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GUI Version of Financial Software
hostoing Based on the input from our customer satisfaction survey conducted when we acquired the software, we learned that modernization of the software and better reporting capabilities were on the top of your list.

We are pleased to  now offer you a new modernized version of the software that not only looks better but also provides additional functionality. Phase one provides desktop integration with the ability to export screen data into excel, word, etc. The software can also consume web services which provides greater flexibility for third party interfaces. Navigation has also been improved with the replacement of command keys with buttons and the ability to link directly to other sites such as the Helpdesk, Online Training Materials and Knowledgbase as well as First Option's Blog and News section.

Below is a summary of the enhancements along with a Question and Answer section.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


First Option

First Option Financial Suite Version 2.5
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Version 2.5 of the First Option Financial Software Suite will be available to software maintenance customers starting on March 4, 2013.

This new GUI version will be the foundation for all future screen and desktop interface enhancements and includes:


  • Easy to Maneuver Screens - Command Keys have been replaced with buttons. System function keys have also been replaced by easy to read buttons.
  • Same format - The application menus remain in the same navigation as the green screen so you will be familiar with your day to day functions and not slowed down by training issues.
  • GL Upload - The GL upload can now be done via the Daily Processing menu in General Ledger.
  • Customize the size of your screen - You can make your screen larger for easy reading.
  • Screens are easier to read and don't have glare of green screen.
  • Can access First Option's helpdesk from your application screen and enter a ticket or view the Knowledgebase and News section.
  • Can access First Option's blog from the application main menu and get software tips and updates. 
  • Export of P&L and Balance sheet to excel.


For a sneak peak of the software click the link below.


Click for demo 


First Option Financial Software maintenance customers will receive a discounted price for the GUI PC based client software as well as the GUI client software maintenance. This is a onetime fee which is based on concurrent users in addition to a maintenance fee. The fee for up to 10 concurrent users is $1500 which includes:

  1. One time smart client license (Up to 10 concurrent users)
  2. Three year smart GUI client software maintenance.
  3. Quick Start GUI Video Guide.
  4. Free Installation.


To order your new version, please enter a ticket into the helpdesk at 




or send an email to


Question: Can I remain on the current version?

Answer: Absolutely! We will continue to support the green screen version.

Question: Learning new software is challenging , will this be a difficult transition?

Answer: No, the software functions the same and the menus have not been changed. You will probably find it easier to maneuver through the applications with the new buttons.

Question: Will there be training on the new software?

Answer: There is a quick start video which guides you through the changes. As always we will be happy to provide a quote for training.

Question: What language is the software written in?

Answer: C#

Question: What is the database being used?

Answer: DB2

Question:  Is this a "screen scraper"?

Answer: No. The software creates programmable objects of the fields of the "old green screen" which allows us to add functionality without changes or additions to the DDS. For example, we can export screen data into excel or word. We can also consume web services which provides greater flexibility for third party interfaces. It uses the DDS and DB2 data on your installed First Option Financial RPG based application.