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February Update

February 2013
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Something New

As we strive to keep in better contact with you, we thought we'd try shooting out short updates in-between our bimonthly newsletters.  Do you have questions or topics that you'd like to see addressed in our newsletters? Please contact Sue.
"Faux fur" fleece
Fleece clarification

When we wrote in an article in the January Newsletter how polar fleece does not wick as well as "faux fur" fleece, we should have added that we strongly recommend the "faux fur" for rabbits who are unable to move away from damp spots.  If wet fur stays in contact with a rabbit's delicate skin, they're in danger of painful urine scald.  Thanks to an alert reader who pointed out our lack of clarity!
Charles & Victoria extend royal thanks.

Thank you!!

Thank you ever so to Judy, Hanna, Melissa, Linda and Kathy who generously donated in response to our plea for help in paying for dramatically rising vegetable costs.


"Spay Day" Special All through February!
Attention to all folks who live on the Puget Sound!  The good folk at Northwest Spay & Neuter Center are having a reduced fee spay/neuter special for the entire month of February - just $25 for rabbits!  Check out their website for more information.  While you're there, look for information on their "Whiskers, Wine & Dine" auction fund-raiser that's coming up in March.
"Did somebody say 'auction'?" asks Baldrick eagerly.

Save the Date!

Speaking of fundraising auctions, Rabbit Haven's 2013 will be on Saturday, September 28 at the Inn at Gig Harbor.  We're already planning all sorts of fabulous fun for the event, so be sure to mark your calendar - you won't want to miss it!

Francie's always ready to welcome boarders.
Services & Items available at Rabbit Haven
We all know Rabbit Haven has wonderful rabbits available for adoption, but we'd like to remind you that we've got more available for you & your furry family members.
If you'll be out of town, give your buns a pampered get-away at Rabbit Haven!  Fees are $10/day for one rabbit, $15/day for two.  Contact Sue for rates for special needs bunnies.
Rabbit Food
Our delicious hay is $10 per flake, Alfalfa pellets are $5 for 10 pounds, and Oxbow timothy pellets are $5 for 5 pounds.
Littler pellets
Need litter for your litter pans?  We've got absorbent animal bedding pellets, $6 for a 35 pound bag.

Don't forget to be saving gently used pet supplies for our May sale!  Watch for more details in the March newsletter.

About Rabbit Haven
We are a non-profit shelter and sanctuary dedicated to  to the care of unwanted and mistreated rabbits ... until they all have homes.

Rabbit Haven
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The barn front - Gig Harbor, WA
The barn is located in Gig Harbor, Washington

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Lotus approved of this message