Spring 2013                                                                                                                    

Volume 9, Issue 1

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Ed Fernandez



"I give to the MABF because of their support of the future of our industry.

The MABF Scholarship program is vital to the success of our business long-term with the dollars they provide to promising young students."


Ed Fernandez

WXYZ-TV (Detroit)

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Greetings! ,


Have you ever looked into the eyes of a young person after they get their first "big break?" Or, even after their first "little break?" Or, the first time they were on a commercial radio or TV station? The bright-eyed wonder you see brings you back to the days when you were first starting out in the business. 

That's what the MAB Foundation is all about - we're bringing the wonder of broadcasting to a whole new generation.

We do this through internship programs, college and high school scholarships and awards programs; the foundation is building the next generation of broadcasters and we need your help to continue on.

This last year has been very busy with a sell-out crowd at the Broadcasting Career Builder Conference Speed Networking sessions and a 30% increase in the entries for the high school and college awards program. We also saw a great turn out for the career fair at the GLBC. This, of course, is also an opportunity for stations to earn EEO credit, meet potential employees and for students to be able to rub elbows with people in the business.

This coming year we have a tremendous opportunity - As we inch closer to the $1 million mark
as a foundation, the MAB has generously provided a matching grant program for our Founders Club donors to help us get to that magic number in 2013. Reaching "million dollar" status will not only be a milestone, but it will also allow us additional opportunities for funding, in addition to allowing us to continue to provide the scholarship, internship and awards program opportunities for budding young broadcasters across the state. So, for every Founders Club donation you give to the MAB Foundation, the MAB will match it until we reach $1 million! There is no better time to donate than now when every $1 means $2 to the foundation.

Please consider making a Founders Club donation to the foundation. Levels start at $2,500 and will help young broadcasters achieve their dreams. We are SO VERY CLOSE and we need your donation today! Please consider a donation today.

Many thanks for your continued support of the MAB Foundation and the students.
Together we are making a real difference.


Julie Koehn
2012-2013 MABF Chair
President, Lenawee Broadcasting Company
Donations make a strong impact on our future
 2013 Offers a Match for Founders Club Members
13 Scholarships CC

Thanks to generous donations, endowments and continued support from the MAB, the MAB Foundation was honored to present 22 college scholarships ($1,000 each) and three high school scholarships ($750 each) during the Main Luncheon at the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference & EXPO on March 13 (pictured above). 


These scholarships would not be possible without the generous support from Founders Club donors and now, this year only, we are excited to announce a match program, through the MAB, for a limited number of Founders Club donors. Bring in a match to your donation by simply signing up to be a Founders Club member. Levels start at $2,500 with larger pledges of $25,000 or more, offering an annual scholarship to a Michigan college student. 


Contact Julie Sochay for more information to take advantage of this one-time offer and continue to strengthen our future broadcasting workforce through scholarships!


Here is what a few scholarship recipients had to say after receiving their scholarships:
"Receiving the Nancy Waters and Mark Waters Scholarship has been one of the greatest honors of my academic career." 
Pamela Croydon, University of Michigan

"It was a true honor to be awarded the 2013 Carl E. Lee and MAB Foundation Scholarship. It was inspiring to be surrounded by other students with the same drive and passion for the broadcast industry. Hearing my name announced among these students was a very proud moment. The Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference and Expo was a wonderful opportunity to network with the top companies in the broadcasting area, attend enlightening seminars, and meet other students from other Universities with the similar goals and aspirations." 
Nicole Pascaretta, Western Michigan University


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GLBC Career Fair Connects Broadcasters to Students and Young Professionals


More than 300 people attended the GLBC Career and Networking Fair on Wednesday, March 13 at The Lansing Center in Lansing. 


Representatives from 95 Michigan stations were on-hand at 31 booths to talk with attendees about a career in the broadcasting industry. In addition, many attendees utilized the networking areas throughout the Career Fair to make new contacts and learn more about the industry.

Stations can earn possible EEO credits from participating and attendees get one-on-one time with potential employers and mentors!
Student Awards Show a Promising Future for Broadcasting!
2013 HSC SOY Image
Student winners of the 2013 Michigan High School and College Broadcast Awards competition received more than just an award for their wall - they met new contacts, mentors and were able to learn with the top broadcast professionals in the state. 


Through this program, participants received judges' comments and the opportunity to join hundreds of broadcasters from around the state during the Main Luncheon, free of charge, at the GLBC where the awards were presented in March.  
General donations from people like you help us keep this program alive and free of charge to all Michigan high schools, colleges and universities. Consider joining us as we plan for the 2014 awards program by judging and/or donating today!


Click here for the full list of student winners!