Rabbit Haven April 2013 Update
Dear Friends of Rabbit Haven
Thanks for taking the time to check out our April Update!  We've included some seasonal tips and information, as well as updates about upcoming events.

It's Baby Animal Season
Babies outside
S'mores & Baldrick, back when they were babies
As spring is springing all about, many wild animals are having their babies.  All too often, well-intentioned humans find a baby that they assume has been abandoned.  They intervene, and unwittingly cause bad consequences. 

Sue recently learned about a wonderful wildlife rehab center, For Heaven's Sake, that's located south of Olympia, Washington.  Here's what they say about wild rabbits on their website:

Rabbits leave their nest when they are about the size of your fist.  They may seem too small and fragile to survive without their mothers, but they are not.  If you find a nest of bunnies and don't see the mother around, this is normal.  Mom comes to the nest only a couple of times each day to feed her babies.  This is for their protection.  Please do not move the babies.  When in doubt, please call a rehabilitator.

To learn more about For Heaven's Sake, their mission, how to help, and more valuable information be sure to check out their website at  For Heaven's Sake

You can also check out these other western Washington sites:
West Sound Wildlife Shelter on Bainbridge Island
Sarvey Wildlife Care Center in Arlington
PAWS Wildlife Center in Lynnwood

There's more information on the House Rabbit Society's FAQ page about orphaned Baby Bunnies

Poisonous plants
Last year, we alerted our readers to the dangers of Lily of the Valley - lovely to look at, but extremely toxic to rabbits.  If you're going to be letting your rabbit outside (in an enclosure that's safe from all sides, including from above), you might want to check out this very comprehensive list of poisonous plants from the Sacramento House Rabbit Society
Indy's on the look-out for screaming deals on gently used pet supplies at the Big Pet Supply Sale!

Big Pet Supply Sale at Key Center!

We're planning a big sale of gently used pet supplies for all animals with fur, feathers, scales, shells or fins.  It will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 25 at 11717 State Route 302 NW, Gig Harbor (in the parking lot right across from Charbonneau Landscape Supply).  Not only will this help us clear out the barn for some upcoming renovations, all proceeds will benefit the rabbits of Rabbit Haven.

Do you have any gently used items?  Contact Sue.

See you at the Sale!

Auction Update
Just one piece of the lovely pottery Sue found that will be auctioned off at the Harbor Hop!

We're excited to announce the theme for the 2013 Auction:

              Harbor Hop

Get ready to party like it's 1955 with music, tasty food, entertainment, fabulous auction items and, of course, rabbits.  Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, September 28, and get ready to Hop Around the Clock at the Inn at Gig Harbor

In Memoriam

We remember with fondness Sue's beloved chinchilla, Chili, who had long been a special part of Rabbit Haven. 


About Rabbit Haven
We are a non-profit shelter and sanctuary dedicated to the care of unwanted and mistreated rabbits ... until they all have homes.

The barn is in Gig Harbor, WA.Rabbit Haven barn

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Mom & kids
S'mores & Baldrick, all grown up, along with sister Nutmeg and mom Sheena - approved of this update, and would love to find forever homes!

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