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 October  2013 Newsletter


October 12th  

WAAAM Presents :

We love Fire Trucks and Truck in General!


As each Second Saturday comes around we are excited to share our good transportation history with you. Come out and see what takes flight and what takes a spin around the yard!

 9-5             WAAAM is open


10-2            A Museum in Action - watch and learn.  

                  Fire Trucks -- Feel like a kid again and enjoy.

We will be pushing out a few Cars and Planes. Getting them out the doors and warmed up. Hear them run. Have fun, enjoy the day and show your support to the museum and the volunteers who keep the big wheels turning.

11-1            Lunch is served

5                Museum closes


Inside: It's all different again

25 airplanes and all the cars and motorcycles tucked under the wings has their day in the sun.

Moving and re arranging day happened Saturday, Oct. 5th and boy was it super busy as volunteers Ben Davidson the army of plane and car pusher made some major adjustment to the displays. The Boeing 40 is back and on display as well as an additional Stearman C3B telling the story of early airmail. Adjustment had to be made along with decisions of what to put in the display hangar and what to put in the holding hangar as we anxiously await the completion of the new space. Lots of pushing and pulling


** November 9th **
  Second Saturday and the Electric Vehicle 
The Shirt!
A Great Annual Tradition. 

The 2013 WAAAM/Hood River Fly-in was another rousing success! About 250 airplanes and 2500 visitors populated the fields to the south of the museum. There were visits by two (2) Lockheed 12's as well as the return (for the fifth winter) of the Boeing Model 40C accompanied by a beautiful Stearman C3, also here for the winter. There were book signings by three authors (all pilots), a parachute jump on Saturday and, of course, the public rollout of the Parker Pusher by the commemorative orange-shirted restoration crew to the tune of Project Manager Mark Stanfield's bagpipes. Seated on the pusher as it rolled out on Saturday was Torrance Parker, the son of Billy Parker, the original builder of the airplane. The restoration crew and the audience all celebrated when the third pull of the prop yielded the beautiful noise of a running Curtiss OX-5 engine. The 106 volunteers who worked the Fly-in once more impressed our visitors with their smiling faces and helpfulness. And ta-da! We made enough money to keep the lights and heat on again this winter!

 Fly-in 2013 Photo Album

A Pilot at 18
Eric Hamada, recipient of the first Callas Trust Scholarship, has earned his Private Pilot Certificate at Classic Wings Aero Services at the Ken Jernstedt Airfield/Hood River Airport. Eric has displayed a notable talent for flying by earning his wings in just six months and in the FAA minimum of 40 flight hours. His instructor was Lacey Wolf, who got a thrill of her own when they were cleared to land at PDX on one cross country flight. WAAAM congratulates Eric and wishes him well as he moves ahead.  
*Isn't this cool? Are you interested in donating to this Aviation Scholarship? Contact donna@waaameum.org for more tax deductible information. $$$ Any amount helps keep this program alive $$$. 
Clear Prop! 

The Pushers first taxi

 The Pusher Volunteer Restoration Crew - Decked out in Orange!


During the 2013 Hood River Fly-in the "Roll out of the Pusher" was a sure highlight. Assembled with thousands and thousands of man hours and after a few pulls of the propeller the OX-5 engine came to life!


Just a few weeks later:

On Thursday September 26th Genaro "Bill" Avolio climbed into the seat of the Parker Pusher for its first taxi test. Chief Pilot Ben Davidson pulled the prop through to prime the engine and, with a mighty heave, lit the fires in the eight cylinders of the 1914-era Curtiss OX-5 engine. Attended by many of the volunteers who have worked on the restoration, Bill taxied several times across the field. A photo session and celebratory pizza party followed. There's still quite a lot of work to do to finish but this test is a BIG milestone in the project. A hearty "Well Done" to the Pusher Project crew! 


Speaking of the Pusher restoration project, you may have noticed Judy looking and sounding frazzled during September's last week. We can announce that she finished and sent off the final report to the Ludwick Family Foundation which gave us the grant making it possible to do the pusher restoration. She also sent some of that information to Consolidated Coatings who donated the fabric and finish. We can't overstate how important those grants and donations have been. Thank you!




Sept 28th was International Model A Day
and we celebrated it here at WAAAM

The weather did us dirty, with the Willamette Valley's heavy rain keeping home those Model A drivers west of the Cascades, but a diehard group from Walla Walla came through with several primo Model A's.

What a great group of enthusiast!   Make your plan to join us in 2014
Raising the Roof!

    Construction proceeds apace on the expansion of Hangar M2. There's enough roof on it to reduce flooding of the floor alongside the WAAAM-SMART area. If the weather gives us much of a break at all, the rest of the roof can be laid during the first weeks of October.


Stop by to take a look at all this new space! It's... well,...big.

Thank you Ken Olsson for your newsletter contributions. 
This month happened because of you!

From the Governor

Governor Kitzhaber has proclaimed October to be Aviation Appreciation Month in Oregon. He signed the proclamation on August 22, 2013
Aviation Proclamation

Aviation makes a difference 

Ben Berry, Tuskegee Airman  


2013.1 Tuskegee Airman


Please take a few moments to remember and honor "Flaps" Berry. Mr. Berry spoke with us during our January 2013 Second Saturday.   

Our condolences go out to his family. 


died at the age of 88 on September 30, 2013   "My Dad a wonderful and fulfilling life and continued to work all the way up until his last presentation, where he was voted the best presentation of the day!" says Ben Berry son of "Flaps". A memorial will be held for him at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon on October 12, 2013 at 1:30pm.  For those wishing to join others that met and heard my father speak, we hope you can join us celebrate his life!
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A pilot at 18
The Pushers first taxi
International Model A Day
Raising the Roof
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Oct 12

Second Saturday

 Fire Prevention Month;  

Old Fire Trucks and Old Trucks in General


Nov 9

Second Saturday   

A Century of Electric Cars and Trucks


Nov 11

Veterans Day


Nov 28

Happy Thanksgiving

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Dec 14
Second Saturday
Holiday Pictures with Santa, the Grinch and the Old Cars and Airplanes. Photography by Nicholas

Dec 25th
Merry Christmas
WAAAM is closed today.


Jan 1
Happy New Year
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Jan 11
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Second Saturday

"I have never seen anything like this before!
This museum is a heartfelt treasure"

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