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January 2012

FUSION SYNC  Named Conflex MVP of 2011!


The Conflex FUSION SYNC wrapper has made quite a name for itself already since its debut in February 2009.  We feel we had to anme it the MVP of 2011.  In short, we can't build them fast enough.  The more people that become aware of what this machine offers, the more they want it.

The FUSION SYNC truly has taken the continuous motion automatic side sealer market and turned it upside down.  The combination of flexible features, servo technology and value pricing make it the clear choice among machines in this category.
It's a perfect a machine for this economy.  As many of you may be experiencing, companies are still holding back on some major capital expenditures.  The low cost of ownership and the ability to run 70 plus packages per minute makes the FUSION SYNC the perfect supplement to any production line. 

The intuitive touch screen and international style guarding have attracted customers from Canada to Columbia.


Check out this YouTube video on the FUSION SYNC:

Conflex Fusion Sync
Conflex Fusion SYNC in Action!

Last Years SYNC wrappers are being used successfully in these industries:

Printing / Publishing - Typically using auto L-bar sealers, the increased speeds and continuous motion offer these people more efficient production.
Paper Converting - The compact footprint and ease of use make for an easy fit in these automatic production lines.

Contract Packaging - Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility.

Wood Moldings - The random length feature is a nice fit here.

Confections / Cosmetics - Simply put, it blows away the sealers the competition is quoting.
Pharmaceuticals / Supplements -  Multipacks are a snap with the FUSION SYNC.

With the FUSION SYNC you win in every category; from speeds to flexibility to price to safety to ease of use and maintenance, the list goes on... It's easy... just get in front of a FUSION SYNC and it will convince you that this is the new standard in side seal wrappers.  If you haven't seen one yet, check out our demo video. Contact your Conflex representative and plan a visit around the FUSION SYNC - it will be time well spent.
Hint...want to see what the FUSION SYNC will do for you?  Send in some product and we'll take a video running your product.  You may not even need a machine right now, but we guarantee that you will think of the FUSION SYNC next time you do. 

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FUSION SYNC Named Conflex MVP!


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