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October 30, 2012
From the Rev. Stephen Harding
Diocesan Disaster Response Coordinator
917 301 0267 (cell)

Update on Sandy

Online Needs Request Form   
You can now communication your Sandy-related needs via a simple online form at
Assessment of Diocesan Situation

We will likely be dealing with wind and rain for the next several days. Clean up, debris removal, and restoration of power are likely to take some time, and there may be other effects from Sandy that will not be immediate. Recovery may take a while in some areas - it will be a process and not a single event.

Assessment and Plan for your situation 

Now is a good time to assess your own personal situation so that you are able to serve others more fully - do not be shy in asking for help if there is something you or your family need.


If you could then assess

  • your Church property for damage, and let us know if there is any;
  • your parishioners for their continued safety and evacuation plan if needed;
  • your community's needs, through your local Fire or Police departments (outside NYC)

and give us an update on your and your community's situation by calling one of us or using the Diocesan website (see below), that would be great. 

Disaster Response Structure  

We are putting a sectoring system into place so that each region of the Diocese has a point person for disaster response. The three of us will work together as a team to respond to the needs of the Diocese, and they may have more local knowledge of resources, which will help get you what you need sooner. Thank you to the following individuals who are willing to serve in this capacity:


Mid Hudson Region:
Val Stelcen, 917 617-2079 (cell) 845 338-1086 (office) (Please note that as of 3 p.m. Tuesday, diocesan email was not functioning) 


Region II:  
TBD at this time


The Rev'd Stephen Harding 917 301 0267 (cell)

Online Needs Request Form   
You can also now communication your needs via a simple online form at



The Rev'd Stephen Harding, Disaster Response Coordinator 

917 301 0267