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 February 2013 Newsletter


February 9th


WAAAM Presents 

Beauty & Duty 

Beauty and Duty   

For more than 100 years women have served the military along with their male counterpart to aide in the protection of our great nation and to help others in need.  

Alice Miller has collected over 140 uniforms and tells the story of the women who proudly wore them.  

As a collector, historian and storyteller, Alice will display and model many of these unique portals to the past while she refreshes what you know about history and teaches you something new.

You will not want to miss this presentation of women's authentic military uniforms from World War I to Vietnam and how women, fashion and uniforms have changed over time.

Living History at its BEST!

Meet WWII WASP PILOT Ana Flynn Monkiewicz. As a young woman she flew trainer & fighter planes delivering them to the men! 
project has begun! Restoration Shop Tour at 11:30
            Meet the team involved in getting this plane flying again 
2013.1 Pusher goes to Restoration 
This is a museum volunteer project. Are you interested in early flight, history, research and restoration? We are accepting volunteers on this project. Contact Volunteer Project Manager - Mark Stanfield
Riding in a Rumble Seat. I bet that is on your bucket list! Right? Well now is your chance to take a spin with a WAAAM Volunteer in one of our antique rigs.
As each Second Saturday comes around we are excited to share some of the antiques with you. Come out and see what takes flight and what takes a spin around the yard!

 9am          WAAAM opens

10 -2           A Museum in Action - watch and learn

10               Women's Uniform display opens

10               Pushing out a few Cars and Planes. Getting them

                  out the doors and warmed up. Hear them run.

10:30          Radial Roars: Flying the 1932 WACO YPF-6

11-1            Chat with Uniform Collector Alice Miller

11:30          Restoration Shop Tour - See the "Pusher Project" 

                               Talk with the Restoration Team 

11-1:30        Lunch is served

1 PM          Speaker, Storyteller, Collector - Alice Miller


Our Volunteers invite you to share in this living history. We are fixing, restoring, flying, driving, learning, teaching & keeping the past alive. 

See you there! 

** March 9th : Navigation the Old Way  
at the WAAAM Air and Auto Museum 

2nd Annual WAAAM Traffic Jam


Planning Day -Feb 16th 3pm    


Like Car Shows? Like WAAAM? Two great ideas in one place.We need you help making this a "got to go to show". We started the tradition last fall and are ready to do it again in 2013


This years WAAAM Traffic Jam will be the Second Saturday of July
 We will have a Friday Night Cruise & Drive In Movie then ...
Saturday Car Show.


Meet me at the museum to get involved with a great car show.      Planning Day- Feb. 16th - 3pm at WAAAM


Contact Donna or just stop by!  

Donna@waaamusuem.org or call WAAAM  541-308-1600

     See you at the  

Northwest Aviation Conference

 Feb 23rd and 24th


WAAAM will have a world class display of Aircraft Engines featured at this years Trade Show and Expo.

We have been invited to " bring some more cool stuff" and highlight the extensive museum collection.


NW aviation conference  


 See  some  of our 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,and 8 cylinder engines. Talk with our chief pilot. Visit with our great Volunteers. See you there.

                                This is some cool stuff! 


Click here for the schedule of events, keynote speakers and more



Restoration Report:
Parker - Curtiss Pusher
to Fly Again!
Deconstructing History & Rebuilding a Parker Pusher future. 
by Mark Stanfield

When Donna mentioned they were looking for a volunteer project manager to help restore an old Parker "Curtiss" Style Pusher I immediately wanted to say "Let me try, I've been wanting to get more involved!" but I wanted to think about it before I volunteered as I don't know anything about restoring a plane. So here are the five items that what went into my decision to say "YES, Let's build this plane together!"NR8Y Old Short Wing Pusher  
1) WAAAM is super cool! I really enjoy walking through the museum and looking at the colors of the planes and cars and learning about them and watching them "come alive" on Second Saturdays, and love the Fly-Inn! 
2) The amazing volunteers! All these volunteers have an interesting story to tell and are genuine people who really care for one another. And it has been no different working on the pusher project. Our first work day 12 volunteers basically deconstructed the entire plane in a day! We had a blast, worked hard, laughed and learned, told stories and got lots of progress. They are really taking an ownership in the project as volunteers like Kelley Lively and Dan Evans have been doing research and bringing in pictures and sketches and putting lots of there own time on the project. I'm enjoying working and getting to know these volunteers. Sorry I can't mention all the volunteers right now, but I will make sure everyone is appropriately recognized. 
3) The Ludwig Family Foundation Grant! The project has money! And the mission of this grant is to educate our volunteers on how to restore airplanes! FANTASTIC! 
4) We have access to smart and fun IA's and A&Ps that can teach us volunteers what needs done like Bill Avolio, Jakonah Bell, Ben Davidson, Tom Murphy, and Ron Wilkins. I'm learning so much talking with these guys! 
5) An excellent administrative core who are so positive: Donna Davidson, Judy Newman, Ken Olsson. These three have been great, and have done their best to get us what ever we need!

So five big positives, my only down side is I still have a full time job that gets in the way of all this fun. I've really enjoyed the WAAAM family as 17 months ago I moved to beautiful Hood River from Kansas and WAAAM was one of the first places I visited the first couple of days I was here. I remember walking into the door and Judy with her great welcoming smile saying "Are you a pilot?" No I said, but I've always loved going to airshows. "Do you want to be a pilot?" she asked. Yes, I said. Then she directed me pointing, "Well go across the runway there, sign up for your first lesson, and then come back and check out our museum." I did what she said, signed up for my first lesson, came back checked out the museum, bought a membership and signed up to be a volunteer, and oh yeah I got my private pilot license in 6 months."  
So please, come join our team, we'll all learn together and have fun doing building this pusher for many to enjoy in the future.
email me - Pusher Project    

 Follow Volunteer Dan Evans Blog about this project

Parker-Curtiss Pusher blog



Pusher  OX5 engine coms off. Avilio           volunteer pusher 2 Volunteer Parker Pusher1

     -Sign Up Now - 

Model T Driving School

 Our Third Year of Teaching You to Drive a Planetary Transmission  


2013.1 Model T Driving School 

You are going to love learning about the life and times of a "Tin Lizzie"!


This one day class is chocked full of history, stories, maintenance, and yep, you guessed it, Driving!   -- It is different!


It is not every day you get the chance to go back in time and get hands on experience in operating an old car. That is just what you will do during our Model T Driving School.


Class space is limited to just eight students per class.

Sign up now!  This makes a great gift too.   Hint Hint :-) 


Class Dates: June 15, July 20 or Aug 17

Time: 9 am to about 3pm

Place:  WAAAM 


Lunch is included


Cost: Members $125, Non-Members $150, Active Volunteers $75

                    *You must hold a valid drivers license

         Want to take the class again and drive some more?

         Members $25,  Non-Members $50, Active Volunteers $20



Call WAAAM # 541-308-1600 or E mail Donna@WAAAMuseum.org 

to sign up or for more information.



               March 9th, 2013 
                                   WAAAM presents  
 Early Air Navigation
- Life Before the GPS
Early Navigation

Bill Avilio puts you in the pilot seat in the 40's and 50's as he discribes, explains and teaches about the 'old days' of flying and navigating.
Aviation History --straight from the source!
Avilio is a pilot, aircraft mechanic, instructor and more. Join us on the Second Saturday of March as we keep history alive and running.

Issue 2- 2013
Second Saturday
Car Show
WAAAM is Traveling
Restoration Report
Model T Driving School
Beauty & Duty
Visitor Quote
February 9

"Beauty and Duty"
Women & Military Fashion
History & Fashion!
March 9 
Early Air Navigation & Charts.
Flying the Sky's in the 1950 By Bill Avolio

April 13 
Studebakers: Alive and well.
May 11
 Military Equipment

Jun 8

Muscle Cars, Speedsters & Airplanes that Race


June 15

  Model T Driving School


Jul 13

 The Second Annual WAAAM Traffic Jam


July 20

Model T Driving School


July 27

Jackson Ride


Aug 10

Motorcycles & Smalll / Utility Engines


Aug 17

Model T Driving School


Sept 7 & 8

Annual Hood River Fly-­­­In (Hundreds of Planes)


Sept 14

 How to Start an Old Airplane; How to do a Pre-flight Inspection; Radio Control Model Demonstration


Oct 12

Fire Prevention Month; Fire Trucks and Trucks in General


Nov 9

A Century of Electric Cars and Trucks

Dec 14
Holiday Pictures with Santa, the Grinch and the Old Cars and Airplanes. Photography by Nicholas

Thank you
 Ben "Flaps"  Berry
Many Thanks to Ben "Flaps" Berry for taking the time to tell us your story of training with the Tuskegee Airmen on during our January Second Saturday.

Fish is doing it again!

The Kid Car heads off for a new look.

Gary Fisher is leading a group of High School Student in fixing up the Kid Car.  Stay tuned for updates.
Fisher in the kid car   
"You touched my heart and reminded me of so many things. Great job"


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