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Last Chance to Practice!        
October  2012


Here Is Our Last Tip Before the Contest Begins!
So you think you have a chance to win this great TV?
  Watch the film threading video and give yourself a shot. Be the fastest to thread a FUSION and you will go home with a brand new 47" flat screen TV!
Booth:  S-2425
Click this link and watch a pro do it.
The FUSION film threading video.wmv
The FUSION film threading video.wmv

Here is the Deal:
Over the 4 days of Pack Expo 2012, Conflex is holding a contest to see who is the fastest at threading a Legendary FUSION wrapper.  The winner takes home a nice TV!
Rules...Of course there are rules:
We know there are going to be some fast hands flying; so doing it right is the key to winning.
  1. The film must be threaded according to the film threading diagram on the machine.  (Hint:  Look at it before you try your skills).
  2. Yes, all the way through the film inverter. Perhaps the toughest part!  (Hint:  There is a feature on the inverter to speed this up).
  3. Film needs to be inserted into the side seal unit.  (Do you know how to use the HMI to run the side seal unit?)
  4. A scrap tail must be created and inserted properly into the rubber grommet on the scrap spool.  (Hint:  Make sure it is threaded properly).
  5. Once scrap tail is attached the, contestant must stop the clock!
  • When FUSION is available for Contestant attempts is subject to Conflex discretion (Afternoons and post show are best).
  • Practice and thread at your own risk!
  • 2 tries per contestant - PRACTICE!
  • We are not opposed to you contacting your Conflex Representative for tips.
  • Fusion cropped
    Will you be the best?
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