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 June 2013 Newsletter

Countdown to the 

WAAAM Traffic Jam-

Cruise & Car Show

Traffic Jam 2012

The 5 Week Countdown... 

Our Second Annual Car Show is next month. Join us for the Second Saturday of July. A new tradition in the Gorge.
click for  Car Show Info
Do you have a vintage vehicle to show? You are invited  to display your favorite(s) here. WAAAM loves that you are keeping old wheels turning. Bring what you drive and share your story. 


June 8th 


WAAAM Presents 

 Muscle Cars, Speedsters and ...

Our Two New Airplanes!


   Dirt Track Racer  

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines muscle cars as [1] "any of a group of American-made 2-door sports coupes with powerful engines designed for high-performance driving."[2] A large V8 engine is fitted in a 2-door, rear wheel drive, family-style mid-size or full-size car designed for four or more passengers. 


These heavy metal and powerful beasts were built to deliver a beating. The drivers were and are willing and able to burn some rubber. The American auto industry of the 60's and 70's wrapped big, heavy, loud and attitude all up in what is the Muscle Car. 

Speedsters.... the name says it all. Vintage and Speed all in one little package.

As each Second Saturday comes around we are excited to share our antiques with you. Come out and see what takes flight and what takes a spin around the yard!

Some of our favorite automobiles will be out and about today. Ever wish you could ride in an oldie? Donate a bit to keep the engines running and go for a trip back in time .

 9-5             WAAAM is open

10-2            A Museum in Action - watch and learn  

                  Muscle Cars, Speedster and our two new planes

                  (Do you have one of these? Bring yours to share. )



10               Pushing out a few Cars and Planes. Getting them

                  out the doors and warmed up. Hear them run.


10:30           *Hear our new  1929 Command-Aire powered by the

                   Curtiss OX-5. A 90 horsepower water cooled engine.

                   --The Last Flying "Bath Tub"-- 

11-1:30        Lunch is served


11:30           Restoration Shop Tour,  

                   Check on the Parker Pusher progress and view the new                    to WAAAM  TG3 WWII Glider (last one flying)  



12:30          Rev up the engines: Making some noise. 


 1:30           *Watch how to "Prop"  the plane, hear the                                  Command-Aire engine run, see it taxi  


*The Runway is under construction so we will not be flying this day


Our Volunteers invite you to share this living history. We are fixing, restoring, flying, driving, learning, teaching & keeping the past alive. 

See you there! 

** July 13th **
 It's Car Show Time! The WAAAM Traffic Jam.  
Start the day with a hearty Lions Breakfast -starting at 8 am 
Check NOTAMs for the Hood River Airport 4S2   
The Runway is closed until June 22. 

The Runway is being shifted 500 feet to the East and the taxiways are being shifted around. 
Things are a bit torn up. But will be up and going for the good flying weather! 


Exciting News 
             New to WAAAM ! Airplane #97 
(#95 has arrived too)


1929 Command-Aire
Reassembly of the  
1929 Command-Airel  
1929 Command Air  BathTub. #97

With the increasing interest in flying,and pilot  training, Command-Aire introduced the model 3C3-T in May of 1929. Carrying ATC No. 150, thirty or more of this type were manufactured and sold for $1130 in 1929. La­ter in 1930, the price was reduced to $2250. The one elongated cockpit was quite roomy for two persons 
seated tandem and was dubbed the "bath tub". 
WAAAMs 3C3-T Bath Tub is the last of its kind.  We will be flying it as soon as the airport construction opens the runway again later this month. 1929 Command-Aire 
This makes the 8th aircraft in the collection powered by the Curtiss OX-5. We think that's a record! 
WWII TG3 training Glider #95
WWII TG3 Glider
We list this out of order as it arrived out of order! About two months ago this last flying TG3 glider was purchased by WAAAM with funds donated to acquire a rare and flying aircraft. This is reported to be the last of the flying Schweizer TG3s and we plan to fly it in July after the annual inspection is completed. 
A post war altitude record was set in 1950 in this type of glider reaching 36,100 feet!
See the TG3 Fly  - Video from Eaglesville, TN
Glider Pilots Logbook WWII - one minute at a time.


It is Time to Drive.... a Model T

Learn something new and do something different this summer!

Great as a  Graduation gift, Fathers Day, or Just because. 


You are going to love learning about the life and times of a "Tin Lizzie"!



This one day class is chocked full of history, stories, maintenance, and yep, you guessed it, Driving!   -- It is different!


It is not every day you get the chance to go back in time and get hands on experience in operating an old car. That is just what you will do during our Model T Driving School.


Class space is limited to just eight students per class.


Sign up now!  


Class Dates: June 15, July 20 or Aug 17

Time: 9 am to about 3pm

Place:  WAAAM 


Lunch is included


Cost: Members $125, Non-Members $150, Active Volunteers $75

                    *You must hold a valid drivers license


Want to take the class again and drive some more?

         Members $25,  Non-Members $50, Active Volunteers $20



Call WAAAM # 541-308-1600 or Email Donna@WAAAMuseum.org 

to sign up or for more information.



June 24-27  
        Introduction to
      Aviation for Kids.

A must do for children ages 9-12

This 4 day, 3 hours a day camp is packed full of  great stuff about flying.

To Register please contact Hood River Community Education
Sign Up for Camp  Cost is $110 and includes all materials and a snack each day. Student earn a Student Pass that give them fee admission to the museum for the rest of the year when accompanied by an adult.

Build a flying glider - Perform a radio check - Learn aviation call signs- And so much more!



People related to the history at WAAAM... 

Curtiss Wright Jr

     Visitors' dad owned and restored the Jr.

    A link to their story about the Curtiss Wright Jr
Parker Pusher Progress    
by Mark Stanfield

Hello WAAAMers!

This is the second installment of "Get to know our volunteers who are rebuilding the Parker Pusher!" Without all our volunteers this project would not happen!

Bob Madsen
Bob Madsen1) When were you first introduced to aviation?
 I guess I was introduced when I went in the Air  Force. I spent 23 years AF/ANG, but not around  aircraft.  My dad was a P-38 mechanic/crew  chief in India during WWII.

2) Why did you want to volunteer on the pusher?
It sounded rewarding and I thought I had something to offer, plus I live close to the museum.

3) What do you like to do when you're not at WAAAM?
I work on my house and build churches/schools for the Lutheran Church.

Jon Borchers
John Borchers1) When were you first introduced to aviation?
 My father took me for my first ride in a Cessna  172 when I was 3 years old (1980)

 2) Why did you want to volunteer on the pusher?
 The pusher project looked like a really fun  pressure and how could anyone say no?(wish I  could get away so I can help more than I have.)

3) What do you like to do when you're not at WAAAM?
When not at WAAAM or at work, I am working with Robin Reid on maintenance and repair of aircraft in preparation for an A&P cert eventually.  I also enjoy flying the Luscombe that I own with my father and towing the glider for Aaron Webb at McMinnville.(with Pawnee not Luscombe)

Pat Ayres
Pat Ayres .Pusher 1) When were you first introduced to aviation?
My grandfather was a pilot, and I remember sitting on his lap listening to stories of past flights, flipping through airplane books, and watching him build models.  When I turned 16, he took me down to the local airport and bought me my first flight lesson.

2) Why did you want to volunteer on the pusher?
It's a very unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with the process of antique airplane restoration.

3) What do you like to do when you're not at WAAAM?
It's hard to beat a day of volunteering at WAAAM - particularly given that days starts and ends with a flight to/from Bend.  I also enjoy skiing, playing music, spending time with my family, and enjoying all the Central Oregon has to offer; most of my time, however, is spent at my eye clinic, Riverbend Eyecare, doing what I love most.
  rib stitching. pusher   parts and pieces. pusher   trial reassemble.pusher
The fabric of the tail surfaces and wings have begun and has been finished! What a crew there is sewing and ironing and applying the dope! This aircraft is taking shape again. It looked like kindling and a scrap pile but now...Voila! the pieces are going back together. Stop by on the Second Saturday of June for a Restoration Shop Tour at 11:30 to see our progress and experience history happening.

If you are interested in helping with the Parker Pusher restoration project at WAAAM please contact project coordinator Mark Stanfield at  2009mas@gmail.com

 Let's build this plane together!"    


       Follow Volunteer Dan Evans Blog about this project

Parker-Curtiss Pusher blog 


Save the Dates

Traffic Jam 2013


  Traffic Jam!    

   Car Show - July 13  


Cruise, Sock-hop, Movie-July 12 *for registered auto owners & their guest 


Join us for our Second Car Show  here at WAAAM

So much fun  


Auto & Aero Swap Meet
Scheduled at WAAAM

 August 3 & 4

Buy,  Sell  and Look - Airplanes & Automobiles - Parts & Pieces   

Good Stuff Galore.


Space Available for vehicle related items


Email Swap Meet Info for more information



Fly In 2013  




    Hood River Fly-in  

   Sept 7 & 8

    (Pilot Night Sept 6)









Issue 6 - 2013
Second Saturday -June
Pilots! Check NOTAMS
New Airplane
Model T Driving School
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Visitor Quote
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June 8

Second Saturday  

Muscle Cars, Speedsters & Airplanes that Race


June 16

Happy Father's Day

Bring dad to WAAAM


June 15

  Model T Driving School


June 24-27

WAAAM Camp  

intro to Aviation for Kids 

WAAAM Camp info 


July 12

Cruise and Movie

Registration form 


July 13

 Second Saturday

The Second Annual  

WAAAM Traffic Jam  

Car Show

Car Show Info & Registration 


July 13 

Drive through the 

Twin Tunnels

 contact Jeanette FHCRH@comcast.net 



July 20

Model T Driving School


July 27

Jackson Ride

Ride Info 


Aug 3 & 4
First Auto & Aero
Swap Meet

Aug 10

Second Saturday

Motorcycles &   

Small Utility Engines


Aug 17

Model T Driving School


Sept 7 & 8

Annual Hood River Fly-­­­In (Hundreds of Planes)


Sept 14

 Second Saturday

How to Start an Old Airplane; How to do a Pre-flight Inspection;  

Radio Control Model



Sept 28

International Model A Day


Oct 12

Second Saturday

 Fire Prevention Month;  

Old Fire Trucks and Old Trucks in General


Nov 9

Second Saturday   

A Century of Electric Cars and Trucks

Dec 14
Second Saturday
Holiday Pictures with Santa, the Grinch and the Old Cars and Airplanes. Photography by Nicholas

Boeing 40
Scheduled to Fly June 21 & 22 
Boeing 40

Stay tuned:
The Boeing 40 will be departing  for a summer  tour of the Northwest.
June 21-
        Annual & Test flight
        No time specified 
June 22 
        We do not have                 a scheduled time.

Come in the morning and watch the preparations of this one and only  aircraft fly.
"The Kids area is the best. It was hard for us to get our kids out of the sub.

Oregon Lifestyles

  A Video Tour of WAAAM
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Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum
Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum

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