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February 2012

Conflex Evolution Lap Sealers are a big advantage to new paper sheeter line. 
Evolution paper series

The Conflex Evolution Lap Sealers made such an impression to the management of a Wisconsin based paper converter they choose to fully integrate 2 units to their new sheeter line. The customer was desiring a reliable system capable of obtaining the throughput their new sheeter was capable of. Since several other Conflex systems proved themselves throughout the years at their plant they felt working with Conflex was the right choice for them once again.


Benefits of this system to the converting industry are...

  • Integrated speed control reference with upstream sheeter to control product flow.
  • Dual upstream flat belt conveyors with auto-spacing logic for irregular paper slug spacing.
  • Textured stainless steel infeed deck material for limited static buildup.
  • Dual zone belted flight pin indexing system.
  • Friction feeder integration for top sheet placement.
  • Over flight jam detect sensor to provide controlled stop to unit before film former jam.
  • Static pinner for top sheet control.
  • 3 - Axis servo control for precise and controlled machine motion.
  • Seal bar anti-jam reversing motion.
  • Conflex IntelliTouch 12" touchscreen controls platform on a swing arm allowing multiple auxiliary control functions of other line equipment from both side of the line.
  • Fast...Fast...Fast
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