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March 2009 - Museum Newsletter
Jenny & Model T Ford_ photo by RHallman
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Great Days, and Great Successes
FUN, FUN, FUN we had fun.
President Day
was a great success with 200 visitors  that gathered to:
  • Dedicate Wally Olson's Antique Hanger Doors (from Evergreen Flying Service, Vancouver WA)
  • Talk and relive the Evergreen Fly-In days.
  • Learn about the military L2, L3, L4s ( airplanes) and what roll they served.
  • Watch the demonstration of starting and flying the L-Birds.
  • Eat hot dogs, and a thank you cake
  • The WAAAM Volunteers did an outstanding job by keeping this event safe and fun. Thank you Volunteers

Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show 

Volunteers Brian Brandt, Ken Olsson and Jeremy Young
introduced thousands of visitors to WAAAM at the Puyallup,Washington NW Aviation Conference & Trade Show last month. 
Did you see them there?
We were a huge hit with the 1932 Pietenpol Sky Scout airplane with the Model A engine, Harley Davidson JD  & Henderson motorcycles on display. Many members stopped by to say "hi and job well done". Others were amazed to learn of the new museum. Keep up the great work in spreading the word about WAAAM

Oregon Cultural Trust 
This is Exciting!
Oregon Tax payers can receive a dollar for dollar TAX CREDIT off your OR State taxes owed for 2009.
How you ask?
A cash donation to the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum qualifies you for a tax credit when you donate an equal amount to the Oregon Cultural Trust.
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Help in advertising, merchandising, gift shop, event sales, tour guide, newsletter editor and more.
WAAAM is a non-profit museum that could not exist if not for the dedication and commitment of people just like you who care about preserving these fascinating pieces of history. If you would like to be more involved with WAAAM, email us at info@WAAAMuseum.org

Some Current Needs with Receives:
  • Drip pans * Thanks to Gary Fischer/Hood River, OR
  • Cleaning supplies, dust mops, push brooms
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, printer paper...
  • Lumber: plywood, 2X4s, 2X6s * Monia & John Lautenbach
  • Paint: White and Stain: Brown
  • Riding lawn mower, landscape materials, irrigation system
  • Aircraft, autos & antique books, magazines: Many Donators
  • Volunteers * Welcome New Volunteer Sylvia McCorkle
  • Mannequins and 1900-1950 clothing
  • TV/DVD *Thanks to Larry and Jan Spencer/ White Salmon, WA, Hood River Sports Club, Columbia Aeromodelers R/C, Katie Miller/ Lyle, WA
  • Tour Guide, Volunteer * Muriel Ishizaka/ Hood River, OR
  • Marketing  Volunteer * Dave Elkins/ Lyle, WA
  • Commercial Stove/Grill* McMinnville Armory
  • Player Piano* Bonita Brandt/ Turlock, CA

Many thanks to all !

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Oregon Cultural Trust
Your Best Event Ever
Groups that Visit
Restoration Report

After the February volunteer potluck I had a chance to give a tour to the volunteers of the  restoration hanger. What great comments and questions you had of the work and projects that are going on here.
The TG-6 glider is coming along nicely. Many thanks to volunteer Mike Richardson for crafting the stringers. Soon we will be on to the wings.
If you are a volunteer and are not on the volunteer
e-mail list please let us know. We will add you to it right away.
Tom Murphy
Director of Restorations
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Hood River's Newest Event Center is at WAAAM.

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The NEW WAAAM event Center is now available for your special event. 
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Groups visit WAAAM

WAAAM continues to attract groups of automobile buffs, airplane fans, veterans and youth groups of all types. 

70 Cascade Locks K-5th graders recently spent a few hours learning about aviation and automotive history after having a brown bag lunch in the event center. The military displays drew a lot of attention as well as all of the students loved getting in the Jazzie Veatch kid plane donated by Gary Fisher
Note: Groups that visit WAAAM receive a group discount and customized tour.

If you are interested in bringing a group to WAAAM please email
Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum 
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Hood River, OR 97031