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August 2009 - Museum Newsletter
WAAAM - Jenny over the gorge

Historic Beacon Moved

Antique Gorge Airway Beacon moves to WAAAM
It all came together in a whirl of activity on a perfect Gorge day in July. The last remaining Columbia River Gorge Airway Beacon from the 1920-1930 era has found a new home at WAAAM.
Antique Airways BeaconThrough the efforts of many, the Beacon now welcomes visitors and stands guard over the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum on the Hood River Airport.
Bones Construction donated their lowboy truck and trailer (as they did for the huge antique hanger doors on display) to transport the structure from the Hood River Historical Museum in the Port area, where JR Kline donated the use a crane to carefully lower and then raise the 50 ft beacon. Organizing this venture could not have happened without volunteers Carla Schaovpeld and Kris Parks, and the many other volunteers, thought not named....Thanks, you made another historical event happen.
Please join us for the re dedication of this piece of history on September 11, 2009 at 10am.
The re dedication will open the Annual Fly-In Event with The Hood River High School Band ,a history review by Kris Parks,a few short speeches by Dave Meriweather (County Commissioner), Terry Brandt (museum founder) and the  Board of the County History Museum.
Check out what volunteer Roy Petitt has posted on the YouTube WAAAM Channel . Click Beacon Moves to WAAAM 
 Volunteer Spotlight
 PK -Paul Kollas
Meet PK.
PK Kollas came to the grand opening and he actually bought the third membership that was sold and became a member shortly after that when friend and museum volunteer Dick Clarke told him that the museum was in need. PK answered the call! 
He is restoring a Harley Hummer and as you can see from this self portrait he has many projects. "I was celebrating the complete (that's COMPLETE) disassembly, restoration, and reassembly of a totally wrecked rocking chair that had spent several winters outside in the Willamette River Valley rain." 
PK has been married to Maria for 45 years.  They have three children, two boys one girl. and three grandchildren.
Maria did a great service for the museum. She wrote a letter to AAA about the museum and voila they wrote about WAAAM and invited us to be apart of AAA
Thank you PK - You make WAAAM wonderful!
 Fisher Does It Again-
 a Helicopter for the Kids 
 Antique Airways Beacon
WOW, Gary Fisher has done it again! Bring a fun loving kid you know to WAAAM and let them check out the new Kid Kopter.
Untold hours and effort went into this project, but for WAAAM and the young visitors, it is priceless.
As with the Jazzie Veach Plane, this Kopter will never take to the air except in the imagination of it's young pilots.
Thank you Gary, for your donation of fun!
WAAAM DVD - Our first 
WAAAM Members,
By now you may have received your copy of the DVD "Intro To WAAAM" that was mailed out to folks in the WAAAM membership database (if not please contact WAAAM and ask for a copy).  WAAAM asks that you share this video with as many people as you can, to help get the word out about WAAAM's existence.  If, after viewing it, the thought occurs to you that "Such and such ought to see this!" -- where "such and such" could be a person, club, organization, media, corporation, business, or agency -- please contact WAAAM with your suggested name and address.  Our goal is to get it viewed by as many "people of influence" as possible, regarding both financial and attendance issues.  Thanks for your support of WAAAM!
Restoration Hanger Report
The glider is it's almost finished! We didn't quite get it done in 9 days or 9 weeks, but I think we beat 9 months. I mention 9 days as I kept getting reminded that this machine was designed AND built in 9 days. Of course there were about 50-75 people doing all kinds of things making it happen! Wings are on and all the controls hooked up and working. Just a few more small details and it can go to the museum floor. We will have to get a DAR to give it an airworthiness certificate before we can fly it.  Many thanks to all the volunteers--Bob Speilman, Jamie Richardson, Bob Wiley, Mike Richardson, Katie Miller, Sylvia McCorkle, Bob Nall, Justin Fluegel, Seth Johnson, Scott Gifford, and Lyle Thorton. I need to get it done so we can get on with the next project which is ????????!
Tom Murphy
Director of Restorations 
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Restoration Report
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WAAAM Campers July 09
The second session of WAAAM CAMP was completed in July by 6 teen aviation enthusiasts. They spent 4 days of their summer
vacation exploring flight with 
 volunteers Joyce Murphy,Tex Newman, Ed Berray, Tom
Murphy, Brian Brandt, Larry and Jan Spencer and Roy Cedarstam.  
As much as these young guns learned, the instructors we equally impressed with the knowledge of the campers.
With hands-on activities on real antique airplanes,
they  examined aircraft engines getting a general working knowledge of the power plants that make them fly.  They built a model glider by learning how to shape the airfoil, balance and make adjustments to create the perfect flyer.
Help wanted

We need Volunteers for the Annual Hood River Fly-In.
Pick a day!
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Sept. 11-12-13  
Get a  crew shirt, lunch, admission,  
a return admission and feel great about helping WAAAM.
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Our very own volunteer Roy Pettit has been archiving all the happenings. It's Fun and Informative.
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