaker Day" and 25 great historic Studebakers made their way to the back lawn of WAAAM. Come on Chevy Owners, you can top that... Show Off Your Chevy and join in the day honoring your favorite ride!)

Did you know there are more than 600 songs that have Chevy  mentions? Check out  this Pandora Radio station playing the Top 100 songs mentioning the brand. Among them are "American Pie"

by Don McLean, "Crocodile Rock" by Elton John, "Little Red Corvette" by Prince and "Tim McGraw" by Taylor Swift.




9                 Museum opens 

10-2           "Show Off Your Chevy" Museum Action:
                    things will  be flying and driving! Join us.

11-1:00       Lunch is Served - Hot off the Grill


1:00            "Steam Tractor in the Shop" Tour-
                    Making Progress       

3                 Traffic Jam Car Show Planning Meeting

5                 Museum closes - See you again soon!


As each "Second Saturday" comes around we are excited to share our transportation history with you. 
Come out and see what takes flight and what takes a spin around the yard!
**May 10th **
  Second Saturday : Military, Mash and the Korean War

A letter to WAAAM 
 This museum reaches far & gives so much
"Hello Donna,  My name is Meg Godlewski. I am a reporter with General Aviation News and a CFI working at Safety in Motion at Pierce County-Thun Field. About a year back we sent our Cub down to WAAAM for one of your events and it came back with a giant white toy stuffed tiger in it as some sort of prize. 
The Tiger lived in our hangar for a year, then was given to my niece Sophie to help her cope with her painful medical condition, Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Sophie is 7 years old. RA is a very painful condition that requires her to go to a hospital every 10 weeks for a long and painful infusion treatment. It is so painful and scary that she tries to get out of the car on the freeway when she realizes where she is going. 
 "Sumatra" the tigress is Princess Sophie's protector. She hugs the tiger during the treatments and it seems to make it go a little bit easier.
Anyway, I thought you'd like to know how the WAAAM tiger is helping a sick little girl."
Do you know where this tiger came from? It was not given from the museum so it came from you, the supporters, visitors and believers of WAAAM. Thank you for doing something special who ever you are. You help make WAAAM wonderful!   
How Would You Clean It? 
Steam Tractor Water Tank Cleaning
"Some video I took of the Altman Taylor steam tractor water tank cleaning for repair and resealing. This is a 90+ gallon fresh water tank. It's on the tractor to replace the water as steam is produced. The tank was full of rust and scale.  I had read on line that this trick of tumbling tanks with it filed with rocks and gravel is a good method and it works." says Joe Breniser, Steam Team Volunteer     
 See more pictures March 12th photos on
     (No Facebook account needed )      
The $10 PayPal Button! Donate to the Steam Tractor Project
Just $10 makes a huge difference. Please help  the  Steam Team Volunteers meet their goal of driving the 
1911 Altman - Taylor during the this years 4th of July Parade in Hood River.

The Steam Traction Tractor had been a mainstay in the Hood River Fourth of July Parade for many generations of Columbia Gorge residents.  Its last appearance in the parade was around 1980. Volunteers have been working on the tractor since Summer 2013.
So far WAAAM has raised $2,400. About $2,000 more is needed to complete the project.



As a 501(c)3 non-profit museum, all cash donations to WAAAM are tax deductible. 
 Get involved with our Steam Team!
Requirements: You don't mind getting dirty, you hold a museum membership, and you have a little time.  Give us a call & join in the fun. This is a once in a life time opportunity. (How often does one get to restore a steam tractor?)
Treat yourself to a day of learning!
Sign up for  
Model-T Driving School  
Treat your kids or grandkids to a few days of learning and fun!
Sign them up for  
WAAAM Camp - Intro to aviation  
Clear Prop!
Getting ready for flight

A Week of Annuals & Assembly 
There is always a project or a dozen projects going on around here.

The black and white Swallow that will be powered by a Curtiss OX-5 water cooled V8 engine is shown here with our hard working volunteer crew hanging and rigging the wings.
It is now on display in M1. 
Along with the Swallow project, last week volunteers Ben Davidson, Bill Avolio, Mark Stanford and Doug Davee attacked the list of aircraft that will fly in the coming year.  Four of the historic planes were inspected, annualed and signed off. These inspections are required by the Federal Aviation Administration and must be completed by a certified inspector of which WAAAM is lucky to have a handful as volunteers.  
What did they work on? The L2, L3 (both are military liaison aircraft),  WACO YPF, (the beautiful dark purple bi-plane with chrome struts ) and the Buhl Pup! The Buhl Pup has a single seat cockpit, 3 cylinder, 45 hp radial engine. Find it in the M1 hangar and see it fly. This year the 3 cylinder powered aircraft will be our featured planes of the Fly-in  learn more here about our Buhl Pup  
Making Progress  
on the Marquee Restoration
The old Trail Theater marquee is getting ready for a new paint job. Hours and hours and hours of sanding to strip the layers of paint from the sign is nearly complete thanks to volunteer Don Durr who has taken on this huge project. The Hood River vintage movie theater marquee, donated last year, was moved by Durr to the restoration shop.  It is a monstrous sign and all the work has been going on outdoors. Now that spring has sprung the project in back in motion.

Director Judy Newman has a goal to have the new museum sign installed by the Annual Hood River Fly-in. That weekend marks the 7th birthday of the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum. It will be installed at the corner of Tucker Rd and Air Museum Rd: Keeping Hood River History Alive!   
WAAAM Traffic Jam & Swap Meet 
Planning Meeting       

Saturday April 12th,
3 pm at WAAAM
 (Second Saturday)
Lots of planning goes into a fundraiser like this. We are making plans and finalizing the schedule of events for our Annual Car Show and Swap Meet.

4 month countdown to SHOW TIME!  

Get your car ready to shine! 


Call or e-mail Larry or Stephanie 541-308-1600  





 Volunteers needed for the day! Email us to get scheduled for FUN.


Car Show /Swat Meet Info and Registration Click Here  

Download this flyer from the website and pass it around to others who would enjoy the show.

Even the Stanchions....
have lived a different life. As you look and admire the beautiful planes, cars and other artifacts on display at WAAAM, take note of the stanchions. The bases came were used to cut the earth behind a huge harrow in Montana, yep they were disc blades. We have just finished the process of making an additional 300 of these. Who are the folks that make this happen?  Roy & Kaylee Benjamin of Montana and Ken & Jackie Wheeler of Montana donated the disc blades, Dale Benjamin of  Valier, MT organized the donation and was on hand to load this heavy cargo in the truck. Volunteers Alan Bell and Leonard Aubert both of Hood River drove to Montana in the middle of that really really cold snap to retrieve the gift and Volunteer Bob Woolridge welded them  together while teaching Don Ferency the craft.  It's hard to believe but the  museum has absorbed all of them already! We have a big place here.  Thank you to everyone who makes things happen around here. 
How cool is this?  
A company we trust gives to  
a museum we love! 
               Click here : Amazon gives when you shop

We all shop a bit online and know and trust Amazon to deliver the goods at a price we like. The cool thing is the price is the same as you would get through the regular Amazon site BUT if you do AmazonSmile they donate to us! Use the link above and use your regular login and password and shop!

Spread the word to all you know! Anyone can use this link or search Western Antique Aeroplane and help WAAAM keep the engines running strong. 
Issue 4, 2014
April 12 
Second Saturday
Show off your Chevy
May 10
Second Saturday
Military- Mash and
The Korean War
May 17 & 18  
Pear & Wine Fest
A Rotary Club event  
June 14
Second Saturday
Gliders - 
The World of Silent Flight 
June 21
Model T Driving School 

June 23 - 26

Intro to Aviation for Kids
July 11 
Friday Night Cruise
-a part of the  
WAAAM Traffic Jam

July 12
Second Saturday
The WAAAM Traffic Jam -
a Car Show  
July 12  
Swap Meet
Auto and Airplane Stuff

July 12
Twin Tunnels Tour
Old cars and the Historic Hwy 30
July 19
Model T Driving School
August 9
Second Saturday 
Motorcycles -
Life on Two Wheels
August 16
Model T Driving School


September  5
Pilot Night -
 part of the Hood River Fly-in


September  6 & 7
Annual Hood River Fly-in
Hundreds of planes 
come & go


September 13
Second Saturday 
Steam Cars, Tractors along with Hit & Miss Engines
September 13 
 International Model A Day
October 11
Second Saturday The Teens: Cars & Planes.  
( Dress the part! Wear your Clothes & Costumes that represent the 19Teens)


November  8
Second Saturday
Honoring the Uniform-
Military, Fire, Police, Volunteer etc.
Join us and wear yours


December 13
Second Saturday 
Vintage Bicycles 


Second Saturday


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   Nicholas Bielemeier  


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(all photographs are copy write protected 




"Thank you! We had an edutaining time."

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