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 April 2013 Newsletter


April 13 


WAAAM Presents 

 The Ever Famous Studebaker 


Studebaker buggie

From the Buggie to the Weasle to the cutting edge Avanti, American history owes much to the Studebaker Family.

On the 13th of April we
invite you to share in our love of this iconic line of transportation.

WAAAM has 8 Studebaker's (STEW-də-bay-kər) in the collection
and we will have some of these out on the lawn so bring your cameras and your questions.

                  Click here for a Timeline of the Studebaker

As each Second Saturday comes around we are excited to share our antiques with you. Come out and see what takes flight and what takes a spin around the yard!

Some of our favorite automobiles will be out and about today. Ever wish you could ride in an oldie? Donate a bit to keep the engines running and go for a trip back in time .

 9-5            WAAAM is open

10 -2          A Studebaker Saturday ! ( Bring yours to show! )

                       and a Museum in Action - watch and learn

10              Pushing out a few Cars and Planes. Getting them

                       out the doors and warmed up. Hear them run.

10:30         Cranking up an engine and flying  

11-1:30       Lunch is served

11:30          Restoration Shop Tour,  

                 See the Parker Pusher Progress  

12:30         The Studebaker Weasel. Out and about 

 1:30          Another bird takes to the air, stop by to see what it is!       


Our Volunteers invite you to share this living history. We are fixing, restoring, flying, driving, learning, teaching & keeping the past alive. 

See you there! 

** May 11th **
Military... our collection that still flies and drives.

Exciting News 
              WAAAM has received another gift. 


To get the Parker Curitss Style Pusher flying again we must restore. To restore we must rib stitch (sew with a needle and thread) new fabric on to and around the wings. Consolidated Aircraft Coatings donated this fabric and dope (dope is the coating much like paint that will weather proof the fabric) that completes the airfoil making the wing able to lift the plane into the air.  

We will be using the Poly Fiber system. 


Together with this new material grant from Consolidated Aircraft Coatings  and the Ludwick Family Foundations monetary grant, our volunteer Restoration Crew is flying high. 


Consolidated Aircraft Coatings is based at historic Flabob Airport in Riverside, CA.   Flabob is a major center of antique aircraft restoration and flying with one of the few grass runways in Southern California; see www.flabob.org.    


Consolidated manufacturers three of the major brands of fabric covering products: Ceconite, Randolph dopes, and Stits Poly Fiber. The factory was built originally by Ray Stits to support Poly Fiber, but mergers and acquisitions resulted in all products being manufactured at the Flabob plant. Consolidated has many young employees who grew up at Flabob attending our aviation high school, learning aircraft restoration and learning to fly.   Our technical support staff is manned by young mechanics and technicians who are expert at fabric covering, painting and general restoration, our goal is to pass on the skills required to restore, maintain and fly antique aircraft. The company president is a dedicated aviator who actively flies a variety of aircraft from Cubs to DC-3s. Consolidated is committed to supporting aviation museums across the world, donating products whenever possible to worthy restorations.

Polyfiber - aircraft rib stitching. 
Polyfiber - aircraft rib stitching.

                         See this great Video on Rib Stitching    


    ~And Another Gift ~ 

1940 Piper J5 Arrives 


Museum Founder Terry Brandt has treated WAAAM to another aircraft.

The Piper J-5 'Cub Cruiser' was a larger, more powerful version of the basic Piper J-3 Cub. It was designed just two years after the J-3, and differed by having a wider fuselage with the pilot sitting in the front seat and two passengers sitting in the rear seat. Though officially a three-seater, it would be more accurately described as a "two-and-a-half-seater", as two adults would find themselves quite cramped in wider rear seat!

 Equipped with a a 75-hp Continental engine the plane's cruising speed was 75 mph. . The Cruiser initially sold for $1,995.

A new face at WAAAM

STANDARD DATA: (J-5) Seats 3. Gross wt. 1,450. Empty wt. 830. Fuel capacity 25. Engine 75-hp Continental.

PERFORMANCE: Top mph 100. Cruise mph 85. Landing mph 39. Initial climb rate 450. Range 450. Ceiling 10,000.

In the Movies! 

Scout Car filmed for Lost Division

 WAAAM Helps Brings History to Life.

       A new feature film by Edward P. Davee.  

Lost Division is a dark, atmospheric, unconventional narrative that takes us through a landscape of trauma, in a haze of mystery and wonder.


Edward Davee has been filming "Lost Division" and some of the museum artifacts are flying and driving on the silver screen.
Look for L-birds, the White Scout Car and a few WWII Jeeps along with a few WAAAM Volunteers helping to get the job done.

WAAAM and the "Lost Division"


Take the Wheel

Model T Driving School


2013.1 Model T Driving School 

You are going to love learning about the life and times of a "Tin Lizzie"!


This one day class is chocked full of history, stories, maintenance, and yep, you guessed it, Driving!   -- It is different!


It is not every day you get the chance to go back in time and get hands on experience in operating an old car. That is just what you will do during our Model T Driving School.


Class space is limited to just eight students per class.


Sign up now!  This makes a great gift too.   Hint Hint :-) 


Class Dates: June 15, July 20 or Aug 17

Time: 9 am to about 3pm

Place:  WAAAM 


Lunch is included


Cost: Members $125, Non-Members $150, Active Volunteers $75

                    *You must hold a valid drivers license


Want to take the class again and drive some more?

         Members $25,  Non-Members $50, Active Volunteers $20



Call WAAAM # 541-308-1600 or Email Donna@WAAAMuseum.org 

to sign up or for more information.



Volunteering in the  
Restoration Hangar:
Meet the Men who are recreating history.....

The Parker "Curtiss Style" Pusher is progressing nicely in the WAAAM Restoration hanger thanks to several volunteers! We have now logged just under 1000 hours of time on working on this bit of history. Over the next few newsletters we will get to know these dedicated volunteers by hearing some of their life experiences and stories. 

  Clyde Kirby
1. When was you first introduced to aviation?
From an early age, in fact my first airplane ride was in a Ford Tri motor when I was 6 or 7.

2) Why did you want to volunteer on the pusher?
It seemed like something I might be able to help with that I could look at for years ahead and
realize that I had contributed a small portion of the restoration.

3) What do you like to do when you're not at WAAAM?
I like to travel some, fish and play cards.

Doug Davee
1) When were you first introduced to aviation?
1952 - A friend and I saved up our strawberry picking money and purchased a ride in a Piper Tri-Pacer. A few years later, I was a Civil Air Patrol Cadet and learned the basics of flying and spent many hours riding around in the CAP Squadron's aircraft, a L16 (Aeronca Champion) and a L5 (Stinson Sentinel).

2) Why did you want to volunteer on the pusher?
Basically, to learn new skills. And I can't wait to see this thing take off and know that I helped make it happen. What a thrill that will be!

3) What do you like to do when you're not at WAAAM?
I have recently become a Student Pilot and am studying for the Knowledge Exam.  I will begin my flight lessons in April on my 73rd birthday. I will soon begin working on restoring an old Ultralight Airplane that is sitting in my garage. Also, I spend a lot of time puttering around our acreage and harvesting, spiting, hauling and stacking firewood.

Kelley LivelyKelley Lively
1. When was I introduced to aviation?
 My Father was in the Air Force and was an instructor teaching the mechanics how to troubleshoot and maintain the auto pilot systems. He also had a private pilots license. Unfortunately he passed at a young age and was not around to expose me to it at the same depth as he was, but because of him aviation has always been in the background of my life. I guess you could say I have always watched from afar.

2. Why did I volunteer on the pusher?
  Restoration work is just something I enjoy and the opportunity to work on something as unique as the Pusher was too good to pass up. When I got into the history of the plane, I knew it was going to be amazing to be a part of getting back into the air. There are so many things in life we can't fix, but when you can take something that has seen better days and bring it back, it brings a totally unique form of satisfaction.

3. What do I like to do when I am not at WAAAM?
   My Wife and I purchased an old house just over 3 years ago that was built in 1918. It is another old thing that I am working on to bring it back to better condition. I figure it is a 10 year restoration. I have my Muscle Car in the garage that was my last project and I like to get it out on nice days and go to the local car shows. Getting around others that have the same passion and seeing what they have done is one of my favorite things to do. 

If you are interested in helping with the Parker Pusher restoration project at WAAAM please contact project coordinator Mark Stanfield at  2009mas@gmail.com

 Let's build this plane together!"    


       Follow Volunteer Dan Evans Blog about this project

Parker-Curtiss Pusher blog 


Save the Dates

Traffic Jam 2013  

Traffic Jam  Car Show July 13  

(*Cruise, Sock-hop and Movie- July 12)

Join us for our Second Car Show  here at WAAAM

So much fun  



August 3 & 4
Auto & Aero Swap Meet
Scheduled at WAAAM


Buy,  Sell  and Look - Airplanes & Automobiles - Parts & Pieces   

Good Stuff Galore.


Space Available for vehicle related items


Email Swap Meet Info for more information



WAAAM fly In Poster 2013  



Hood River Fly-in Sept 7 & 8

(Pilot Night Sept 6)


Issue 4 - 2013
Second Saturday
A Gift for WAAAM
Another Gift
Model T Driving School
Restoration Report
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Best of the Gorge- Museum

Thanks WAAAM Fans!

Best of the Gorge Award 2012
April 13
 Second Saturday
Studebakers: Alive and well.
See WAAAMs Collection and Bring yours to share.
May 11 
Second Saturday
Military Equipment.
Flying and driving the old stuff.
Bring your military artifacts to show and tell

  May 18 & 19 
Wine and Pear Fest


June 8

Second Saturday  

Muscle Cars, Speedsters & Airplanes that Race


June 15

  Model T Driving School


June 24-27

WAAAM Camp  

intro to Aviation for Kids 

WAAAM Camp info 


July 12

Cruise and Movie

Register now 


July 13

 Second Saturday

The Second Annual  

WAAAM Traffic Jam  

Car Show 


July 20

Model T Driving School


July 27

Jackson Ride

Ride Info 


Aug 3 & 4
First Auto & Aero
Swap Meet

Aug 10

Second Saturday

Motorcycles &   

Small Utility Engines


Aug 17

Model T Driving School


Sept 7 & 8

Annual Hood River Fly-­­­In (Hundreds of Planes)


Sept 14

 Second Saturday

How to Start an Old Airplane; How to do a Pre-flight Inspection;  

Radio Control Model



Oct 12

Second Saturday

 Fire Prevention Month;  

Old Fire Trucks and Old Trucks in General


Nov 9

Second Saturday   

A Century of Electric Cars and Trucks

Dec 14
Second Saturday
Holiday Pictures with Santa, the Grinch and the Old Cars and Airplanes. Photography by Nicholas

Early Navigation
Thank you
Mr. Bill!

We loved your stories and lessons of early aviation navigation! Many thanks for making us laugh and wonder and for the lessons you taught last Second Saturday - March 9th.

We will see you at WAAAM often!

As told to volunteer Connie Peters
"I have been seeing the sign along the freeway and thought what could there be in this little town, but WOW! I had no idea the collection was world class!"

Oregon Lifestyles

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