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 March 2013 Newsletter


March 9th


WAAAM Presents 

 Early Flight Navigation-

Life in the Sky before GPS


Early Navigation How do you find your way in the sky?

Now it is easy. We punch in a few numbers & letters into a GPS and voila our course is plotted. But back in the day...  

Bill Avolio is a pilot from way back. Back in the good old days of early charts and airways. You are invited as Bill puts you in the pilot seat in the 40's and 50's  describing, explaining and teaching about the 'old days' of flying and navigating.


        Learn and hear his stories on this Second Saturday of March.  

Bill will be speaking at 1pm.  

This is Aviation History --straight from the source!
Avolio is a pilot, (he even flew for General Airways who's founder was Gus Callas ... The Callas Trust has started the WAAAM Aviation Scholarship) aircraft mechanic, instructor and more. Join us on the Second Saturday of March as we keep history alive and running.



1st WAAAM Aviation Scholarship to be Awarded 

General Airways Funds Scholarship  

    1st  Scholarship Receipient 2013 Eric Hamada
Join Us in Congratulating Hood River High School Senior and WAAAM Volunteer Eric Hamada.  Eric has been chosen by the Callas Trust, WAAAM and Classic Wings Air Service for their 1st of an annual scholarship that is specifically for young aviation enthusiast. Award at 12:45  Learn more below.
                                Living History at its BEST!

Some of our favorite automobiles will be out and about today. Ever Wish you could ride in an oldie? Donate a bit to keep the engines running and go for a spin .

As each Second Saturday comes around we are excited to share some of the antiques with you. Come out and see what takes flight and what takes a spin around the yard!

 9-5            WAAAM is open

10 -2          A Museum in Action - watch and learn

10              Pushing out a few Cars and Planes. Getting them

                 out the doors and warmed up. Hear them run.

10:30         What is a WACO anyway? See two old birds fly today.   

11-1:30       Lunch is served

12:45pm    Aviation Scholarship Awarded Presented 

1               Learn about Early Flight Navigation by Bill Avolio


Our Volunteers invite you to share in this living history. We are fixing, restoring, flying, driving, learning, teaching & keeping the past alive. 

See you there! 

** April 13th : The Studebaker. Alive and well   
at the WAAAM Air and Auto Museum

Exciting News
 Callas Trust and WAAAM  
Flight Scholarship Awarded! 
Dale Harris (Lavender Valley Farms in Hood River) is the nephew of Guss and Georgette Callas and the trustee for the Callas Trust that has real Oregon aviation roots.

General Airways opened it's doors after WWII with its home base in
Portland. Callas saw a need and started operations by flying fresh vegetables to Alaska and bringing fresh fish and crabs to Portland.
"The Roseliner" has a permanent display highlighting this aviation story in the WAAAM Museum building M2. 
General Airways Funds Scholarship

Dale Harris, a retired airline pilot himself, approached WAAAM with an interest in starting a local aviation scholarship that would be awarded to a high school junior or senior with a passion for aviation and an intention to make aviation their career.

"Guss and Georgette loved everything about aviation and the business of flying and we believe passing that passion on to the next generation by helping to pay for a bit towards a pilots license is the way to go" says Harris.

The Scholarship totaling $2750 this year will most likely get a student soloed. (Solo means : able to fly a airplane by yourself!)

The Callas Trust started this project with the initial funds of $2000 and has committed to an annual $1000 toward the scholarship fund.

Flying lessons will be at the Hood River Airport and the Classic Wings Air Service FBO. Classic Wings has donated the textbooks needed  to pass the written exam a $250 value.  WAAAM has donated $500 towards the scholarship and found a local young man who volunteers at WAAAM and is taking an aviation track in his life.
Join us on March 9th at 12:45 pm as we award Eric Hamada this scholarship.

Congratulations Eric. the sky's the limit!

    ~A Great Show ~ 

Northwest Aviation Conference

 A Trade Show for those who love airplanes!

by Ken Olsson 

The annual NW Aviation Conference and Trade Show was held at the fairground in Puyallup, WA on February 23-24. WAAAM volunteers Donna and Ben Davidson, Shelley and Dan Lubbers, Mark Stanfield and Ken Olsson staffed the booth and introduced show attendees NW Aviation Show Ticket to the museum through a display of WAAAM engines from one to eight cylinders. (If you must know: Maytag Model 92, Aeronca E-107, Jacobs L-3, Lycoming O-145, Kinner R-56, Curtiss R-600 Challenger, Warner Scarab and Curtiss OX-5.) The consensus was that the offset-blade Maynard DiCesare propeller attracted the most visitor attention, by far. It seems no one who stopped by had ever seen one!

At the show we made some contacts that may develop into future Second Saturday programs. NW Aviation Confrence 2013

One Keynote Speaker was Craig Fuller, President of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association who hasn't yet found his way to Hood River. We'll keep pressing him to make the trip but given his schedule he'll probably miss Second Saturday.

A visitor to our booth was Captain Walter E. "Walt" Raby a retired pilot who flew a broad range of airplanes through his military and civilian careers. He was a pilot of Convair's enormous XC-99, a transport version of the B-36 bomber that was used for transport and for testing non-military aspects of the B-36 design. Walt also flew the BT-13, UC-78, B-25, C-46, C-47, C-124 and, as Senior Instructor Pilot, all Boeing's "Sevens" through the 767. We hope Walt finds his way to Hood River soon.



Another Day at WAAAM 

Leslie Kari and Picture of WASP mom Francis Green WASP and B17 Pistol Packen Mamas

   Brings History to Life      

On Sunday March 3rd Leslie Kari and Clay Spencer of Washington visited WAAAM for the first time. As we talked before they went in, Leslie spied her mother in the photo on a tote bag in the gift shop.

Her mother, Frances Green, had been a member of class 43-W5 of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) in WWII. The photo on the tote bag is a group of four WASP pilots in front of the B-17 "Pistol Packin' Mama" in which they'd just completed a training flight. In the photo, Frances Green is on the left. Once inside the museum Leslie again encountered her mother's name and photo at the WASP display in Hangar M2. It's another example of the days at WAAAM never being the same old routine.  


In 1944, during the graduation ceremony for the last WASP training class, the commanding general of the U.S. Army Air Forces, Henry "Hap" Arnold, said that when the program started, he wasn't sure "whether a slip of a girl could fight the controls of a B-17 in heavy weather. Now in 1944, it is on the record that women can fly as well as men," Arnold said. Ya think??!!

By Ken Olsson, WAAAM Volunteer

Take the Wheel

Model T Driving School


2013.1 Model T Driving School 

You are going to love learning about the life and times of a "Tin Lizzie"!


This one day class is chocked full of history, stories, maintenance, and yep, you guessed it, Driving!   -- It is different!


It is not every day you get the chance to go back in time and get hands on experience in operating an old car. That is just what you will do during our Model T Driving School.


Class space is limited to just eight students per class.

Sign up now!  This makes a great gift too.   Hint Hint :-) 


Class Dates: June 15, July 20 or Aug 17

Time: 9 am to about 3pm

Place:  WAAAM 


Lunch is included


Cost: Members $125, Non-Members $150, Active Volunteers $75

                    *You must hold a valid drivers license

         Want to take the class again and drive some more?

         Members $25,  Non-Members $50, Active Volunteers $20



Call WAAAM # 541-308-1600 or E mail Donna@WAAAMuseum.org 

to sign up or for more information.



Restoration Report:

The WAAAM Parker "Curtiss" style Pusher is coming along due to our dedicated volunteers!  Combined volunteers have put more than 300 hours into taking apart, sandblasting metal parts, cutting and sanding wood parts, and priming metal parts.  One volunteer, Dale Young, a local Hood River Fire Fighter, drove the OX-5 engine to Northern California where it will be rebuilt.  That was a 12 hour one way trip. 
     "I'm amazed each workday when there are 10-12
volunteers that show up to help work on this project.  Our volunteers really seem to enjoy this project and it is great to see them point out interesting parts of the project to each other and hear the discussions about the pusher.  They have taken ownership of this project, they're a great crew and I think they are enjoying getting to know each other!"  States project coordinator Mark Stanfield.
      Ben Davidson has been great at directing volunteers in the restoration hanger and training them on equipment or tasks they
have never done before.  Some volunteers who are working toward getting there A&P will be able to have their time working on the pusher count towards there A&P hour requirement.  If you are interested in volunteering to help rebuild the Pusher please email Mark Stanfield at 2009mas@gmail.com

We currently are looking for someone that can do metal work to help make two fuel tanks for the pusher.
Let's build this plane together!"    


       Follow Volunteer Dan Evans Blog about this project

Parker-Curtiss Pusher blog


David          Larry McCullanPusher wingKelley Lively     

Save the Dates

Swap Meet Scheduled at WAAAM August 3 & 4


Buy,  Sell  and Look - Airplanes & Automobiles - Parts & Pieces   

Good Stuff Galore.


Space Available for vehicle related items


Email Swap Meet Info for more information



Traffic Jam  Car Show July 13  

(Cruise July 12)




Hood River Fly-in Sept 7 & 8

(Pilot Night Sept 6)


Issue 3 - 2013
Second Saturday
Flight Scholarship
Aviation Conference
Unique Visitor
Model T Driving School
Restoration Report
Visitor Quote
Video Tour
Best of the Gorge- Museum

Thanks WAAAM Fans!

Best of the Gorge Award 2012
March 9 
Second Saturday
Early Air Navigation & Charts.
Flying the Sky's in 40's & 50's
By Bill Avolio

April 13
 Second Saturday
Studebakers: Alive and well.
See WAAAMs Collection and Bring yours to share.
May 11 
Second Saturday
Military Equipment.
Fling and driving the old stuff.
Bring your military artifacts to show and tell 

Jun 8

Second Saturday  

Muscle Cars, Speedsters & Airplanes that Race


June 15

  Model T Driving School


Jul 13

 Second Saturday

The Second Annual  

WAAAM Traffic Jam  

Car Show 


July 20

Model T Driving School


July 27

Jackson Ride


Aug 10

Second Saturday

Motorcycles &   

Smalll Utility Engines


Aug 17

Model T Driving School


Sept 7 & 8

Annual Hood River Fly-­­­In (Hundreds of Planes)


Sept 14

 Second Saturday

How to Start an Old Airplane; How to do a Pre-flight Inspection;  

Radio Control Model



Oct 12

Second Saturday

 Fire Prevention Month;  

Old Fire Trucks and Old Trucks in General


Nov 9

Second Saturday   

A Century of Electric Cars and Trucks

Dec 14
Second Saturday
Holiday Pictures with Santa, the Grinch and the Old Cars and Airplanes. Photography by Nicholas

Beauty and Duty 2.2013
Thank you
 Alice Miller for
   Beauty & Duty

Alice presented
Beauty & Duty during our Second Saturday in Feb.

She has passionately collected the uniforms and the stories of the WOMEN who wore  them from WWI to Vietnam. We laughed, learned and shed a few tears as we listened to history displayed in a new light.

Alice brought with her an entourage of ladies  who joined a few WAAAM Volunteers that proudly modeled the uniforms while Miller spun the tale of life in the military as a female.

We Learned something new thanks to Alice and this crew.

        WWII WAVE
WAVE Anita Hooper 2013  
Anita Hooper of The Dalles, OR  
shared her story of
serving in the Navy.   
"This is the Best Museum I have ever been to"
 Danny ~ age 8

Oregon Lifestyles

  A Video Tour of WAAAM
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Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum
Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum

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