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November 2013 Newsletter

"Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope they fill my sleigh with fun things!" wishes Wendy.
Dear Friends of Rabbit Haven,

The Holiday Season is upon us!  And we're getting ready to celebrate here at the Barn.  Read on for more about our fun upcoming event.

Who:  All Friends of Rabbit Haven - and please invite someone who'd like to become one!
What: Annual Ornament & Cookie Exchange
When: Saturday, December 14, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Where: The Rabbit Haven Barn in Gig Harbor.***
Why:  To have fun, to celebrate the holidays, to celebrate the rabbits, and to celebrate you - the wonderful Friends of Rabbit Haven!
How:  First, find an ornament to exchange.  Then, add a plate of cookies to share.  Lastly, bring along something to share with the rabbits to fill their sleigh.  It could be toys and play things (such as willow balls, grass mats, the plastic balls with holes in them for tossing, rope toys, plastic baby keys and any cardboard tube or paper bag filled with goodies like botanical hay and a raisin), or faux fur fleece, or gift cards for fruits & veggies, or.....  Just embrace your inner rabbit, and bring what you'd like to find in your stocking!  We'll supply hot and cold seasonal beverages. 

Please RSVP to Sue by Wedesday, December 11 so we know how deep to fill the wassail bowl.

See you there!

***Never been to the Barn?  Email Sue for directions.

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Smiles abound!  Here's Gabriel & his new-found mate, Hazel, with his new parents.

Lots of Adoptions!

We're tickled to announce we've had lots of Rabbit Haven rabbits find their forever homes since our last newsletter. 

Benedict Cummerbun
James Bun
Loki & Pandora
Mork & Mindy
Studley Do-Right (again!)
Victoria the English lop


Studley Do-Right, happy at last, with Kristina.
The course of true love never did run smooth.....

If you thought you remembered seeing Studley DoRight's name as a new adoptee last month, and then again this month, you're absolutely right.  You see, we thought Studley and Riot would become the best of friends.  Studs had a different idea.  He apparently sees himself more as "lone bun" and let Riot know that in no uncertain terms.  But, Studley's new mom, Amy, loved the little guy and wanted him to have a forever home.  What to do?

Well, Amy came up with a wonderful idea. A good friend of hers, Kristina, was an experienced rabbit parent who didn't have a rabbit, and who also fell for Mr. Do-Right.

Riot & Hercules, loving snuggling so much, they wouldn't even stop for a photo op!
So, Amy and Kristina brought Studley and Riot back to the barn.  Kristina adopted Studley.  Riot checked out the barn, and promptly fell in love with Hercules.  Herc is a shy boy who we thought would never want another bun or a person near him.  But, one look at Riot and Amy, and Hercules lost his heart.

And, there you have it - a tale worthy of Shakespeare with love, intrigue, betrayal, but best of all, two happy endings!

Want your own happy ending?  Visit Rabbit Haven's adoptable bunnies page, visit the Barn to find your own true rabbit love, and you, too, can live happily ever after.

Calie's a great mother, but every busy mom likes some time to herself.  Here she is, running about during cleaning time, enjoying a bit of freedom from parenthood.
Babies in the Barn

Someone abandoned a lovely little calico rabbit, her mate and their babies up near Midway.  With coyotes in the area, the babies didn't last long.  A kindly neighbor took them in, but all she had was an old outdoor wire cage (NOT good for rabbits!).  When the rains started, and little Calie gave birth to 7 more, the neighbor called Sue.  Sue looked at the crowded Barn, shrugged her shoulders and said, "These walls are made of rubber.  We'll find room." 

Calie's turned out to be an absolute sweetheart, and a very good mother.  The little ones are thriving!  Keep watch on our Facebook page for a new naming contest to help sponsor the spays and neuters.  We've got some of their photos on Facebook.  They're so cute & adorable, we just dare you to look and not say "Awwwwww!"

Cali's babies give "thumbs up" (or would that be "paws up"?) to the Amazon goodies.
Thank you!

We're always amazed by the generosity of the Friends of Rabbit Haven.  Thanks to you, we've received several boxes jam-packed with goodies from our Amazon Wish ListA special shout out to:

Eliaine Bongiorno
Patricia Carlson
Amanda Conley
and the ever-present "Anonymous"

Thanks one and all!

Want an easy way to make the Holidays bright for the buns?  Check out the Wish List!

Rabbit painting by Kit Jagoda We remember....

It's always sad to say goodbye to a friend.  We remember with fondness Pete, Rosa and Ruby.

Binky happy across the rainbow bridge, dear ones, and thank you for the love you brought into our lives.

Sue oversees the digging operations.
Hip-Hip-Hurrah for the Navy!

When the phone rang, and the offer was made for 20 or so good and true Navy men and women to come volunteer for an afternoon, Sue didn't think twice.  Faster than she could say, "Aye, aye!" they came pouring in.  Soon, it was all hands on deck chopping and stacking wood, moving gravel & digging trenches for electrical wires, getting the warren ready for winter and cleaning the Barn.  By the end of the shift, all was shipshape.  We've heard that the unofficial motto of the US Navy is Non sibi sed patriae (not for self, but for country).  We'd like to give three cheers and a huge THANK YOU to these wonderful folk who, for an afternoon, personified Non sibi sed cuniculi (not for self, but for Rabbits!)


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Joan Jett (Cyndi Lopper's best friend) approves of this message.  She also loves rock 'n' roll, and hopes there'll be some parsley and clover at the Cookie Exchange.