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Pastor Bob's Two Minute Devotion
                 July 15th, 2013





When I totally mess things up on a project, my wife reminds me, "Read the directions." I typically try to do it my way first then resort to the instructions only after I have failed.  
I think that is what we do with our lives as well. We get ourselves into situations that could probably have been avoided if we had 'read the instructions' first. 

In the second book of the Bible, Exodus 20, God gave a set of Ten Commandments to Moses and the people. These are rules not the Ten Suggestions.

The first few Commandments have to do with our relationship with God. The second part has rules that deal with our relationship with others. They point out both things that we SHOULD DO and things that we SHOULD NOT DO 


Part 1 - Our Relationship with God


1. I am the Lord thy God. You should have no other gods before Me.

   DO       Fear (respect) love, and trust in God above everything else.

   DON'T Do not worship other gods (idols, religious symbols, earthly objects)

2. Do not take the name of the Lord in vain or use it irreverently.
    DO       Praise and, worship Him. Speak of Him with respect.
    DON'T Don't use His name in jest or mockery. Don't swear falsely in His name.

3. Keep God's day holy.
   DO      Use it as time to worship and be renewed.
   DON'T  Don't waste it. He has given us a special blessing.   

Part 2 - Our Relationship with Others

4. Honor you father and your mother. 
    DO  Give honor, respect and obedience to those He has placed in authority over        you. 
   DON'T Do not hate them, resent them, mock them or show disrespect to them.


5. You shall not kill. 
    DO   Protect and care for others. This is more than just not committing murder.  
    Help instead of hinder.
   DON'T  Don't take a life or cause anyone suffering. If we lead someone astray, we are    responsible for the death of their soul.
6. You shall not commit adultery. 
     DO      Husband and wife should love and honor each other. 
    DON'T Do not dwell on Impure thoughts or desires. Don't dishonor your spouse.
7. You shall not steal. 
     DO      Help others protect and keep their possessions. 
    DON'T  Do not cheat, misrepresent or do anything that lowers the value of their 
    property. These are all forms of stealing. 



8. Don't bear false witness against your neighbor.
    DO Speak well of them. Put the most charitable construction on all that they do.

   DON'T Don't be a part of gossip, lies, betrayal or suspicion.

9. Don't covet your neighbor's house.
     DO      Help them to keep and protect it.
    DON'T Don't be envious or try to gain possession of it.

10.Don't covet your neighbor's wife or property.
    DO      Help them to keep and protect it.
    DON'T Don't try to entice away your neighbor's wife, servants or property. 


Most of our problems are self-made because we do not read and follow 
God's instructions. Being human, God already knew that we are apt to fail.  That is why He sent His Son to provide the perfect sacrifice to cover our sins with His blood and to bring us to salvation.


How much better our life would be if we followed the DO list rather than the DON'T list.


Reading the directions,

Pastor Bob and Marion Rieth 
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