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In an effort to interest and amuse our customer group for 2015, here are some fun and interesting facts about Conflex that you may not know.


About Conflex and our team:

  • Conflex has been in business for 27 years.
  • Conflex has been owned by the Morrissey family since our inception in 1998.
  • The current principals, Bill and Joe have worked in every aspect of the business to learn from the ground up. FYI - neither of us want to pick up a broom ever again...thanks dad & sorry wives!
  • Bill Morrissey has had the nickname "Duck" since birth. You will have to call me in order to get the full story on this one!
  • Conflex has outgrown 3 facilities throughout our years and our newest custom built 60K square foot facility is located just outside Milwaukee, WI.
  • The average number of years in packaging of our sales and engineering group is 18 years.
  • Our customer service is considered top in our industry due to our focus on full customer satisfaction. Just ask your techs!
  • Conflex equipment is in every continent in the world.
  • Conflex equipment is in all but 3 states in the US.                Guess which ones?
  • Conflex equipment has been used in over 100 different industries. Literally "from soup to nuts".

About the Conflex distributor base:

  • Over 500 distributor locations throughout North America.
  • We have distributors in 48 of the 50 states.

About The Conflex Equipment line:

  • Conflex has 22 base models we offer from automatic L-Bars, Intermittent motion side sealers, Continuous motion side sealers, Lap Sealers and shrink tunnels. We would love to know what you feel is missing in our or email us.
  • Conflex has over 600 options in our library for the above base models. This proves the depth of our offering.
  • Above and beyond the models above Conflex offers Conveyors of all types, multipackers, centerfolders, stackers and much more auxiliary equipment.
  • Conflex once had a Semi-automatic L-Bar called the E-150.
  • The Vortex tunnel was developed over a 3 year time frame in order to achieve the low shrink temps, variable air velocity and energy efficiency combination. This IS the best tunnel on the market today!  Best of all it can cook a pizza...seriously.
  • The IntelliTouch control system we use is the best control system in the market. Call Bill to send  you our 17 minute video on why it's the best.
  • Conflex is resurrecting our orbital seal system in early 2015. Wait until you see this in both side seal and lap seal versions, it will blow you away. 




Quote for 2015

 "An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it" - Dee Hock, Founder of Visa


Have a Happy New Year!

Contact Numbers:

Bill Morrissey: Southeast

Cell #414-651-0221


Joe Morrissey: Northeast

Cell #414-651-3947


Kevin Jonas: West

Cell #414-507-7020 

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