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Spring Equinox is a wonderful time for self evaluation and starting anew. Feeling enlivened. On our Spring Equinox Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of gifted authors to help inspire and uplift you. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.


LIFE YOUR WAY - The US Review of Books calls it "a pearl of practical wisdom among the swells of personal transformation writings flooding the information age." This award-winning book offers a sustainable program for navigating endless options and demands, deciding what you really want (not what you think you should want), and making the most of modern life on your terms.

CHANGE4GOOD - Diet and exercise alone aren't the answer to weight management: a thought-shift is required. This is a proven 10-step guide to managing your weight by first changing your thought process - as Lauren did to overcome a lifelong eating disorder. A must read for anyone who's tried everything and is finally ready to get in the driver's seat and Change4Good!   

UNBECOMING ME: THE ULTIMATE SHAPESHIFTER'S JOURNEY - If you are ready to live from your true Essence and drop Egoic separation, this book offers some beautiful and potent instructions and meditations for dropping the 7 veils of illusion that keep you from seeing who you truly are. Anyone seeking to reconnect with the Divine Within will gain wisdom from this relevant read.


PUT YOUR SPIRIT TO WORK: MAKING A LIVING BEING YOURSELF - provides all that you need to discover your life work direction, your purpose or your legacy. Deborah Knox provides information on how to find meaningful work and thrive in the new work world.  Lean how you can self actualize through creating and living balanced life choices. Discover and do, the work you love.   



BLOSSOM, A FLOWER'S JOURNEY - is written for everyone ever frightened by change. This full-color picture book appeals to children and adults alike. Children learn to look forward to new experiences, not fear them. Adults recognize the opportunities change offers. Blossom's journey teaches how every change can result in growth that ultimately adds to the joy and purpose of life.    



TELLING SECRETS - by Peg Hubbard is a transformational novel about life's hard choices. The discovery of dark family secrets turns Beth's "perfect" life upside. As she chooses truth, we follow Beth through obstacles and challenges that threaten her faith in herself. Along the way, we watch as she discovers her Divine Self and creates her new life. Amazon.  


LITTLE MISSY TWO-SHOES LIKES A LADYBUG - by Dr. Margaret Aranda. The first in a Series of Pre-School books featuring Little Missy Two-Shoes, these books transform children to like something that they normally would not. She plays outside and the ladybugs turn magical, including her in ways she never would have dreamed! A cheerful biology lesson and Party Favor to remember forever!


MENDING STONE - An enthralling novel by Sharon Duerst. Join Mia on her touching journey through loss, betrayal, and longing. Forging new relationships with a handsome stranger and a soul sister, Mia finds healing, but is haunted with disturbing dreams and questions of identity. Odd clues and intuition lead her to a surprising discovery of the power of love. Amazon.




LIES A RIVER DEEP - Sometimes, when lies unravel, and enemies are revealed, vengeance and fate embrace. In the summer of 1962 Bessie Day Hardy was the victim of a horrific crime. Fifty years later, the consequences of that violent night will transition into unforeseen events that will shatter her serene and uncomplicated life and evasive truth will be worth the journey back. Amazon.






LOSE THE BAGGAGE, LOSE THE WEIGHT 2nd edition - by author Lorna Stremcha is a book about using your life and your experiences to create positive change. Baggage: We all have it. If the load is getting heavy, it is time to open up the suitcase and see what's in there. When we are carrying too much, we need to lighten the load. Amazon.  




HEART WISDOM, A CONCISE COMPANION FOR CREATING A LIFE OF POSSIBILITY the first book by Psychotherapist and Life Coach, Diane Turner. By asking probing questions, readers are guided to identify their starting point and create more of what they desire through self-acceptance and focused intentions. Heart Wisdom is a multi-sensory experience encouraging reflection and deep connection by accessing the reader's own "heart wisdom."   



FLYING LESSONS: HOW TO BE THE PILOT OF YOUR OWN LIFE is a multi-layered memoir and an elegant 7-step system for your personal journey, augmented by Pamela Hale's stunning aerial photographs. Pam weaves stories about her pursuit of a private pilot's license into a metaphor that will help you break free of "gravity" and realize your potential to soar.  



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