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October 2009 - Museum Newsletter
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The Hood River Fly-In 

Great weather & tons of fun made three days of fly in fun.. fly by fast
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Another year of fabulous weather, meeting up with and making new and old friends, making great food, and 230 guest aircraft! Could we have asked for more?... Not on your life!

More than 4000 visitors enjoyed WAAAM's three day extravaganza during the second weekend in September to usher in the beautiful fall weather revered world-wide in the Pacific Northwest.
The Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum was honored by 230 visiting aircraft form all the Western States, New Mexico, Idaho, Iowa & Nevada! Also, as a major fundraiser for the Museum, this event raised $12,000. Thanks to all!

Camping under the wing of your airplane, a hot shower and a Lions Club Breakfast (served with the best sausage ever), started our Saturday and Sunday mornings. A fire pit and a bit of hanger "lying" in the evenings followed a Saturday night feast of Tip Steak, which was perfectly seasoned, cooked and served by our famous and local Westside Fire Department. The Gorge Jazz Band donated their tunes for after-dinner dancing and enjoyment. This "don't-miss-it-again" event happened in the new WAAAM Event Center that opened in January 2009.
The Military Vehicles Collectors Club of Oregon made a grand entry with their Stewart Tank, GPWs, Mule, Command Car, Quad 50 Mount w/ 106 recoilless rifle and a International M24. Their members were dressed in period uniforms, and were a great addition to the Fly-In. Our original, antique Columbia Gorge Airways Beacon was dedicated early Friday morning and a moment of silence was held in rememberance of the lives lost during the 9/11 attacks on our country.
New this year was the addition of a Silent Auction, in which items were donated by Gorge area business and individuals. The auction raised raised $2800 for WAAAM. Said auction winner Ben Davidson, "I am so excited, I won a $280 remote control Jenny for just $100!"  An Aviation Swap Meet was also introduced this year. This will be annual event headed by Tom Murphy. "There was some good stuff" says Tom and he looks forward to expanding it for next year.
Our announcements this month are big news, in that WAAAM will have a new Director starting November 1st. Judy Newman is currently a co-owner of Cascade Soaring of McMinnville, OR and the Airport Manager for the City of McMinnville. Next month we will dive into more about Judy. Glad to have you onboard Judy! We also learned that our past director, Jeremy Young, is going to Afghanistan for a 6 month deployment for Insitu, where he is an instructor. Be safe, Jeremy.
All of this could not have happened were it not for the 206 volunteers (including the Boy Scouts) that donated 3873 hours, to put on a great event for all our fans and supporters. That is really something. WAAAM is only what the Volunteer "CREW" with your bright green/yellow - what color is that? - shirts...makes it, Our thousand thanks for all you do.
 Volunteer Spotlight
 Roy Pettit and the Hubmobile
Meet our Volunteer of the Year!
Mr. Roy Pettit
Roy had out done himself with his support of WAAAM, He was voted the 2009 Volunteer of the Year! Congratulations Roy, and Thank You for all you do!
It is always something different that brings a volunteer to this museum and it is the "Lifelong love of airplanes and associated history" that intrigued Roy enough to get him involved here. I built model airplanes as a kid, soloed a Champ in 7 hours in 1962, obtained pilots license in 28 hours in 1970 on the GI bill (aced the FAA written exam!), and named my son after an airplane (Ryan).
Upon learning about the WAAAM museum in 2007, I offered to clean tools and sweep the floor in the shop, because I love the smell of old airplanes in the morning! A person named Tom said OK, but I got sidetracked by the need for front desk volunteers. Beginning this October, I'm finally going to get my hands dirty with Tom (but he says forget the sweeping, he has a large model airplane for me to build -- the Sperry Messenger!).
Roy has some interesting vehicles displayed at WAAAM:
1. 1942 "ChampCycle" motorbike with side car made from 1942 Wards Hawthorne bicycle and 1935 washing machine motor.
2. 1924 Hupmobile owned by my uncle since new; used to power ski lift at Anthony Lakes in 50's and 60's; restored back to driveable car when my uncle was in his 80's.
3. Quarter-Scale 1946 Aeronca 7AC Champ (radio controlled).
The Memories at WAAAM are mounting for Roy "Being privileged to witness the first flight of WAAAM's 1917 Jenny (thanks to Jeremy smuggling me in). In the video I took, away from the few others that were there, you can hear me say out loud to myself - "Incredible ... absolutely incredible!" - as full throttle was applied for the take-off roll.
With all of that, there are other interest in Roy's live: R/C airplanes,String band music (Celtic/Bluegrass/OldTimey/Gospel) and Classic movies (pre-1960)
From Roy  to his wife Pat ( who volunteered at the Fly-In: thanks Pat!), " I especially want to thank my wife Pat for her tolerance, patience, and understanding of my (uncontrollable) prioritizing of WAAAM over mowing of the lawn and vacuuming of the floors. She has been very encouraging of me "getting out of the house". :o)
Thank you Roy, YOU help make WAAAM wonderful!
                     A Very Special Bird
 Beautiful Boeing 40B arrives at WAAAM
WAAAM is proud to display Addison Pembertons' 1928 Boeing 40B, which flew to the Hood River Fly-In with much fan fare. WAAAM is the only aviation museum that has been honored to have had the historic aircraft on display and it will be at WAAAM until some time in the spring. 
Pemberton, who runs Pemberton and Sons, an aircraft restoration business based at Felts Field (SFF) in Spokane, notes that he actually has two Boeing 40s - one is a C model, the other a B model.  He says that 18,000 hours went into the restoration of this(B) aircraft. 
Pembertons' Boeing 40B, belonged to the Pacific Air Transport Co. which, eventually evolved into United Airlines. The airplane was crashed near Canyonville in 1928 while flying mail and a passenger from Portland, OR to the San Francisco area. According to Pemberton, this airplane crashed just months after it rolled out of the factory.  It's next flight was by Pemberton in 2008.... eighty years later.
It is said that Pemberton is suffering from OAD (Old Airplane Disease), we at WAAAM hope he never recovers.
WAAAM's got Pictures
 So much is happening at the museum.
Check out these photo albums
Picture Gallery- WAAAM Events 
Scouts Earn Flying Merit Badges
by Lending a Hand at WAAAM 
The Scouts were out if full force to assist with the Fly-In:  Scout Leader Paul Silveria brought seven troops to work and attend the Fly-In, coming from Vancouver, Washougal and Hood River.

65 Boy Scouts and their leaders participated, with each boy providing an average of 7.5 hours of service for the weekend.
They helped direct the car, handicap and RV parking and four car clubs all while assisting with the hay wagon, the public in the museum and maintaining and collecting the trash and recyclable pop cans and bottles.
25 Boys earned their Aviation Merit Badge and all were all given an opportunity to go up in a glider (of which they took full advantage).
Four older boys that have a mechanical ability were given a private tour of WAAAM's restoration hangar.

"The Boy Scout Troops liked the Fly-in very much and have said they will strongly recommend doing it again next year." 

Boy Scouts plan 
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Happenings at WAAAM
Veteran's Day Fly-Over
Nov. 11, 2009  11:00 AM
Over the
Hood River, The Dalles
and the Gorge
L-Birds will over-fly selected areas around Hood River to honor veterans.

A Friend .. 
Volunteer Michael Fritz passed away in late September. He is survived by his wife Sandra, a son and two daughters.
A "Celebration of Life" will be held on Oct 11th at
2 pm at the WAAAM Event Center. Michael was a volunteer, donator of a 1930 DeSoto (that was Mikes first car & the car that he took Sandra out on their first date!) and a Founding Member at The Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum.
Mike will be missed.
TG 6 Glider flys!
Just two days before the Fly In, Volunteers Ben Davidson and Judy Newman happened to be at WAAAM on just the right day!
Calm winds and sunshine urged the museum to take the recently fininshed 1942,   TG 6 Glider out for its first flight in over fifty years.
Ben Davidson was the glider pilot and Judy Newman did the towing in a Supercub.
When the Museum locates a tow hook for
L-5 (Stinson), The L-5 will be the prefered tow plane.
Phote by Richard Hallmann
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