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January 2010 - Museum Newsletter
WAAAM Receives
 a Google Grant!
Breaking News!  WAAAM is pleased to announced that we have been awarded a grant from Google that will help promote awareness of the Museum and our mission throughout the western United States.  This grant will provide thousands of dollars worth of online promotion to help WAAAM reach interested automobile, airplane and history fans.  We are thrilled and honored to receive this grant and are very excited about working with the Google Grants team.  Watch for an upcoming press release and more info in the coming months (once the grant has been fully activated.) Thank you Google for supporting orgainzations like WAAAM.
Official Notice:
The Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum (WAAAM) is a recipient of a Google Grants award.

The Google Grants program supports organizations sharing Google's philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy, and the arts.

Designed for registered non-profit organizations, Google Grants is a unique in-kind advertising program that harnesses the power of Google AdWords, Google's flagship advertising product. Google Grants has awarded free AdWords advertising to thousands of non-profit groups whose missions range from animal welfare to literacy, from supporting homeless children to promoting HIV education.
Did you know?  This grant was found by WAAAM members, if you know of other organizations that offer grants or in-kind grants to non-profits like WAAAM, please let us know. Email: Info@waaamuseum.org
 Volunteer Spotlight
 WAAAM Volunteers Dave & Marilyn Elkins
Dave and Marilyn Elkins
We asked Dave and Marilyn:
"Do you have anything displayed at the Museum?"

With a smile and a gleam in their eyes,  the answer is "Yes...a few."
  • 1930 Model A Sports Coupe - frame off restored   
  • 1950 Mercury Club Coupe - original un-restored
  • 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible- rare E-Code restored   
  • 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe- Fuel Injected - restored
  • 1966 Ford MKIII Superformance Cobra Roadster - fast
  • 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe -16,000 miles- original un-restored
  • 1996 Harley Davidson Motorcycle - Turbo Charged Softail
Wow! It's no wonder this couple is in love with WAAAM.
"It is unbelievably awesome," says David who volunteers with his marketing skills, during the fly-in, at the front desk and roaming the museum answering questions that the visitors may have.
Marilyn pulls duty at the front desk where she "enjoys greeting visitors and giving them a synopsis of what we are all about." she also has a knack at keeping the gift shop inventory in check. Of course... she works at the Annual Hood River Fly-in too.  
The Elkins, who are WAAAM Founding Members, reside just outside of Lyle, Washington with their two German Shepherd dogs.  They have been married for just 3 years and enjoy the outdoors with gardening, bicycling, hiking, scuba diving and road trips. Kareoke is a favored activity. Marilyn loves to sew.  (She had her own sewing business for 20 years).  She also has a year-round greenhouse and a regular organic garden in the summer,  is a member of the Lyle Pretenders Theater Company and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity.   David loves to collect and restore cars.  He is on the board of Skyline Hospital, the board of a local winery, the board of Habitat for Humanity and a member of the Lyle Pretenders Theater Company. Between these two they have one son, three daughters and 6 grandchildren.
When asked what they like best about being involved with WAAAM, Marilyn answered, "All of the friendly people that work there - they make you feel welcome as part of the organization." Dave's favorite part?  "The newly developed friendships, the opening of the new hanger and the ride in one of the L-Birds... I couldn't think of just one."
Thank you Dave & Marilyn, you help make WAAAM wonderful!

There's something fishy going on at WAAAM. 

 The Luhr-Jensen Exhibit.
FishingWAAAM has the honor to display the history of  "Luhr-Jensen" insuring there really is something for everyone at the lively WAAAM.

"Luhr-Jensen, a company known world-wide for its quality fishing lures and accessories, had its start in an unused chicken coop on a depression-ridden fruit ranch in the upper Hood River Valley of Oregon. It began in 1932.  Luhr Jensen Sr. was 41 years old and the grip of the Great Depression had strained the ability of his family's fruit growing business to support them.  With time on his hands and a manually-operated printing press, for which Luhr had dies made from old truck parts, the skilled angler began stamping, assembling and polishing meticulously crafted salmon spinners." - quoted from the Lurh-Jensen web site.

Luhr Jensen's sons, Dave and Phil Jensen, have put this exhibit on loan to WAAAM and if you are there on the right morning you may just get to ask these men a few questions about their dad and the company. (After they've had their coffee of course.)
2009 DVD-jan2010

*Now Available*

 2009 Fly-In DVD  
Dear WAAAM Supporters,
A master copy of the 2009 3rd Annual WAAAM Fly-In DVD has been provided to WAAAM director Judy Newman.  This DVD contains 107 minutes of video and pictures, in 12 chapters.  Each chapter is playable individually.
If you would like a copy of the DVD, you can ask have one made for you.  Copies have to made one at a time, and are hand labeled, so turnaround time varies.   Email  judy@waaamuseum.org. 
Next time you're at WAAAM donate a couple of dollars toward the cost.  You can also see this production :WAAAM on YouTube 
Roy Pettit,
Around WAAAMCome on in and sit for a spell
Jeremy Young/volunteer in Afganistan     WAAAM Sign installed 
(Left) Jeremy Young - WAAAM volunteer in Afghanistan
(Center) Volunteers install 4ft letters donated by OMC / Yuba City, CA
(Right) Warm new seating area near WAAAM gift shop
 Volunteer this year, it feels great!
Issue 1 - 2010
In This Issue
Google Grant
Volunteer Spotlight
New Exhibit
Restoration Hanger Report
A Friend...
  Restoration Hanger
 Tom Murphy, WAAAM's Director of Aircraft Restorations, has been keeping the volunteers in the hanger very busy.
The latest releases from the shop include the completion of the paint and reassembly of the Waco Strait Wing donated by Mike and Linda Strong. It's red and green fuselage with silver wings made it just in time for the Christmas Holidays. Hope
 you got some pictures of the grandchildren
 in from of it!. Linda and Mike were by and approved of the new look.
 Just prior to the completion of the above Waco, a trip was made by Brian  and me to Broadhead, WI to pick up a very rare Waco DSO. It is another Straight Wing that has a 180 hp. Hisso engine and will virtually
hang on the prop. This is a very special bird from the Dennis Trone estate that was purchased by WAAAM with the help of many generous donations. Our airline/Uhaul trip was a fast one from Wed. to Sat. Meeting and dealing with Elizabeth Trone was the high lite of the whole trip. She is such a wonderful and knowledgeable person.
 The Fleet 2 is also getting a new look. Relocation of the 60's era registration
numbers on the fuselage sides to the upper and lower wings in addition to a Fleet logo on the rudder are among the challenges.
The long awaited restoration of the one and only Stearman Model 70 has finally commenced. It is the grandaddy of all the Stearman Kaydets seen flying today!  I forgot how much work I did on the fuselage in the early 80s when Terry first acquired it. I'm glad that much is behind me. I'm looking forward to continuing this project with a lot of volunteer help. Our best guess is about a year if we can keep at least one person on it consistently.
 Sign up to help on this very special aircraft!
Happy New Year,
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Visitors Quote
"This is a great collection, let's hope the word gets out and the public will visit more.   A real treasure of Love & Interest."      
Featured Article 
Donated Rare Locomobile 
A Friend ....
Our Friend and Supporter 
Wes Lematta
has passed way.
Wes founded Columbia Helicopters of Aurora,OR 
in 1957.  Giving helicopter rides at county fairs on weekends led to becoming a world-wide leader in commercial helicopter aviation. 
Wes fell in love with WAAAM about a
year ago.  Shortly after that he donated his rare 1923 LOCOMOBILE   and is a major contributor that helped WAAAM  purchase the rare C3B Stearman Aircraft.
Our hearts go out the  Lematta Family.
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