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November 2009 - Museum Newsletter
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New Arrivals

At WAAAM, things really are happening.
Founder still volunteersJust this last month, 6 airplane  and 2 automobiles have been added to the collection. Some been purchased with funds raised by donations, and some have been donated. Others are on loan.
You must see the :
      '41 Tayorcraft BC-12       (airplane)
      '53  Piper Pacer               (airplane)
             PT 19                          (airplane)
      '29  Curtis Robin               (airplane)
      '29  WACO                       (airplane)
      '46  Luscome                    (airplane)
      '17  Stanley Steamer       (car)
      '1 1 Overland                     (car)

Piper 140 project        (airplane, sold to raise money for the Waco DSO)
Piper Pacer project    (airplane ,sold to raise money for the Waco DSO)
If our collection consisted of only the above, it would still be a great museum but we have over 160 planes,, cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors etc
There is something new for the little ones too. A new motorcycle to sit on. Please let us know if you enjoy the ride.
Photo is of Founder Terry Brandt helping to retireve the Pacer project donated to the museum. Yep, Terry is still volunteering.
 Volunteer Spotlight
 WAAAM Security? Joan 2009
Introducing Joan Benedict
Joan is a simply a gem to WAAAM.
Always a smile and willing to help where ever she is needed.Currently, she is manning the front desk and helping on the sign and labeling project for the displays.. Now, that
is 60 plus aircraft, more than 90 automobiles, 6 motorcycles and 6 military vehicles. That is a huge effort! Thank you  to Joan and to all that are helping..
Joan has on loan at the museum, her fathers                      Joan & TommyGun
memorabilia of his service in WWll.  He started his 
carrier as a Tail gunner in a B-17. Please spend a bit 
of time and learn about this father, husband,              
friend and soldier who gave so much to help secure our way of life (located in a glass case in M2)
What is my favorite at WAAAM you ask? Why all of the planes in one place of course". So I guess that answers my next question " Planes or Cars?"
Married to Mike for 38 years, she is a resident for the Hood River Valley (Odell) and they have a daughter. You might also see Joan Sailing, Knitting and Spinning and is active in the Odell garden club.This is one busy lady.
Thank you Joan, YOU help make WAAAM wonderful!
WAAAM's got Pictures
 So much is happening at the museum.
Check out these photo albums
Picture Gallery- WAAAM Events 
It is Fun Here and Boy Could We Use Your Help
WAAAM is in need of volunteers with these talents:
*Newsletter editor
*Network administrator
*Graphic artist 
*Special Events help
*Library set up
*yep,...we need you. We sure could use your help!
If you do it, we can use your talents.
Call 541-308-1600 or click to email  I can help
Keeping the Dream Alive:
This museum is kept alive by volunteers and donations from people like you who want to preserve the past for future generations.  Your donation (of any amount) will help assure that the amazing collections at WAAAM stay
intact for future generations to enjoy.
Donate Today using PayPal. It is so easy.  
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L-Birds will fly  to honor veterans.

Gifts to WAAAM
Over $ 700. was bestowed upon our wonderful musuem by friends of Michael Fritz. Michael, who  passed
away recently was a part of WAAAM from the begining.
The numerous cash gifts were given in 
his memory. 
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