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November  2012  Newsletter

Director's Update


Judy Newman

Judy Newman

Museum Director

The 1st Annual WAAAM Traffic Jam was a success! Thanks to all who volunteered, sponsored, vendored and to YOU who arrived with your antique and classic vehicles ready to show and share with the other visitors and supporters of WAAAM.  Our Volunteer Chairman Glenn Whitcomb of the Tri-Cities did a bang up job. Thank you Glenn!  


On Octobers Second Saturday, 100 autos showed on the back lawn, which brought in more than 700 visitors for the day to the museum. Friday evening we cruised the "gut" in Hood River with 51 historic cars and that evening American Graffiti was shown while the Lions Club fed the crowd. This event along with the Annual Hood River Fly-In raised over $31,000 for the museum. Thank you. This is a wonderful museum because of your interest and support.  


We are ready to share, show and shine again in 2013.  



Great News! We are so excited to share this news with you.
WAAAM has been awarded a
Ludwick Family Foundation grant.

Founded in 1990 by Arthur and Sarah Ludwick, the Ludwick Family Foundation is a philanthropic organization committed to assisting a broad array of groups that are working to make a positive difference in the world.   


 Ludwick Family Foundation 

The grant of $54,000 is for the restoration of our early Curtiss Pusher style aircraft to flying condition.   

The project will allow a group of  volunteers to work alongside a restoration team and learn the skills required to restore early aircraft. We have much to do and  much to learn.

Do you have an interest in being involved with this project? Contact Donna Davidson to get your name on the list.

# 541-308-1600 or donna@waaamuseum.org 

pusher This aircraft has enjoyed a storied career. It has been owned by Billy Parker (test and stunt pilot), and   Paul Mantz  (stunt pilot -Flight of the Phoenix and technical adviser to Amelia Earhart)


We expect to have this restoration completed in one year. Thank you to all who have stuffed dollars in the jar to keep this project alive. With your continued support and help and the new grant monies from the Ludwick Family Foundation we will see this aircraft fly again!



We have new additions to the collection both as donation and artifacts on loan. See the Fly By news and Car Corner notes.




Will you join us for Novembers Second Saturday? See what we have planned.




                   WAAAM is wonderful because you care.  


Clear skies to you all,

Judy Newman 

Yep - We Have a Tug Boat!
WAAAM has just taken delivery of a 1953 Nichols Boatworks Tug.
In a trade for wings,  fuselages and things the museum has brought home to Hood River a tug built here on the banks of the Columbia River nearly 60 years ago.  


Tug BoatSee the little tug currently on display in front of the museum and we will tow it in the Hood River Holiday Parade November 30 so please give us a shout when you see us float by.


The Tug was restored by Dennis Nichols (Nichols Boatworks family) of Kenniwick, WA to operating condition and Dennis say he will help us launch whenever we are ready!    

  FlyBy News


Added to the list:


Luscombe sedan
 Two men and a fork lift...Putting on the wings 

1948 Luscombe 11A Sedan
made 91 of these all metal skin, seats four. Continental E165 which produces 165 HP.

The Sedan was designed to the specification provided by the Flying Farmers of America as combined family/ business aircraft  


Named "Smilin Jack"  for Jack Kahle the man who donated and restored this craft. It has not flown since 1971. We plan to have it flying in the future but  will have it on display as we do the maintenance.  



1987 Jodel F12 was donated by Bill Sjoberg of the Cougar Mt Airpark. This all wood home built airplane (built by Sjoberg) copies the plans needed for  French  requirements for aeroclub trainers. 

Jodel combines the names of the designers Joly and Delemontez


For sale:

1966 Piper Aztec Turbocharged $68K - The funds from this sale will go into the new museum expansion fund. Donated by Warren and Bernice Bean. Want more info ? Contact Ben Davidson 

ANKS for these gifts. 



 November 10 

Q & A with daredevil and restoration specialist Tom Murphy 


We know you have questions for this man.
Tom Murphy piloted the Curtiss Pusher off the rooftop of the Multnomah Hotel (now the Embassy Suites) in downtown Portland... the year 1995. This was the second time such a flight was preformed, the first was in 1912. Now 100 years ago!

Murphy is also a master craftsman in aircraft restoration.The passion he has for aviation is something you must hear. On this Second Saturday not only will he share his experiences of the "Flight off the Roof" but also his time spent on the 1917 Jenny here at WAAAM as well as the currently under restoration and one of a kind Model 70.

Join us in talking with Tom 11:00am- Flight off the Rooftop
                                         1:00pm- Aircraft Restorations

Our plans to fly and drive this Second Saturday include the 80 year old WACO UBF a beautiful biplane and the 75 year old super rare Piper J3-P with the three cylinder radial engine that produces a roaring 50 horsepower.       
                                        10:30am- Waco UBF goes for a flight
                                        12:00pm-  Piper J3P push out & launch

Model T Build Up Challenge! See this Volunteer Team whip together a Model T.... in just minutes. The WAAAM Traffic Jam Build Up Challenge visitors were the first to see our Dream Team turn a pile of parts into a running auto.

                                          12:30pm Model T Build Up Challenge



   Our Volunteers invite you to share in this living history.

Restoring, fixing, flying, driving. Keeping the past alive.

 Museum open 9-5

Second Saturday special events  10-2

Lunch is served  in Hangar M2  from  11-1:30

See you there! 

Mark your calendar for Decembers Second Saturday: 2nd Annual Pictures with Santa , the Grinch or by yourself in a beautiful auto. 



Car Corner   


New to WAAAM in the last month are.... drum roll please.....  


Jackson 1912 Model 28 1912 Jackson Model 28 : The Jackson arrived at WAAAM the day before our first car Show. What a gem. Who knew there was an automobile call a Jackson? Not Me. So there is lots to learn. On loan from Damon Mitchell 



22 speedster w mercury body 1922 Model T Speedster w/ a rare Mercury Body on loan from the Jack Wolfe Family 





1948 Ford Convertible 1948 Ford Super Deluxe 8 Convertible on loan from Rudolf Zvarich. This car is a National Award Winner  




Diamond T 1949 Diamond T Flatbed Truck

The Catalac 

On loan from Susan Letson & Dallas Letson Walls   




  1926 International Bread Truck

1926 International Model SPD 3/4 Ton  Bread Truck On loan from Larry Hull  

Looking at this one will make you hungry... with a couple of dozen loafs of bread inside! 




We love this!  Follow this link 

Issue 11 - 2012
Director Update
Tug Boat
Second Saturday
Car Corner
Visitor Quote

November  10th 
Second Saturday:
Dare Devil Tom Murphy Speaks of:
Flight off hotel roof,
Restoring the Jenny
and the Model 70
See the Model T Build Up Challenge!

November 22nd
Happy Thanksgiving
WAAAM is Closed today.
Our dedicated volunteers will be spending the day with their families   

December 8th 
Second Saturday:
Holiday Pictures with Cars and Planes, Santa and the Grinch. Photography by Nicholas.

December 25th
Happy Holidays 
WAAAM is closed today.

Our dedicated volunteers will be spending the day with their families


January 1st 
Happy New Year! WAAAM is closed today. see you on the 2nd.

January 12 
Second Saturday
Tuskegee Airman Ben
" Flaps' Berry Speaks
Help us honor this man and his service to our country
Tuskegee Airman

Second Saturday will continue all year. Stay tuned. 

"The museum is wonderful, every piece down to the smallest little items in staging. It is brilliantly done."

Winifred " Missy" Haddad

( Missy is writing a book about the Model T and interviewed Volunteer Gene Wright here at WAAAM)

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