May 2013 Newsletter

Need a pet carrier?  Come to the sale! (darling baby bunnies not included - thought they will be available for adoption when they're old enough)

Dear Friends of Rabbit Haven,

May in the Pacific Northwest means a continuation of April's showers, but an abundance of May flowers.  This year, it also means:

Rabbit Haven's Gently Used Pet Supply Sale!
It's coming this Saturday, May 25 at 11717 State Route 302 NW, Gig Harbor (in the parking lot across from Charbonneau Landscape Supply). 

We'll have a plethora of pet supplies for all animals with fur, feathers, scales, shells or fins including litter pans, pet carriers, dog houses, leashes, grooming tools, water bottles and much, much more.  If the weather's nice, there'll even be an adorable rabbit or two.  Of course, all proceeds from the sale will benefit the rabbits of Rabbit Haven.  So, come on out - the rabbits will thank you.

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Mission Impossible?  Not for Rabbit Haven!

Cue the spy music, and settle back for a story of international intrigue and resourceful rabbit lovers.

Stefan and his family were moving to Canada with their 4 beloved rabbits: Lilli, Mucki, Robin and Moritz.  As the rabbits had gotten clean bills of health from German officials and had the
Home for far too long for our German friends.
papers to prove it, they thought customs should be a piece of cake.  But the Canadian Customs officials had a very different opinion.  Not accepting the papers, they declared the rabbits could not set paw on Canadian soil and would be sent back to Germany.  That wouldn't work as there wasn't anyone back there who could take care of them

So, Stefan did a Google search, found Rabbit Haven, and called Sue. When called to see if she could help, Sue said, "Of course!"  She said she'd send someone to get the rabbits.   "No!" said the Customs officials.  Private persons were not allowed to pick up the bunnies, it must be a bonded shipping company.  In the meantime, the rabbits needed to remain quarantined in their carriers.
Moritz & Robin, happy to be dry, fed, and out of the carriers.

After four days of frantic searching, Stefan found a wonderful shipping company, Pacific Overseas.  They were willing to bring the buns to Rabbit Haven in the comfy air-conditioned cab of their semi that was bringing a load to the States.  But first, Sue had to fill out detailed official Home Land Security forms and swear that she was not importing Terrorist Rabbits.  The caring folk of Pacific Overseas called Sue with the first of their hourly updates with the good news the rabbits had left the airport, were on their way and should arrive that afternoon by 3:30.  Sounds like a happy ending, right?  Not yet!

Upon reaching the border at Blaine, Washington, United States customs declared that the entire truck must be emptied, its contents searched, and well sniffed by bomb searching dogs.  Did they fear the German 4 were rabbits of mass destruction?  We may never know.  But we do know the search took 4 1/2 hours.

Finally, at 9:30 that night, Sue got a call from the cheering office staff of Pacific Overseas to say the rabbits had crossed the border. But there was yet another snag.  The truck needed to immediately head to points east, so a kind Pacific Overseas employee waited patiently in Seattle for hours, drove in his own truck to meet the semi in Auburn, and personally chauffeured the rabbits to Rabbit Haven, arriving minutes before midnight.  Now, mind you, we're sure the good drivers of Pacific Overseas always obey all posted speed limits, but we do believe a new Blaine to Auburn to Gig Harbor speed record was set that night!

By this time, the buns were soaked from leaky water bottles, and their delicate digestive systems had stopped from lack of food and being stuck in their carriers for 7 days.  Soft, fluffy towels solved the first problem, and food and water solved the second - as the litter boxes proved the next morning.  Sue can't remember the last time she was so pleased to see rabbit pellets.
Mucki & Lilly enjoy "spa treatment" at Rabbit Haven

While the rabbits enjoyed spa treatment and much attention from all at the Barn, Dr. Beth Owen, veterinarian extraordinaire and friend of Rabbit Haven, researched what was needed to get the rabbits certified to return to Canada.  She made a special appointment to check them out and fill out all the proper paperwork.

Saturday afternoon saw the happy reunion of Stefan, Carola and their children, with Lilli, Mucki, Robin and Moritz.  Smiles and binks abounded.  Stefan later reported that going through Customs back to Canada was a breeze.  The only questions the agent at the border had were if the rabbits have long or short hair and if they were for food.  "Not a chance!" was his answer to the latter.

As for Sue, she's happy to have been able to have helped 4 sweet bunnies. Let this be a reminder everyone to double, triple and quadruple check all rules and regulations if you ever have need to transport your rabbits across borders.  And if you ever need a transport company, be sure to check out the good folk of Pacific Overseas!


The joyous reunion - mission accomplished!


Thank You, Generous Donors!



The Magnificent 7 times 3 equals
A 21 Bun Salute!!


Every so often, we just have to stop and recognize our generous donors.  Without our donors, we could not help all of the homeless, abused and abandoned bunnies that we do. A special Thank You to: Bonnie Simons, Darany Bopha, Jane Sotottka, US Bank, Amanda O'Carrolan, Nancy Graak, Susan Leiby, Sean Smith and Anna Grant, Edith Lux, Moonyeen McCormick, Lisa Hardy, Kristi Leonard, Skip and Tammi Parkinson, Stefan Lammers, Annalisa Stephens, Cynthis Arvidson, Kathy Kamp, Scott Duncan, Jeanne Somsen, Jim and Chris Short, Suzanne Nelson, Rob Tillotson, Hank Pedersen, Lisa Edmondson, Teresa Burton, Shani Parrot, Timothy Joseph, Sharon Shea, Darlene Sanders, Helen Perkins, Pam and Gary Cumbie, Diane Blum, Janice Weyet, Christine Sanders-Meena, Faith and Paul Havick, Carlene Easterwood, Kathleen Longnecker, Donald Kumpula, Mario Trovarelli, Victoria Robbins, Eileen Holt, Rosamund Downing, Tray Jaeger, Lee James, Cathy McAvoy, Donna McCarty, Melissa McGill, Cynthia Bower, Mike Murray, Julie Schurmann, Francy Thayer, Lee Ann Kozak, Aedke Runikis, Kitty Ellington-Candelaria, Robyn Harder, Jane Buchanan, Mary Yeats, Pat Berger, Ralph McCotter and Susan Mccarthy, Sandra Lucas, Gill Fetzner, Diane Fetzner, Beverly Henderson, Erik De Bei and Shelly Lawson, Alan Gibbs, Nancy Norris, Ilka Judkins, Jessica and Karl Sawyer, Valerie Mines, Kumi Boutz, Vidette and Rob Buchman, Bob Anderlik, Jim Wright, Kathy Dawson, Helen Gottschalk, Linda Curtis, Kaplan Volleyball, Gayle Schneider, Hannah Ellis, Wendy Morgan, Judy Korby, Patrice and Scott Crawford, Danielle Massie, Barbara Cobean, Bill Jesse, Susan Costella, Ezra Parker, Janet Gwilym, Joyce Chee, Heather Muehler and Amanda Conley.

Thank you, one and all!

How can anyone resist beautiful angora rabbits?
Adoption Success Stories!

The following lucky rabbits are now happily enjoying their forever homes:

Dennis Hopper
Indy & S'mores
Miss Demeanor
Pushkin & Mocha
Shadow & Lotus


Any sadness at missing them in the Barn is more than made up for by our joy at the love we know they're now experiencing.  But, there are still many more rabbits at Rabbit Haven awaiting adoption.  Do you have room in your heart and home for one or more?  Contact Sue to schedule an appointment to visit the Barn and meet the rabbit of your dreams!  




Goldie demonstrates proper (and adorable) ear-dampening technique for cooling.

Hot Weather's Coming

As the weather gets warmer, don't forget that high temperatures and rabbits just don't mix.  We'll have more information on this important subject next month, but in the meantime, check out Rabbit Haven's website for information on keeping your rabbit cool and healthy.


Olive Oly's watching to see if you're finding the Wish List.

New Wish List!

We've updated our Amazon dot com wish list!  It's an easy way to help the rabbits of Rabbit Haven.  Just click on this link, choose what you want to donate, and they'll take care of the delivery while you stay in the comfort of your own home.  What could be easier?


Nell's looking forward to Rocking Around the Clock at the Harbor Hop

Harbor Hop Reminder!

Don't forget to mark your calendar for Rabbit Haven's Auction: Harbor Hop on Saturday, September 28 at the Inn at Gig Harbor

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