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September 2009 - Museum Newsletter
WAAAM - Jenny over the gorge

Come One, Come All

The Annual Hood River Fly-in is here again
Once again, it is time for all to come together to celebrate and honor the Golden Age of Flight
Fly-In posterSeptember 11, 12 and 13 the doors of WAAAM will be opened for our very special  Fly-in Drive-in event. Something for everyone. See you there!
 Antique Airplanes, Cars and Tanks.
Airways Beacon Dedication
Hanger Dance and Dinner
Silent Auction
Lions Breakfast 
Aviation Swap Meet
Airplane Rides
Hay Wagon Rides
Click for Fly-In Schedule
 Volunteer Spotlight
 Katy in the Jenny
Love is in the Air (plane).
Introducing our first "Love at First Flight" couple
Katy Miller
& JR Kline.                                                                  Look Katy
Katy and JR met while volunteering where they share a passion... right here at the WAAAM museum!
JR had arranged with the museum to take pictures of Katy in the 1917 Jenny (a big surprise to Katy). Antique Airways Beacon
While taking the pictures, Katy discovers a plackard taped to the control panel that simply said:
She said yes. They will be married this September at
Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum
He is a pilot with many ratings and She is a student
(with her new instructor).
You can find Katy running the front desk, sewing for the restoration projects and keeping the volunteer potluck organized. JR organized the crane for moving the antique Airways Beacon last month and has been building the showers for the fly-in.
Thank you and  congratulations Katy and JR-
You make WAAAM wonderful!
                     Awards for Our Museum  
 1938 Taylor Young BC65
Volunteer Pilot Lee Borchers of    Independence, OR  flew WAAAM's 1938 Taylor-Young BC 65 to the Pearson Airport in the Portland area for the NW Antique Airplane Clubs 50th Anniversary and was honored with the " Best Taylorcraft Award.
The Madras Airshow was attended by five of WAAAM's airplanes and the Korean War M38-106 mm Recoilless Rifle.
Jeep. Our 1931 WACO RNF was awarded the " Best Antique" honors, the military L- Birds were appredciated as always but the Military Jeep with the big gun stole the show!
Jeep Volunteer was Brian Brandt. Pilot Volunteers were Lee Borchers, Kris Parks, Bill Veach, Doug Holsman and Jeremy Young.
Lee and wife Loraine  (Borchers)  also took the 1931 Fleet to the Independence Bi Plane Fly-In
As a volunteer at these events, the crew hands out Museum information, and promotes your great collection
WAAAM's got Pictures
 So much is happening at the museum.
Visits from car and airplane clubs.
Participation in Planes, Trains & Automobiles
New Exhibits
Aircrafts win awards
First Friday 
Check out these photo albums
Picture Gallery- WAAAM Events 
Restoration Hanger Report
The TG 6 glider is finished and on display! What a treasure this glider is, with a rich WWII history for training pilots who would be involved in the Normandy Invasion, flying the huge WACO Gliders on a their oneway flight. 
The fact that these airframes were converted from a power plane configuration to a glider trainer by replacing the engine and sticking a seat and controls in its place is just plain fasinating.
 TG-6 Glider
Look closely and you will see a Taylor L-2 but with the landing gear shortened and a an additonal seat so two trainees sit out in the nose making this a three place glider. 
Can you imagine the ride? Watch for the flight. We will post it on YouTube so you won't miss a thing.
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Issue 9
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Volunteer Spotlight
Awards and Honors
Picture Albums
Restoration Report
New Auto
Help Wanted
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Happenings at WAAAM
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Red Cross Blood Drive
We recently received a beautiful auto addition to the museum -
A Locomobile!
It is a rare, awesome handcrafted car. On loan from Wes Lematta,
owner of Columbia Helicopters. It just makes your heart stop when
you see it
Help wanted- 

WAAAM is in need of volunteers with these talents:
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Kermit and Ruby Wilke came in the museum today from Nebraska. Kermit took a ride in our Aerosport
as a child about 60 years ago and they drove all the way to our museum see the plane and have his picture taken with it.
Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum 
1600 Air Museum Road
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